If you've been involved in matched betting for a while, you will have most likely come across this offer from Bet365 which is one of the most profitable reload offers available. 

The offer is available to selected customers of Bet365 and you should be notified if you're eligible to claim it either via email or via the Bet365 in-account messaging service.


bet365 risk free bet strategy

what is the bet365 risk-free In-play offer?

Every now and again, Bet365 will run this offer for selected customers. In our experience, the majority of customers are eligible to claim the offer providing no gubbing is in place, although the value of the free bet can vary between customers.

The Bet365 Risk-Free In-Play Offer is usually available on big sporting events such as Champions League matches, Cup Finals, World Cup matches etc and is definitely one of the best Bet365 matched betting offers.

Eligible customers will receive a free bet to use in-play on selected matches when they place a pre-match bet on the same event. The max free bet is usually £50 which is a lot more than most new customer offers!

If you are eligible for the full £50, you could place a £50 pre-match bet on the selected match and you would receive a £50 free bet to use in-play.

bet365 risk-free In-play offer key terms

  • 18+. Selected customers of Bet365 only
  • Free In-Play bet credited on selected matches equal to the value of the placed pre-match bet.
  • Maximum free bet per person/offer is £50
  • No minimum or maximum odds
  • Free bet stake not returned in any winnings
  • Cash out not available once free bet has been placed

how to profit from the bet365 in-play offer

Thankfully, making a profit from this offer is pretty simple as you can treat it as a standard free bet offer with the only hassle being that the free bet must be used in-play which means finding a match manually. However, this shouldn't be too much of a problem if you wait until half time during the match as the odds generally settle more while the game isn't being played.

STep 1: Your qualifying bet

There are no minimum odds required for your qualifying bet and so you can place it on any market with any odds. People choose to play this offer in various ways but there is one which is a sort of 'loophole' that provides the best value by far.

strategy 1: Punt a low odds bet

As there are no minimum odds, some people prefer to punt a bet with extremely low odds. For example, over 0.5 goals, under 6.5 goals, over 0.5 cards etc. These are all very likely to come in and as you are punting the bet and not laying it, there is no qualifying loss and if the bet wins, you'll make a small profit and still have your free bet to use.

The obvious disadvantage of this strategy is that there's a chance your bet could lose,leaving you up to £50 down with a £50 free bet. Some choose to wait until half time and if their qualifying punt hasn't come in yet, they then lay it. They may take a bigger hit with the qualifying loss than if they layed the bet pre-match, but they have 45 minutes of play for it to come in.

strategy 2: back and lay a close match

This is the obvious strategy for matched bettors as you eliminate the risk of losing your qualifying bet and you will make an overall profit with your free bet. As this offer is usually ran for major football matches, you should be able to find a close match and keep qualifying losses to a minimum.

strategy 3: back and lay a match winner

This is by far the best strategy to use and involves backing and laying a selection pre-match like in 'strategy 2' except that it will be on the match winner market. By doing this, you will also qualify for the Bet365 Early Payout Offer. This means that if the team you back go two goals ahead at any point in the match, Bet365 will pay your bet out as a winner regardless of the final result. Therefore, if this happens, you will still have your lay bet running which you can cash out for a profit! On top of this, you'll also have your £50 in-play free bet!

You may find that you're able to get a closer match on a market other than the match winner but providing the difference isn't huge, it's worth taking a slightly higher qualifying loss in order to qualify for the Early Payout Offer.

Just remember to back a winner of the game. Either a home win or an away win. Do not bet on the draw as you will not qualify for the Early Payout Offer.

step 2: using your free bet to make a profit

Once you have placed a pre-match bet, your free bet will be credited to your account once the selected match as started. Simply add a selection to your bet slip and select to use your free bet as your stake.

As mentioned earlier, it's generally best to wait until half time during football matches to place in-play bets as the odds settle more and it's easier to place both your back bet and your lay bet without the odds changing too much. It's possible that a goal is scored or a player gets shown a red card after placing your back bet but before you have placed your lay bet. If something like this happens, it can change the odds dramatically and impact your returns.

During half time, you'll have 15 minutes to browse the markets on Bet365 and compare the odds to those on the betting exchange. Once you have found a close match, use a matched betting calculator to calculate your lay stakes, remembering to select the 'free bet' or 'Stake Not Returned' setting on the calculator. Then simply place your back bet using your free bet with Bet365 and lay the bet on the exchange. You can find matched betting calculators at any matched betting site such as MatchedBets.com, OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator. Take a look at our Profit Accumulator review to learn more.

That's it! You're done and you should have made around £35 profit!


When using your free bet, close matches with odds of 5.0 or greater will return the most profit. Using your free bet with low odds will return a poor profit.

what to do if your team goes 2 goals up

If you've backed a match winner with your qualifying bet and they go two goals ahead during the game, you should be able to cash in your lay bet for an additional profit. Doing this will not affect your free bet which you may have or may not have placed at this point. 

You have a few options if your team goes two goals ahead and your back bet has been paid out as a winner. You can either:

1. Cash in your lay bet - Depending on the odds, you may be able to return a nice profit right away.

2. Wait to see if the other team gets a goal back and then cash in your lay bet - If there other team gets a goal back, you may be able to cash in your lay bet for a higher amount.

3. Let it ride and hope the other team comes back to draw or win - As your back bet has already been paid out when your team went two goals ahead, if the other team comes back to draw or win, you'll also win your lay bet! Depending on the original odds of your bet, you could make a significant profit!


The Bet365 Risk-Free In-Play Offer is one of the most profitable reload offers around. Bet365 usually run this offer 5-6 times throughout the season and so it can add a couple of hundred pounds to your annual matched betting profits. If you're lucky enough to have your team go two goals ahead during the match, you could make even more from it.

Remember to check that you are eligible for the offer. You should be notified via email a few days in advance of the featured event but you will also receive a message in your Bet365 account. You can check your in-account messages by logging in and clicking on the mail icon in the top right corner.

Also check what the maximum free bet you are eligible to receive is. Most Bet365 customers are offered the full £50 free bet but some will receive a lower amount such as £10. The offer is a free bet up to the value of your pre-match bet and so if you are only offered £10, only place a £10 pre-match bet to keep qualifying losses to a minimum.