betonvalue review

BetOnValue is an odds comparison site which also provides an arbing, or 'SureBets' as they call it, service along with Value Bets. 

In this review of BetOnValue, we'll be focusing on what they have to offer, especially for paid customers, and how their service compares to other sports arbitrage services which we have reviewed.


Find profitable arbs and value bets in seconds across a range of sports, markets and leagues.


BetOnValue is owned by BetBrain Ltd which was launched way back in 2000, giving them 19 years experience in providing odds data.

There are a few different ways you can use BetOnValue so let's take a look at them one by one.

odds comparison

When you first visit the BetOnValue website, you'll notice that it looks more like a bookmaker rather than an arbing service which you may have been looking for. In fact, there's not much information on their SureBet or Value Bet services until you head to the pricing page. However, their odds comparison service is a big part of what they offer and the great thing is that this part of the site is free to all users, although, paid members do get a larger number of bookmakers included in the comparison results.

Odds are available from more than 170 bookmakers and betting exchanges and they cover a huge range of sports and markets ranging from popular choices such as football, horse racing, rugby and tennis to more obscure sports such as sailing, hurling, squash and even specials such as Eurovision odds.

After selecting an event, you'll see the available markets listed as they would be on a bookmaker website, except that BetOnValue list a number of bookies which have the best odds for that market. The odds for each market automatically update allowing you to know which bookie is offering the best odds on a specific bet at any one time.

betonvalue odds comparison

As an odds comparison service, we were impressed by what BetOnValue offers. We were testing the service using the Gold subscription package which includes all bookmaker odds and it's surprising how much odds vary between bookmakers which highlights the need for a service such as this to ensure that you are getting the best value on all of your bets.

Another useful feature with BetOnValue's odds comparison service is their odds history records. You can click on any market for any bookmaker and it will display a graph of the odds history since BetOnValue started tracking that particular market.

betonvalue odds history

The odds history is presented in a very nice way, making it clear and easy to view the odds earlier in the day or week for any market and from any bookmaker.


Surebets is a term which is used by many sports arbitrage services and is another name for arbing. The name is quite fitting as these type of bets do guarantee a profit regardless of the result.

SureBets work by backing every possible outcome of an event using bookies which are offering the greatest odds for those outcomes. The BetOnValue software finds these SureBet opportunities for you and shows you how much you need to stake on each outcome with each bookmaker based on your overall stake in order to return the maximum profit regardless of the result.

betonvalue surebets

Opening up the SureBet section, which is available from the main nav bar, displays a list of the most profitable SureBets. Users can filter the results by bookmaker, sport, bet type, min/max return, prematch/live, event date and more.

When we tested this feature, there was not only an impressive number of arbs but the arbs displayed were extremely profitable. We had the max return set to 10% in the filter which returned dozens of results, many of which were on high-profile events. After increasing the max return to 15%, just as many  even more profitable SureBets were displayed. 

The max return filter can be useful as many arbers prefer not to get on arbs with too high value to avoid suspicion from the bookmakers.

betonvalue surebet

BetOnValue's SureBet feature is available to all members on the free, Silver and Gold subscriptions but it's with the Gold subscription that you will see the most benefit.

With a free membership, there is a 20 minute delay on SureBets which means that it's likely that most of the more profitable arbs are gone by the time they are due to be displayed. The max return is also set to just 1% which means that it is still profitable but just doesn't compare to the paid versions.

A Silver membership reduces the delay time down to 3 minutes which may suit some users as there is no max return limit.

With a Gold membership, SureBet updates are instant, allowing you to get on the best arbs as soon as they become available. However, this does come at a higher cost in relation to membership fees which we will get to later in the review.

Switching to the list of live SureBets displays arbing opportunities for events which are in-play. If you are on a Gold subscription then the odds will update instantly which can seem very intimidating at first and we wouldn't recommend this feature for complete beginners. Odds, potential returns and more data are continuously refreshing, updating and reordering making it difficult to keep track of the best opportunities. However, the fact that the odds are updating so fast shows the power of the BetOnValue software and I'm sure many pros will be impressed with this feature of the service.

After finding a profitable SureBet, clicking on the calculator icon next to the selection will open up the calculator which will determine the ideal stakes for each selection based on your desired total stake.

betonvalue surebet calculator

The calculator is extremely easy to use. Simply enter your desired stake, change the currency of each bookmaker if required and click the 'calculate' button. The calculator will then display the ideal stake for each selection and the profit you will make depending on the outcome of the event. In the example above which is for a high-profile darts match, we were able to lock in £14.55 profit from a total stake of £100. That's a 14.55% return which would receive no complaints from most.

value bets

BetOnValue also provide 'Value Bets'. These differ from SureBets as you are not covering all outcomes of an event and are simply placing a bet and hoping that it wins with the difference to regular gambling being that these bets have value and that you should, theoretically, make a profit in the long term.

