CasinoMonkey Review

casinomonkey review

In this CasinoMonkey review, we'll be taking a look at the new product from matched betting site OddsMonkey and deciding on whether or not it's worth the additional membership.

When we start out matched betting, sports offers are our main focus. There are dozens of bookmaker sign up offers to take advantage of and once you have opened accounts with the bookies, you'll be able to claim existing customer offers such as free bets, refunds, double winnings, extra places and many others which can prove to be extremely profitable over time.

However, the longer you do matched betting, the more you evolve. You learn new strategies and methods of making money. For some, this may be dutching or placing value bets and for others it may be getting into casino offers.

Casino offers can be extremely profitable and there are plenty of them about. You will have most likely seen a number of free spin and bonus offers listed on the matched betting site you're a member of and noticed the high EV some of these offers can have. Some people are put off casino offers due to them not guaranteeing a profit like some sports offers. However, if you're in this game for the long-term then casino offers which have a positive expected value can be a big earner for you and CasinoMonkey aims to help you do just that.

So, can CasinoMonkey help you earn more profit and is the membership worth the subscription fee?

Let's find out...

What is CasinoMonkey?

CasinoMonkey is a service which aims to help you generate a profit in the long term from casino offers. Membership is subscription based with a monthly subscription currently the only option.

Is CasinoMonkey a Scam?

Absolutely not. The service has been developed and launched by OddsMonkey which is the biggest online matched betting site. There are other matched betting sites which offer a similar casino-focussed service and making money from casino offers is nothing new. However, the tools, information and offers which are supplied by CasinoMonkey to members are invaluable and essential to generating a profit from casino offers.

How Much Does CasinoMonkey Cost?

Currently, the only membership plan is a monthly subscription which costs £14.99.  The website says that there is a 'High-Roller' membership option coming soon but this is currently unavailable. We can only assume that this membership will including higher-risk casino offers which should only be attempted by those with large bankrolls and lots of experience in casino offers and understanding casino value.

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We would like to see both a CasinoMonkey free trial and annual subscription option but let's take a look at what you get with a monthly membership.

CasinoMonkey Training & Guides

When you first log into Casino Monkey, you are presented with a welcome video. This video will show you the different features of the site and how to get started.

As this CasinoMonkey is a sister-site of OddsMonkey, we were expected the layout to be similar but instead, it is very different. However, everything is laid out well and at the top of the dashboard is where you'll find the 'Getting Started' guides. 

casinomonkey dashboard

In total, there are 23 separate guides on the following subjects:

  • What is Casino?
  • Casino Offers & How We Profit
  • Types of Bonuses
  • Verification/KYC
  • Video Introduction to CasinoMonkey
  • Where To Start
  • Approach & Mindset
  • Tips & Strategies
  • Bankroll Management
  • Responsible Gambling
  • How To Play Slot Machines
  • How To Play Blackjack
  • How To Play Roulette
  • What Are Golden Chips
  • Gamesys Group Offers
  • LeoVegas Group Casinos
  • How To Use The Blackjack Simulator
  • How To Use The Profit Tracker
  • How To Use The EV Calculator
  • Wagering Calculator
  • How To Use The Slots Database
  • EV Calculator or Simulator
  • Simulator Instructions
casinomonkey guides

The guides are well-written and are aimed at beginners to help them understand how profiting from casino offers is possible and to show them how to use the tools and site features to their maximum ability.

Casinomonkey Sign Up Offers

Just like with matched betting with bookmaker offers, there are two main types of casino offers.

1. Casino Sign Up Offers

2. Casino Offers for Existing Customers. Also known as Reload Offers.

And again, as you would with bookmaker offers, you start by claiming the sign up offers when you make an account with a casino. 

If you've been matched betting for a while, it's likely that you'll already have accounts with bookies and casinos which are listed in the CasinoMonkey Sign Up Offer section but there will no doubt be some which you don't have an account with and will be able to claim the sign up offer for.

At the time of writing, there were a total of 89 casino sign up offers listed on CasinoMonkey with a total Estimated Value (EV) of £898. 

Not bad for a £14.99 subscription!

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casinomonkey sign up offers

The first step after reading through the training guides is to work through these sign up offers with the aim of making as much profit as possible and so that you have accounts with these bookies and casinos so that you can claim the reload offers and make more profit.

Reload Offers

After you have completed the sign up offers, you should have accounts with dozens of online casinos. Now it's time to start claiming the reload offers which are added to the CasinoMonkey website on a daily basis.

The amount of EV from the reload offers will vary from day to day depending on what offers are available. However, you can expect a daily EV of between £50 - £100 from the reload offers.

CasinoMonkey Tools

CasinoMonkey providing you with the offers and guides on how to profit from them is just one part of the service you pay for. As a member, you'll also have access to a range of tools which will make the process of profiting from casino offers as easy it can be and these tools will also ensure that you are only claiming offers which have a positive Expected Value. Offers which have a negative Expected Value mean that the casino has the edge and you will lose money in the long-term. These offers should be avoided.

