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Casino offers can be a great source of income for any matched bettor. All matched bettors start by making money from sports offers such as free bets and money-back offers and over time, many get involved in low-risk casino offers. However, a select few matched bettors who understand value and who have large enough banks, get involved in high-risk casino offers. 

High-risk casino offers are definitely not for everyone. Although they can return huge profits over time, you will experience losing streaks and so you need both the funds and the right mentality to get through these periods. Mathematically, you will make a profit from high-risk casino offers providing the offers you claim have a positive expected value (+EV) and you play them right. 

There are many factors which affect the EV of a casino offer and so you need to know the optimal strategies to extract the greatest possible EV from any casino offer that you do. One recently launched service which is focused solely around casino bonuses is

What is

As the name suggests, is a calculator used for casino bonuses. However, the service offers a lot more than that.

Let's take a look at what you get as a member of

maximise your ev!


advanced casino strategy training

Casino bonuses are only profitable when played correctly. Factors such as cash stake size, bonus stake size, wagering requirements, winnings caps and more, all affect the EV of a bonus.

Members of have access to a range of comprehensive training and strategies which will suit both beginners and advanced users.

advanced casino training

The majority of individuals who would consider joining will most likely have some experience in profiting from casino bonuses and so it is the 'Advanced Casino Strategy' that will be of most interest to them. 

Without disclosing too much information on the strategy, it goes into detail of how to maximise the EV of any casino bonus you play and gives guidance in relation to factors such as stake size depending on your bankroll.

The training is extremely well written and easy to follow and is an essential part of the service provides to members.

Casino offers

With so many casino bonuses available from hundreds of online casinos, it can be extremely time consuming finding the most profitable ones and reading through the long T&C's to look for unfavourable terms which could end up costing you money. Thankfully, do this for you and provide a list of over 60 +EV casino offers for new customers and dozens more reload offers. 

casino bonuses list

The offers are listed by expected value and clicking on any offer opens up a detailed step-by-step guide on how to maximise your profits from it along with key terms and advice. Each offer also has a quick link to the promotion page so that you don't have to spend time searching for it on the associated casino website.

daily offer calendar is a subscription-based service and so to ensure that you continue to get value for money every month, a daily offer calendar is provided. This is a list of casino offers which are available for the current day and days ahead. The list is updated every morning, midday and evening to provide members with a constant stream of profitable casino offers at a range of online casinos.

daily offer calendar

Each day, the combined expected value of the daily offers can be anywhere between £50 - £150, giving members opportunity to make a considerable amount of profit on a daily basis.

The offers in the calendar section do not include new customer offers, which are also updated and added to regularly, and so the amount of expected profit is truly phenomenal.  

slots rtp/variance database

Slots are a major part of playing casino bonuses as the majority of the time, games with a higher RTP such as blackjack and roulette are excluded from wagering requirements. As all slots don't have the same RTP or variance, it is essential that you choose the right one in order to maximise the EV of the offer. provides a comprehensive slots database containing hundreds of online slots from a range of software providers. Users can order and search the list by provider, RTP and variance, allowing you to find the perfect slot to maximise your returns.

slots database

This is an extremely useful tool,especially when your usual 'go-to' slot is unavailable at a specific casino or is excluded from the offer.

advanced casino calculator

We've left this feature to last in order to highlight the other benefits members get at but the Advanced Casino Calculator is one of the main selling points of the service.

You can calculate the EV of any sports offer using a matched betting calculator and know how much profit you will make before you have even placed a bet. However, calculating the return of casino offers is different as you're not guaranteed to win anything. 

In regards to calculating the EV of casino bonuses, they fall into two categories:

  1. Casino offers with wagering requirements
  2. Casino offers with no wagering requirements

When a casino offer has no wagering requirements attached to the bonus, you can use a simple formula to calculate the EV. The EV of a casino bonus is not how much you will necessarily make from the offer but how much you can expect to make on average if you played it an infinite amount of times. However, casino bonuses with wagering requirements and ones from which you can bust out on are different. You cannot calculate an accurate EV using a formula and can only get close to a true EV by simulating the play hundreds of thousands of times. Of course, doing this manually would be impossible and so this is where the Advanced Casino Calculator comes in.

