As well as the new customer offers which can generate a lot of profit for matched bettors, there are an endless stream of reload offers which will turn out to be your main source of matched betting profits.

While the majority of signup offers require you to follow similar steps in order to make a profit 

eg. Qualifying Bet > Free Bet > Profit.

The methods for generating a profit from reload offers vary depending on the offer type. Below you'll find links to offer guides for various matched betting offers which can return a good profit. Some are available to do multiple times a day and so can be very profitable if you know which ones to do and how to do them.

Click on a guide to get started and feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the offers or if you get stuck.


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What are reload offers?

Reload offers, or 'existing customer offers' as they're also known as, are betting promotions offered to customers who have registered at a bookmaker and are aimed at retaining customers compared to initially attracting them which is the aim of new customer offers.

Bookmakers are in a very competitive industry and they're all trying to find new ways of not only attracting new customers but also keeping customers betting at their site rather than a competitors.

You will find that there isn't a huge difference between many bookmakers in that they offer similar odds, accept the same deposit methods and have the same withdrawal times. Of course, some are better than others in these fields but many are of a similar standard. Therefore, bookmakers need to offer something extra to their existing customers to stop them wandering off to another betting site. One effective way of ensuring this doesn't happen is to offer them regular free bets, money-back specials, best odds guaranteed and other promotions.

Of course, this is great news for us matched bettors as we know that these offers have value and in a lot of cases, using the correct strategy, we're able to lock in a profit.

Reload offers are what makes matched betting a long-term possibility. Many matched bettors stop after completing the new customer offers as they either don't understand how to do reload offers or they don't see as much profit in them. Some reload offers do require different strategies to standard 'Bet & Get' offers which the majority of new customer offers are but once you learn these strategies, you're good to go and will be able to generate a profit going forward for as long as the offers are available for. Reload offers do tend to have a lower value than new customer offers but that doesn't make them not worth doing. Quite the opposite in fact. There are dozens of profitable reload offers available every day which can return significant profits. They may take a little bit longer to get through them but profit is profit at the end of the day.

Many of the bookmakers listed above run similar promotions which the same matched betting strategies can be used for. Take the time to read through some of the offer guides and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.