It's unclear how BetOnValue determine Value Bets but we assume that they take the average odds from all of the bookmakers they have odds for on a specific market and if a bookmaker is offering higher odds then it is classed as a Value Bet.

We haven't tested this service and so cannot comment on how effective it is in the long term in returning an overall profit but there are many Value Bets listed on BetOnValue, some with almost unbelievable expected returns.

betonvalue value bets

If you are using the Value Bet service, you'll need to spend a bit of time spotting the duff bets. For example, the third selection down on the image above shows a value bet with a 999% expected return from Smarkets. These odds were correctly displayed but upon checking, there was under £1 liquidity for this bet. Unfortunately, the filter does not allow you to set a minimum liquidity for exchanges, although, you can select a bookmaker not to appear in the results. Also, the second bet we checked which was the top result with a massive 2,155% return was displaying incorrect odds. BetOnValue displayed odds of 41.0 for AC Milan to be winning at HT & FT whereas those odds were actually for Milan / Frosinone.


The Value Bets filter can help filter out any obvious errors and allows the user to filter the results by specific bookmakers/exchanges, sports, min/max return, min/max probability, min/max odds and more.

As mentioned, we don't have enough information on how BetOnValue determine Value Bets or how profitable they are in the long term to recommend this part of the service or not.

I expect most users will be more interested in the SureBet area of the site which can return a significant profit with little to no risk and there are more than enough opportunities to keep most users busy throughout the day.

betonvalue accounting

Along with helping members make money, BetOnValue provide an accounting service which helps users keep track of their bets and profits. This is a nice additional feature considering most arbers will be placing a large number of bets throughout the day and it can be difficult to keep track of your funds and know how much profit you have made over a specific period.

According to the website, as well as tracking all bets placed and which bets have won and lost across all bookmakers, the BetOnValue accounting service provides the following features:

  • Record your bets with one click directly from BetOnValue odds tables.
  • A true multi-user system that allows you to do accounting in teams, complete with rights management and e-mail notifications of the actions of others in the team.
  • Track every single change made to a bet, a deposit, or an account for increased data security.
  • Register and analyze all details of your bets, including leagues and betting types.
  • Keep track of money movements.
  • Advanced reporting features.
  • Export data to spreadsheets.

Users can download a PDF guide on using their accounting system which is recommended as it goes into a lot of detail about how it works and how to get the most out of it.

betonvalue price

We've highlighted some of the features users get with BetOnValue but how much does this service cost?

Users have three membership options when joining BetOnValue depending on what level of service they wish to access.


Available after registering a BetOnValue account

  • Limited Bookmakers
  • 20 min. SureBet delay
  • 20 min. Valuebets delay
  • Access to Accounting
  • Bookmaker customisation
  • Max return for surebets of 1%

€125 /1 month (30 days)

€637 / 6 months (180 days)

€1200 /12 months (360 days) 

  • All Bookmakers
  • Instant SureBetting!
  • Instant Valuebets!
  • Access to Accounting
  • Bookmaker customisation
  • SureBets from exchanges

In our opinion, the most profitable part of BetOnValue are the SureBets. As these bets generally aren't available for very long, you're likely to miss out on many of them unless you have the Gold membership which provides instant updates. This package may seem quite pricey at €125/m or €100 if you pay upfront for the year, but based on the available arbs we have seen during our review, we have no doubts that you will be able to make your membership fee back as well as return a healthy profit each month on top.


Overall, we were very impressed with what BetOnValue has to offer. Their SureBets service returned some excellent profitable arbs which were on high-profile events and could have made us our Gold membership fee back within a day based on a £1,000 bankroll.

We weren't too impressed with the Value Bet area, although, we don't have sufficient data or testing to make a solid conclusion on whether or not these bets truly have value.

The accountancy feature is a nice addition which may interest heavy arbers and is a feature we'd like to see more of from similar sites.

The cost of a subscription isn't cheap, especially if you opt for the Gold package which has by far the most value, but considering the potential returns, it's a price many will be willing to pay.

If you're serious about making money from arbitrage betting then, in our opinion, BetOnValue is a solid choice.


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