Casino offers can provide an additional revenue stream alongside the profits you make from sports offers. Casino offers work differently to sports offers in that no betting exchanges are needed and there is often some risk involved with your own money. However, many casino offers are low-risk meaning that you stand a good chance of making a profit in exchange for risking a small amount of cash.

Below is a list of casino-related articles which will help you get started with casino offers. If you are already educated in low-risk casino offers then you can jump straight to the new customer offers section which contains a list of casino offers with a positive expected value.



Many matched bettors have never done casino offers before and some have never played casino games online. It can be quite daunting venturing into casino offers for the first time since they don't always return a profit and sometimes you can actually lose money.

Wait...I can lose money with casino offers?

Casino offers work differently to the majority of sports offers in that you never know how much your returns will be. 

So why do people do them?

It all comes down to 'Expected Value' which you may see labelled as 'EV' on matched betting sites.

Expected Value is the amount you can expect to make from an offer on average. It's not the amount that you will make from an offer every time but if you played that offer an infinite number of times, the EV is the average profit you can expect to make.

A good way of explaining this is with the toss of a coin.

If you bet on heads and I bet on tails, you would expect that we would both win 50% of the time. Although, it wouldn't be uncommon after 10 spins for you to win 6 times and me to win 4 times or you to win just once and me to win 9 times. However, the more tosses of the coin we do, the more it will average out to close to a 50% win rate each. This is the law of averages.

The same goes for casino offers and EV. 

If the EV of an offer is £10, you may win £20, £50, £5, £3.50 etc and then lose £3.5, £50, £1, £15 etc but if you were to play that offer over and over again a number of times, your profit would average out to £10.

Another example is how casinos make money.

Casinos have a house edge on every game. For blackjack it's around 0.5% and for roulette around 2.5%. 

If we take blackjack as an example - On average, the casino will make £0.50 profit from every £100 staked, £5 profit from every £1,000, £50 from every £10,000 etc. Although, there's nothing stopping you walking into a casino, winning five hands in a row and leaving with a profit. However, the longer you play, the more the law of averages comes into play and the closer to the 0.5% profit the casino will get. That's why casinos simply want you to play for as long as possible as they know that they have the edge and will eventually come out on top.

When playing casino offers, providing they have a positive expected value (+EV), it is you, the player who has the edge and not the casino and so the more +EV offers you do, the more your profits will average out to the amount of the expected value total.

We recommend starting with either risk-free or low-risk casino offers until you have got used to them and understand EV and how casino offers work. Given the number of casino offers available on a daily basis, if you stick at it, you should be able to increase your matched betting profits by a considerable amount.