The Advanced Casino Calculator is able to determine the EV of practically any casino offer by taking into consideration a number of variables based on both the terms of the bonus and the choices of the player and running hundreds of thousands of simulations based on those factors.

Lets take a look at what features the Advanced Casino Calculator has and what variables it takes into consideration using an example casino offer for new customers.

Metal Casino: Deposit £100 and get a £100 bonus (click here for the offer)

This bonus requires players to wager the bonus + deposit x25 and there is a winnings cap of 20x the deposit amount (£2000).

We can input these details along with our stake sizes and the RTP/Variance of the game we are wagering on in order to determine the EV of the offer.

casino calculator

As you can see, there are a lot of available fields. Not all fields will be relevant to every bonus but they are there should you need them.

In this example we have entered:

  • The bonus type (cash used first)
  • The deposit amount (£100)
  • Profit Target (£200 (see training guide))
  • Bonus Type (Bonus). Other options include free spins.
  • The bonus amount (£100)
  • Wagering Type (Bonus + Deposit). Sometimes you are only required to wager one of the two.
  • Wagering Multiple (x25)
  • Winnings Cap (£2,000)
  • The variance of the game we are wagering on (you can use the slots database for this)
  • The RTP of the game we are wagering on
  • Our cash bet size (In this example we have chosen to use £1 spins)
  • Our bonus bet size (We're using £4 spins)

After clicking the 'Calculate' button, the calculator runs 200,000 simulations of playing the offer based on the above factors and returns the following information:

  • The EV of the offer is £31.67
  • Chance of profit: 27.92%
  • Chance of making a profit with our cash bets: 23.10%
  • EV per hour: £30.82
  • Average time to complete the offer: 62 minutes
  • Maximum advised amount of your bank you should risk on this offer: 3.9%
  • Average wagering: £1162.17

The advanced casino calculator provides a lot of useful information in determining whether or not a casino offer is profitable and worth your time. 

To emphasise the effectiveness of the training and strategies provided by and how important it is to play casino offers with the correct stakes and on games which provide the most value, let's take a look at the same offer with a few small changes to how we play it.

Below, we have changed:

  • The RTP of the game we are wagering on from 96.5% to 94%
  • The size of our spins with the bonus from £4 to £1
casino calculator ev

As you can see, by simply changing the casino game which has a lower RTP and the size of our spins, the EV of the offer has reduced from £31.67 to - £4.30!

This is why can be the difference between you making a long-term profit from casino offers and you actually losing money from them.


As well as the training guides and tools you get as a member of, you also get support from their dedicated team 7 days a week. Support is available via email and their response time is excellent. The team are extremely knowledgeable about casino offers and extracting maximum value from them and have been a great help to members. membership cost

There are two membership options with depending on the level of features you require.


Annual payment of 

  • Access to all training
  • Access to Advanced Casino Calculator
  • Access to 30 +EV new customer offers
  • Slot Database
  • Support 7 days a week

Essentials + daily offers


£69.99 for first month then £9.99/m

  • Access to all training
  • Access to Advanced Casino Calculator
  • Access to 45+ new customer offers
  • Slot Database
  • Daily Calendar Offers
  • Support 7 days a week

We'd highly recommend the 'Essentials + Daily Offers' membership as it is from the calendar offers that you are able to make a long term profit. The EV of these offers on a daily basis far outweighs the additional cost and makes it much better value. 

conclusion is an excellent service that is a must-have for any casino player who wishes to extract the most value from casino bonuses.

The training and strategies available to members is invaluable and something that everyone who ever plays at an online casino should learn.

The daily offers are a great addition and provide you with +EV offers every single day and the offer guides which accompany them are very user-friendly and informative.

The highlight of the service however is the advanced casino calculator which is extremely impressive. We've shown above how making just a couple of minor changes to how you play casino offers can have a huge effect on the expected value and so having a tool which can test this is extremely important.

Overall, we would highly recommend the service and are confident that members should make far far more from using the strategies and tools provided than they pay in membership fees which, in comparison, are extremely good value.