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About Outplayed.com

This Outplayed.com review takes a look at one the most significant websites responsible for bringing matched betting to a wider public audience.

Established in October 2014 by Sam Stoffel, OutPlayed.com started off as Profit Accumulator and offers its members a way to earn tax-free profits online.  The site is not the first to make matched betting accessible to the man on the street but Sam Stoffel’s grasp of marketing has made Outplayed.com, or Profit Accumulator as it has been known as for many years, synonymous with matched betting and helped thousands of people supplement their income working from home.


Outplayed.com Pricing

To help answer the question, does Outplayed.com work? You can sign up for a free trial which provides two offers and will make around £45 profit. The trial will convince you that matched betting works and that’s more than enough to pay for the first two months as a Platinum member giving access to all Outplayed.com betting offers, guides and tools.

Outplayed.com have recently updated their membership structure and now offer two monthly payment options as well as annual memberships for each option.

The first paid membership option is the Outplayed.com Platinum Membership. It costs £29.99/m or £199/yr and gives you access to 100+ bookmaker welcome offers as well as all of the strategy & training guides, support and forum access.

The second option is their Diamond Membership. With this subscription, you get everything that you get with the Platinum membership but you also get access to a range of casino offers. The Diamond Membership costs £44.99/m or £349 if you are paying annually.

The Platinum membership is aimed more at beginners who are getting into matched betting and prefer to focus more on the profits that can be made from bookmaker offers whereas the Diamond membership is more for experienced matched bettors who would like to increase their profits through casino offers which have a positive expected value.

We would recommend starting on the Platinum membership if you’re new to matched betting but if you’re interested in free spins and casino bonuses, the Diamond membership may be the better choice of the two.

If matched betting is not for you, membership can be cancelled at anytime. You are advised to cancel before the next due payment date to avoid the next payment being taken automatically. Outplayed.com will issue refunds within the first 30 days of Platinum membership as long as you’ve not made a profit from the service.


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First Impressions

The Outplayed.com home page is quite generic, a brief video explains the basic principle of matched betting, stressing how the method removes the risks of gambling by making guaranteed profits from bookmakers’ sign up offers.

The page features brief explanations of matched betting, how it works and what Outplayed offers. It promotes its 20,000 strong membership which is assuring and provides three testimonials from happy customers.

Join now links take the visitor to the signup page to create a profile. Simply complete the form  and log in with the credentials you set up. You’ll land on the welcome page to be presented with three tiles; a basic matched betting training guide with videos and accompanying text, a link to the first two offers and an option to upgrade to Platinum membership.

There are further links to the knowledge base with over 30 help articles, a useful FAQ and link the forum.

Platinum members log in page gives full access to the site. Links to the various offer types are laid out in a grid with Sportsbook Sign Up Offers, Casino Offers, Reload Offers, Bingo Offers, Training Archives, Platinum forum and Help & Support. The offer pages list links to offers and some helpful guides related to the section you’re using. There are options to mark offers and articles complete, this hides them from the list and useful for keeping tabs on progress through these one-time offers.


profit accumulator members

Outplayed.com members area

There are two layout options, the default displays offers with logos and condensed option produces a list without the images.

“View offer” links take you to the guide explaining how to do the offer. Most  contain a video walkthrough which is very helpful for novices and every offer has concise text guide which is easy to follow. The guides contain further links to discuss the offer in the forum and to report any mistakes that might appear in the offer description. The pages are neatly laid out and cover all the essential information to complete the offer.

Training articles appear in appropriate places in the various offer lists in order to provide relevant tuition when needed. A Training Archive contains all articles in one place for anyone who needs to recap. Some of the training materials were out of date at the time of writing this review. For instance, the video explaining what to do about a unmatched bets referred to using a tool on an old version of an external website despite Outplayed.com having its own web-based tool for the job.

Overall, the design looks a little dated but its simple lay out and well-placed links to articles and forum discussions make it easy to use for people of all levels of experience.


