We all know that there are tipsters and traders out there who make a profit. Some of them offer their services by selling subscriptions and others keep quiet and simply get on with their business. Those who do sell their tips usually only provide 2-3 tips per day. Granted, these are usually their highest rated tips but most likely a very small sample of the bets or trades that they actually make on a daily basis.

What if there was a way to not only view but copy every bet that a profitable tipster makes? 

Well, there is...with CopyBet.



what is copybet?

CopyBet is a tipster platform with a difference. Anyone can register for free (and also receive $10 free!) and connect their CopyBet account to their Betfair Exchange account which is done through Betfair's API. You'll see CopyBet listed on the Betfair App Directory with an overall rating of 4.9/5.

Users are then able to browse the list of tipsters on CopyBet and literally 'copy' their bets automatically. As your Betfair Exchange account is hooked up to Copybet (as are the tipsters accounts) when a tipster which you choose to follow places a bet through their own Betfair Exchange account, the same bet is automatically placed through yours. 

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getting started with copybet

Registering with CopyBet takes just a minute. Simply enter your details to register for an account, confirm your email and you're ready to go.

You'll also notice that your account has an initial balance of $10. This is credited to all new users upon registration and can be used to subscribe to tipsters. There are many tipsters which are free to follow and copy bets off but some require a subscription fee. Subscription fees vary but are generally quite cheap. The majority we came across either charge up to $5 a week or around $0.10 per event. As you don't know how many bets a tipster will make, we'd advise sticking to the tipsters which charge a set weekly fee as that way you'll know exactly how much you'll be paying.

Once registered, you're ready to find a tipster you'd like to copy the bets of. The best place to find profitable tipsters is in the 'Ratings' section. 

In the ratings section you can browse the best performing tipsters and click on any one to view a more detailed report of their betting activity. It's a good idea to analyse the performance of a tipster over various time periods as many may have returned a good profit within the past week but may be down over a month or longer.

After selecting a tipster, you can view more details such as their recent bets which will give you an idea of what type of bettor they are. The reports are relatively good and provide a lot of detail. You may be more comfortable following tipsters who mainly bet on specific sports or ones which use lower stake sizes. The reports will give you this information.

copybet tipster profile

If you are happy with the tipsters profile then you can click on the 'Start Copying' button. You'll then see a popup asking you to confirm your subscription.

copybet subscribe

When copying a tipsters bets, you have a few options to personalise your subscription.

  • Loss Limit - If you haven't used a tipster before, it may be a good idea to set a loss limit in case the tipster goes on a bad run. Remember, bets are automatically placed from your Betfair Exchange account.
  • Stake Ratio - You have the option to use a lower stake than the tipster. Unfortunately, you can't set a specific min/max limit for each bet but this is a good option for trialing a tipster. By default, the stake ratio is set to '1' which means that your stakes will be the same as the tipsters. You can reduce this to place lower stakes. For example, if you set it to '0.1' and the tipster made a £100 bet, the bet through your account would be £10.
  • Specific Sports - You can also copy the bets of a tipster but only for specific sports. This is a useful feature should you be more comfortable with football bets for example or if you have noticed that the tipster is successful with some sports more than others.

Once you confirm your subscription to a tipster, providing you have linked your Betfair Exchange account with CopyBet, any bets the tipster places will also be placed through your account. You need to ensure that you have funds available in your exchange account to cover the bets. Unfortunately, you don't know how many bets the tipster will place or at what stakes and so it's best to only have funds available that you are comfortable with rather than a large balance which could potentially be lost. Alternatively, a better idea would be to set a loss limit for each tipster.


CopyBet is an exciting platform which has already attracted hundreds of tipsters. It will appeal to those who may already follow tipsters elsewhere but may not have the time to consistently follow and place their recommended bets. The automation process of CopyBet is the platforms main feature and we also liked the detailed bet history of all the tipsters.

If you decide to give CopyBet a go, we'd advise setting a loss limit for any tipster which you haven't used before and also only subscribe to tipsters who are either free or who charge a set amount per week. These amounts are generally very low and you can set them to not renew after the period should you wish.

If you sign up to CopyBet using the button below, you'll receive $10 instantly after registration to use on tipster fees.


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