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100% Free matched betting calculator

Matched betting calculators are an essential tool for qualifying bets, free bets and bonuses and we are delighted to be able to offer our visitors with a completely free matched betting calculator which has many advanced features. 

Why use a matched betting calculator?

Matched betting calculators determine the ideal lay stake for your bets to ensure that you return the same profit or incur the same qualifying loss whether your bet wins with the bookmaker or with the betting exchange.

Multiple Bet Types

Many free matched betting calculators only have the ability to calculate lay stakes for standard offer types such as qualifying bets and free bets. However, our calculator includes so much more and covers a number of additional bet types such as:

  • Qualifying Bets
  • Free Bets
  • Bonuses
  • Bonus on Loss
  • Bonus on Win
  • Free Bet on Loss
  • Free Bet on Win
  • Free Bet with Free Bet on Win
  • Enhanced Odds as Free Bets

Exchange Commission Presets

Betting exchanges have different commission charges. For example, Betfair Exchange generally charge 5% commission on winning bets whereas Smarkets charge 2%. Our matched betting calculator has the various exchange commissions integrated to allow it to calculate the correct lay stakes based on which betting exchange you select.

Have a custom commission deal with a betting exchange? No problem! Simply select 'other' from the exchange drop-down and enter your own commission percentage. 

Partial Lays

Occasionally, you may find that your lay bets are not fully matched. This happens when the liquidity on the betting exchange is not high enough to cover the stake of your bet. If there is a lot of exchange betting activity on a particular market, this can happen unexpectedly and you could be left with only part of your lay bet being matched.

If the odds have changed, it can be extremely difficult to calculate the remaining lay stake for the unmatched part of your bet at the new odds. However, by using the partial lay feature on our matched betting calculator, it's easy. 

You can add as many partial lays as you like and the calculator will determine the ideal lay stake at the new odds based on how much of your bet has been matched at previous odds, all with a click of a button.

Overlay & Underlay

Our matched betting calculator has the ability to adjust the calculations depending on whether you are placing a standard back and lay bet or if you wish to overlay or underlay your bet.

If you overlay your bet, you will break even if your bet wins with the exchange and make a greater profit/loss if your bet wins with the bookmaker.

If you underlay your bet, you will break even if your bet wins with the bookmaker and make a greater profit/loss if your bet wins with the exchange.

Some matched bettors choose to underlay their bets for low-value price boosts for a risk-free chance of making a larger profit. Underlaying can also be useful when wagering bonuses so that you retain the full bonus amount if your bets win with the bookmaker.

By simply selecting 'Overlay' or 'Underlay', the calculator will recalculate your lay stakes and display the profit/loss based on all outcomes.

You also have the option to set a custom lay using the scroll bar to adjust how much profit/loss you will make from either the bookmaker or the betting exchange.

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