Outplayed.com Matched Betting Tools

Outplayed provides a suite of odds finding tools and calculators all included in the cost of Platinum membership. The basic oddsmatching tool is the most frequently used and will find bets to use when qualifying for sign up offers and using free bets. At the time of this Outplayed review the tool searches odds from 48 bookmakers and compares them with lay odds available for the same markets on five betting exchanges.

It produces results for horse racing winner markets and five football markets; match odds, correct score, over/under, both teams to score and first goalscorer. This isn’t as comprehensive as similar odds finding tools on other matched betting websites but is more than sufficient for working your way through sign up offers. It is left wanting to some degree by a lack of sports coverage. There are many reload offers for tennis, cricket, basketball, darts, golf and rugby and the inclusion of some of these sports would be a valuable time saver when it comes to making regular monthly profits from existing customer offers.

By default, it lists matches from every bookmaker and exchange, ranked by how close the match which is indicated in the rating column. Ratings above 100% indicate arbitrage opportunities but matched bettors wanting to keep their betting accounts for the long term will be more interested in ratings in the high 90s. It would be useful to be able to sort by SNR% for using free bets, as this value dictates how much profit can be retained. Match rating is a reasonable indicator but less precise.


profit accumulator odds matcher

Outplayed.com Odds Matcher

Filter options are intuitive and allow you to search by any combination of bookmaker, exchange, sport and/or betting markets. Text search can be used to find odds for specific competitions, like Premier League, Champions League etc and worked very well for football but not horse racing meetings. Other options include settings for minimum exchange liquidity, min/max values for match rating and odds plus a few options to limit the timeframe of events.

Each result has a link which opens the integrated matched betting calculator and displays the back and lay bets to place. The calculator includes two options when using free bets, stake not-returned and stake returned for use with bonuses.

The oddsmatching tool finds plenty of bets that allow users to make money from betting offers but has an annoying flaw in the number of bets with inaccurate odds which ultimately costs valuable time.

It’s to be expected that exchange odds can move very quickly and minor adjustments may be required at the calculator. However, bookmaker odds tend to be more stable and when their odds change, it usually means aborting the bet and going back to the oddsfinder for an alternative. It’s disappointing how often the bookmaker odds have changed when navigating to the market. This is not a matter of unfortunate timing where the bookmaker has coincidentally changed its prices, using the refresh button on the oddsfinder may not update to the new odds for as long as 5 minutes or more.


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Match Catcher

Match Catcher is a tool that attempts to make it easier to do horse racing refunds. It’s pre-configured with races with betting offers and shows the qualifying cost of the bet before opening the calculator. It’s flexible enough to filter by race and by bookmaker, odds update faster than the standard oddsfinder and allows you to set alerts that give an audible notification when it finds a match that fits your criteria.

This tool is a genuine time-saver, allowing you to juggle multiple bookmakers at the same and make profits from potentially valuable advantage play offers.


Acca Catcher

Acca Catcher is another time saving tool that allows members to make more money from football acca insurance offers. The tool provides thousands of ready made accas with integrated calculator to work out the lay stakes and can be saved to allow you to set the result and see the next lay bet to make. Acca catcher is intuitive and easy to use with options to set the acca as a normal qualifying bet, to lock in the profit from the free bet or to lay all selections at the start and save having to monitor progress.

Filters allow you to search by bookmaker and set limits for total cumulative odds. The option to set minimum EV (the expected long term value of the bet) will drastically reduce the search results and I recommend you do so. In default format Acca Catcher has no qualms about listing worthless bets with negative EV.  It’s good addition to the site and, along with Match Catcher, was an expensive extra until recently bundled with normal Platinum subscription. It will certainly help member make more money thanks to the ready-made accas and in-built calculator. Acca Catcher doesn’t always produce accas with the best EV due the algorithm used, I was able to do better by skimming down William Hill’s football lists picking my own selections but that was a lot more time consuming. It also has no provision for No Lay accas which are the most profitable way to do acca insurance and takes less time than any of the methods on Outplayed acca tool.


