ACCA Insurance offers are a great way for matched bettors to add to their daily, weekly or monthly matched betting profits. They are available at a number of different bookmakers, some of which can be completed daily. 

The Ladbrokes accumulator insurance offer is one of the more popular ACCA refund offers. Until September 2017, there were no minimum odds required to be eligible for the promotion but customers now need to ensure the cumulative odds of their ACCA is at least 4.0. This makes the offer slightly less appealing although there is still a good profit to be made from it.

what is the ladbrokes ACCA Insurance offer?

Ladbrokes customers who place an accumulator consisting of 5 selections or more will receive a free bet up to the value of their stake should one of the legs fail to win. Each selection must have odds of at least 1.1 and the ACCA must have cumulative odds of at least 4.0 to qualify for the offer. The maximum refund as a free bet is £25 and can be claimed once per day.

ladbrokes ACCA Insurance offer key terms

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    Your accumulator must contain 5 or more selections
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    Each selection must have odds of 1.1 or greater and the ACCA must have cumulative odds of 4.0 or greater.
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    The maximum refund as a free bet is £25
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    One free bet can be claimed per day per account
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    The free bet will be issued within 24 hours and must be used within 4 days

How to make a profit from the ladbrokes ACCA Insurance offer

There are various methods for generating a profit from accumulator insurance offers which we will explain below. I'd advise you to read through each method and decide which is right for you. Some methods are lower risk and generate a smaller profit while some are higher risk but generate a much greater profit when they come in.

Method 1
No Lay

You do not need to lay any of the legs using this method. You will extract value from the fact that you will receive the free bet should one of your legs let you down.

High Risk / High Profit

Method 2
Lay at start

You are required to lay all of the selections in your accumulator before any of them have begun. This means you don't have to be available between games to lay them.

Medium Risk / Medium Profit

Method 3
Lay Sequential

In this method you lay the first leg and continue to lay each leg at a lower stake until a second leg loses or all of your games have finished.

Low Risk / Low Profit

Method 4
Lock in

The Lock In method is similar to the Lay Sequential method except that you use the value of the free bet across each leg to ensure that you generate a profit no matter what happens.

Low Risk / Low Profit

1. No Lay Method

With the No Lay method, you simply add 5 selections to your accumulator and let it run without laying any of the games. You may consider this a gamble and it is but as you will receive your stake back as a free bet if one of your selections let you down, there is value in this method. 

The key to profiting more often with this method is to keep the cumulative odds of your accumulator as close to 4.0 as possible, meaning that it will come in more often.

With this method, the only time you will profit is when all of your selections win. However, you should be able to retain £20 of the £25 free bet you'll receive if one leg fails to win, giving you some value back. 

If your accumulator has cumulative odds of 4.0 then you can expect it to come in on average 25% of the time. 

You can also expect one leg of your accumulator to let you down on average 40% of the time which is when you would receive your £25 free bet. 

Therefore, you can expect two or more of your selections to lose for the other 35% of the time. You will lose your entire stake when this happens.

If we completed this offer 10 times, your total outlay would be £250 (10 x £25)

Your accumulator would win on average 2.5 times. Each time returning £100 with odds of 4.0

Your accumulator would have 1 leg fail to win 4 times, giving 4 £25 free bets which have a cash value of £64

Your accumulator would lose 4 times, returning no profit.

Therefore, on average, you can expect to make £314 from completing this offer 10 times with a total outlay of £250, giving a total profit of £64, or £6.40 per ACCA.

2. Lay At Start Method

With this method you would lay all of your selections prior to any other games beginning. This method has it's advantages as it requires little effort and once you have laid your selections, you can simply forget about your accumulator until it has finished. Another advantage of the 'Lay at Start' method is that you are able to choose a number of games which start at the same time or overlap which you are unable to do with the 'Lay Sequential' or 'Lock in' methods. As you may choose multiple games which overlap, you are not raising suspicion with the bookmakers that you are matched betting and so your betting patterns look more natural and you are less likely to get gubbed.

It's hard to predict how much profit you will make using this laying method as the outcome depends on how many of your selections fail to win and the odds of the selections. Generally, you will make a profit if either your accumulator wins or there are two legs or more which don't win. In the event that only one of your legs lose, you will make a loss.

The easiest way to calculate your lay stakes and find the best matches for your accumulator is to use a matched betting ACCA tool such as 'AccaBackers' at Their AccaBacker tool compiles the best value accumulators and tells you exactly how much to lay on each leg. 

3. Lay sequential Method

The Lay Sequential method requires you to lay each leg of your accumulator separately. Your lay stake for each leg will change depending on whether or not the leg before it won or not. Therefore, it is essential that your legs do not overlap and that there is sufficient time between the legs to lay the next one. It is advised that there is at least 15 minutes between one leg finishing and the next beginning. 

Once one of the legs of your accumulator has lost, you do not lay any more legs. If one leg has lost, we hope that the remaining legs win in order to receive the free bet refund from which you can return a profit.

Generally, your profit will increase the longer your accumulator is winning. For example, if your first leg loses and the rest win, you may make a small profit but if your first four legs win and your accumulator loses on the fifth leg, you will return a higher profit.

Again, the easiest way to lay accumulators sequentially is to use an accumulator tool. Simply lay what the tool tells you and mark the leg as won or lost.

4.  lay sequential lock in Method

The Lock in method also requires you to be able to lay between legs and so you cannot choose matches which overlap. This method works by laying a leg with a stake based on the result of the previous leg. You lay the first leg and continue to lay each leg at a reduced stake until either your accumulator has won or two legs have lost.

Using the Lock In method, you are spreading the value of the free bet across your legs so that you return a profit no matter what the results are. The expected value of your ACCA will decrease but it means that you are able to lock in a profit on every accumulator.

Accumulator tools have the Lock In method included and will display exactly how much you should lay on each leg based on the result of the previous legs.

which lay method to use

All of the methods above have their advantages and disadvantages and deciding on which method to use really comes down to personal preference. You will return a higher profit with the No Lay method when your ACCA wins but you could lose your entire stake should two or more legs lose. The Lock In method ensures you return a profit no matter what the outcome of each leg is but your profit will be much lower. 

All of the methods can return a profit and even the ones which have risk should return a profit over time as you are taking value from the free bet refund that is on offer should one of your legs lose. 

No Lay


Quick to do

Big returns

No exchange commissions


High risk

Lay at Start


Quick to do

Good returns

Less risk that No Lay


Not without risk

Lay Sequential


Low risk


Time Consuming

Small Profit

Risk of being gubbed

Lock In


Return a profit on every ACCA


Time Consuming

Small Profit

Risk of being gubbed 

T&C's: 18+. UK+IRE only. min selection odds 1/10. min acca odds 3/1. 1 free bet per customer/day. pre-match straight line accas only. certain deposit methods excluded. cash out excluded. free bet credited within 24 hours & valid for 4 days, stake not returned. T&C's apply.