How to Build Your Bankroll

how to build your bankroll

Building your bankroll to a high level is an important factor in being successful with matched betting. Many matched betting services state that you can start making a profit from matched betting with as little as £50-£100 which is completely true. However, the more money you have, the quicker it is to make more. As time goes on and you complete more betting offers, your bank should continue to grow. This guide will outline some of the best ways to build your bankroll fast so that you can profit from more offers at the same time and take your profits to the next level.

Set Targets

Everyone will have a different target as to the level of bankroll you wish to achieve. This should be a short term target as once you reach it, you can set yourself a higher one. Setting a bankroll target keeps you focused and is something to aim for. When you begin matched betting, we recommend setting a target of around £1,000. This should be achievable by completing new customer offers and via a few more methods we will show you in this article.

Once you have set a target, it's time to get started.

New Customer Offers

In order to make a profit from matched betting, you need bookmaker accounts. There are dozens of reputable bookmakers online and they all want your business. In an attempt to encourage you to sign up with them, the majority offer an incentive such as free bets. It is from these free bet offers that we're able to start making a profit.

We have a long list of bookmaker new customer offers here on, each with their own step-by-step guides. Working your way through the list should earn you around £400 profit and you'll be able to get started with just £50 or so. This will be enough to place your first set of bets. Each offer has a different estimated value but the majority are in the £10-£20 range. This means that you'll be adding around £15 to your bankroll for every bookmaker new customer offer which you complete. You should be able to begin to see how your bankroll can grow pretty fast!

There are more bookmaker free bet offers available than we list here. We recommend signing up to a matched betting site such as Profit Squad who have 60+ new customer offers available in their members area. You can sign up for £1 for 14 days and get access to them all and even after the 14 days, membership costs just £18 a month which is a tiny fraction of the profit you can make from the offers they provide.

Going off the bookmaker new customer offers listed on Profit Squad, you should be able to make around £750 profit from these offers alone.

We're nearly at our £1,000 target already!


Claiming cashback is something which is usually overlooked by matched bettors but can help you build your bankroll a lot faster!

There are a number of popular and well-known cashback sites which feature betting offers and we put  together a matched betting cashback guide which lists them all. At the time of writing the guide, there was over £600 in cashback to be claimed by signing up to betting sites. 


What is great about cashback offers is that you're still able to claim the new customer offers when you sign up so you can make a profit from the free bets using matched betting and also receive cashback for doing so!

For example, cashback site TopCashback pay £15.75 cashback when you sign up to Paddy Power. It's possible to make around £7.50 profit from Paddy Powers new customer offer which means you could pocket £23.25 from signing up through TopCashback and claiming the free bet offer!

There are other cashback sites which have betting deals also. Some of the most popular are:

The majority of the cashback offers will be for casinos but don't let that put you off as the cashback amount is usually close to or even greater than the required deposit to claim it which makes a lot of them risk-free. 

Casino new customer Offers

Casino offers may not be something you're immediately comfortable with but they can be extremely profitable. Many casino offers come with a little risk but there are some risk-free offers which are worth taking advantage of.

Always start with risk-free or low-risk casino offers as the high-risk offers which many online casinos offer to new customers are not for beginners and require advanced strategies for them to be profitable. Look for offers which require a relatively small deposit of around £10 - £20 and give you a sizable bonus or free spins which have very low or no wagering requirements. 

We have put together a list of casino offers along with step-by-step guides on how to play them for the best chance of making a profit. There are many more of these about and again we recommend signing up to Profit Squad for a full list of these. Profit Squad are leaders in casino offers and provide far more than any other matched betting site. They also have excellent casino training and some very useful casino tools.

reload OFFERS

Once you have claimed all of the new customer offers at bookmakers and casinos, you may think that's the end of the road and that there's no more profit to be made. However, it's quite the opposite!

As you now have accounts at all of these sites, you'll be eligible to participate in the offers given to existing customers. Bookmakers and casinos don't just want you to sign up, they want you to keep betting at their site and so offer a number of different promotions on a daily basis. We're often able to make a profit from these offers which is what makes making a profit matched betting a long-term possibility.

Start with the easy reload offers which are available. During the football season you'll come across a lot of 'Bet & Get' offers such as 'Bet £10 on a particular football match and get a £5 free bet'. These are similar to many of the new customer offers you will have claimed and so you should be familiar with how they work. You may only make £3-£4 profit from each offer but as there are usually many of them available, the profit adds up over time.

Casinos will also provide offers which shouldn't be ignored providing they have a positive expected value. Offer such as 'Wager £10 on slots and get £10 free spins' are common and often have value. If you're unfamiliar with how to calculated the expected value of an offer, the matched betting site you're a member of should display it for each offer.

Advantage Play OFFERS

Advantage play offers are when you are not guaranteed to make a profit but there is value in the offer. For example, many bookmaker run offers such as 'Place a £10 bet on virtual sports and get a £10 free bet to use on virtual'. As these are not real life events you are betting on and are computer simulations, you will not be able to lay your bets. However, although it's possible you could lose money on them, you will end up with a profit on average providing the offer has a positive expected value.

Another example of an advantage play offer is when you're required to place a bet on a 'Build Your Bet' market. Bookmakers have different names for these but they generally consist of a number of bets on the same event bundled into one. For example, 'Aguero to score first, Man City to have the most corners & Liverpool to have the most free kicks'. Again, you'll be unable to lay these bets on a betting exchange but if you are receiving a free bet for placing it, there's a good chance the offer has value and you will return a profit on average from participating in it.

regular ongoing OFFERS

Many bookmakers and casinos run certain promotions on a regular basis. This may be wekk-to-week or on specific days of the week or month. If you come across a profitable offer which is available regularly, keep a note of it as these can be part of your daily or weekly matched betting routine. Offers such as free bet clubs are usually available weekly and can return an easy profit. Bet365 and Paddy Power ran their Early Payout Offers (2 UP) which was eligible on the majority of popular football matches and was extremely popular and profitable for matched bettors. There are also various horse racing offers which are available daily from bookmakers such as William Hill, Betfair and Bet365. 

We recommend using an online calendar (available by Google for free) to make note of any offers you should be doing on specific days of the week. This will help keep you organised and not miss out on any profitable opportunities.

further tips on building your bankroll

The tips above should allow you to build your bankroll to £1k - £2k within a relatively short space of time. By having a larger bankroll, you'll be able to participate in more offers at the same time and ultimately make more profit faster. 

One important recommendation is that you do not spend your matched betting profits as soon as you generate them. If you do, it's likely that your bank will not grow and that you'll struggle to be able to take advantage of all of the offers available. Once you have built your bankroll up to a level where you are confident you'll be able to participate in all of the offers you wish, you may wish to think about enjoying your profits.

Remember, building your bankroll is a short term goal which will ultimately help you earn more profits in the long-term.

Good luck!