Dutching Tool (Beta)

At the time of review, Outplayed.com had a Dutching Tool in beta. This has good potential for matched betting although it’s generally considered to be an arbing tool. There isn’t much in the way of training or explanation about Dutching and it will be fairer to revisit this tool once the bugs have been ironed out.


Profit Tracking

The Profit Tracking tool is simple table to record your profits.  All the entries must be entered manually and is a convenient if lesser functional, alternative to using a spreadsheet as it’s accessible while using the website.


profit accumulator calculatorThe matched betting calculator can be used stand alone and Outplayed.com also provides seven “Advanced Calculators”.  Four are designed for use with specific spread betting offers and another is for use with Matchbook Exchange although I expected the integrated calculator to be able to take into account Matchbook’s commission terms.

Similarly, Outplayed has decided to provide a separate calculator to work out how to lock in profit from winning bonuses instead of making it a feature of the standard matched betting calculator.

The Fixabet calculator works well for those occasions when only part of your exchange bet is matched.

The Refund If calculator is helpful for evaluating how much profit can be guaranteed from a money back offer. The each way calculator can be used to take advantage of each way arbs. Both are advanced techniques and could use some training guides to help inexperienced members.


Outplayed.com Mobile Optimisation

The Outplayed.com website can easily be navigated on mobile but some of the tools are awkward to use. The Calculators are all very usable with important information visible and simply requires the user to scroll down to the next step.

However, the oddsfinding software is not responsive, leaving the user the scroll horizontally to read the information making it difficult to choose an appropriate match.








Outplayed.comon a mobile device (video)


Customer Support

Outplayed claim to provide customer support via telephone from 9.00am to 6pm weekdays and 10am – 5.30pm on weekends, you can also submit a support ticket or send an email. When tested midday, there was no answer from the telephone after 5 minutes nor indication if there was a queue.

The training guides and general matched betting advice articles are a major part of the learning process for new members. There are lots of videos which can prove very helpful as they go through each subject thoroughly and clearly. The knowledgebase and training archives are let down by some outdated material and there appears to be a reliance on the forum to answer many problems.

The forum is busy and very much the place to keep up with developments whether with site features of new offers. Outplayed.com staff are very efficient at updating existing offers and finding new ones. In the rare occasions an offer is overlooked, some helpful forum member is likely to bring it to their attention.


Outplayed.com Affiliate Program

If you have a blog, social media account, youtube channel or another means of promoting Outplayed, you can receive 50% of any revenue (after tax) from the customers you send. There is no limit to how much you can earn and Outplayed has paid well over £1.5 million in affiliate commissions to date.

Outplayed.com uses the iDevaffiliate platform, providing unique tracking link and a small selection of banners. Commissions are tracked via IP addresses and cookies. The website software does not support tracking of free trials, reports show how many people click a link and how many go on to purchase Platinum.

You must be a member of Outplayed.com to join the affiliate scheme and payments are made via your registered PayPal account. The approval process takes up to two weeks, payments are made on the first of each month and are subject to PayPal fees.

If marketing is not your forte, the refer-a-friend scheme will reward you with £10 for every member you refer with a £25 bonus for every five referrals. This scheme is aimed at members who refer people they know.<



Outplayed.com is the leading name in matched betting but faces stiff opposition from competitors with their own unique selling points.

On the positive side Outplayed has a wealth of experience, lots of offers with the potential to make over £1000 per month for dedicated matched bettors. Affiliate and refer-a-friend schemes offer the potential to make more money. The training videos are very useful for novices and the guides are well presented and easy to follow.  The forum has a helpful community where many advanced strategies are shared and discussed. Exposing loopholes and active racing threads sharing tips for making bigger profits help make the forum the most compelling reason to join Outplayed.com.

On the negative side, it is one of the pricier matched betting services although not the most expensive. While the bundled oddsmatching tools add value, the quality in terms of finding accurate odds is left wanting compared with the best.  They are adequate for the inexperienced or those with plenty of time to spare but power users will probably forego the tools at times in favour of finding matches manually. The new calculators which replace Profit Accumulator spreadsheets are a welcome addition but inexperienced users would benefit from having accessible guides to explain how to use them.


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