Let's take a look at what tools are available at CasinoMonkey.

Profit Tracker

Keeping track of your profits when matched betting, whether it be with sports offers or casino offers, is essential. 

Tracking your profit allows you to take a look at the long-term progress you are making which often paints a better picture than looking at short-term results. This is especially true when matched betting with casino offers as you will have periods where you lose money. However, if you track your profit, you will be able to see that you have made a profit in the long-term which can help raise your spirits and encourage you to keep going.

casinomonkey profit tracker

The CasinoMonkey Profit Tracker, tracks your profit on a monthly and all-time basis as well as showing you how much profit you have made from each casino.

Casino Offer Simulator

The Simulator tool is perhaps the most important tool offered by Casino Monkey. This tool allows you to calculate the EV of any casino offer by simulating play.

The Expected Value of casino bonuses which require multiple wagering cannot be determined using a standard EV formula. Therefore, in order to accurately calculate the EV, you must simulate playing the offer tens of thousands of times. Of course, this would be almost impossible to do manually but the CasinoMonkey Simulator tools does this within seconds.

The simulator has multiple settings and takes things such as game RTP, stake size, wagering requirements, bonus type and more into account when calculating the EV.

The simulator will determine the following for each casino offer:

  • Expected Value
  • Bust Rate %
  • Average time to complete the offer
  • Cash per hour
  • Average wagering amount

The simulator is useful for when you receive a casino offer which isn't listed on Casino Monkey and you need to determine whether or not the offer has a positive Expected Value so that you know whether to continue or not.

Wagering Calculator

The Wagering Calculator is a simple tool which tells you how many spins you need to make in order to complete wagering based on the amount which needs to be wagered and the spin stake. It also tells you the average amount of time which it will take to complete the wagering.

EV Calculator

The EV calculator is another simple tool which is based on a standard EV formula. It determines the EV of a free spin or bonus offer based on a number of factors. However, we would recommend using the simulator tool for any offers which have multiple wagering requirements as this will return a more accurate Estimated Value.

Slots Database

The slots database is a useful tool which contains information about over 7000 different online slots. 

When attempting to extract the maximum EV from casino offers, it is essential that you use the slots with the highest RTP. However, with so many online slots available at casinos, it can be hard to know which ones are the best to use.

That's where the CasinoMonkey Slots Database comes in.

The Slots Database allows you to both search for specific slots and order them by RTP and Variance. This allows you to quickly find the slot which you can use to extract maximum EV from any slots offer.

Blackjack Simulator

The Blackjack Simulator is a useful tool for those who want to know what the best move is to make when playing blackjack based on the players and the dealers cards.

You simply need to tell the simulator which cards you have and what card the dealer is showing and it will tell you whether to stand, hit, double or split.

It's basically a Blackjack Chart in a simulator form but a useful tool nonetheless.

CasinoMonkey Support / Forum

If you're new to casino offers or the Casino Monkey service, you will undoubtedly have questions. For this, CasinoMonkey have provided an online forum where you can post questions as well as discuss anything to do with casino offers or CasinoMonkey. 

Currently, the forum isn't hugely busy but the service hasn't been active for very long and we're sure it will pick up in time.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for in the forum, you can also email the support team at [email protected] with support hours between between 9am and 7pm Monday to Sunday. There is also an on-site contact form if you would rather get in touch that way.

CasinoMonkey Alternatives

So, we've discussed what CasinoMonkey has to offer but what about the alternatives? Are there any similar services out there which you should consider if you are looking at getting started with casino offers?

Well, there are a few options.

Profit Accumulator have launched a similar service called Bonus Accumulator and Team Profit have launched Team Casino. Both are good options but the disadvantage is that they come at an additional cost to your standard matched betting subscription.

Now, £14.99 a month isn't a lot considering the profits you can make from casino offers using CasinoMonkey or any of the alternatives mentioned above. However, one service which offers an extensive casino offers along with advanced casino tools and as well as a full matched betting service for sports is Profit Squad. Profit Squad have always been one of the leaders in casino offers and members get access to both the sports and casino products for just one membership fee of just £19.99/m. There is also a £1 trial and an annual membership option of £169/yr.

casinomonkey alternative

£1 for 14 DAYS!

CasinoMonkey Conclusion

There is no doubt that casino offers can be extremely profitable when done correctly. CasinoMonkey is a service which helps you do just that by:

1. Bringing you the profitable offers

2. Training you how casino offers work and how they're profitable

3. Showing you how to profit from each offer with step-by-step guides

4. Providing the tools needed to extract the maximum value from each offer in the quickest time possible

Overall, CasinoMonkey is an excellent service. If you have been a member of OddsMonkey before and trust them to show you how to profit from sports offers then we fully recommend that you take a look at CasinoMonkey.

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