Accumulator Generator Review

accumulator generator review

Accumulator Generator is another product from Mike Cruickshank who is the man behind various other popular matched betting products such as Bonus Bagging and the Profit Maximiser.


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What is Accumulator Generator?

Accumulator Generator is a set of tools which allows you to take advantage of accumulator refund offers and make a guaranteed profit on every one.

Acca insurance is a type of offer run by multiple bookmakers and generally consists of you being given your stake back as a free bet if one leg of your accumulator lets you down. By laying the matches off one-by-one between games it is possible to extract a profit from these offers every time. With so many acca insurance offers around this method can be very profitable for matched bettors and one that can boost your profits throughout the month.


How does Accumulator Generator work?

It is possible to make a profit with accumulator refund offers without the use of this software by using spreadsheets and some manual calculations. However, Accumulator Generator makes this process A LOT simpler and much quicker.


Finding the offers

The first thing Accumulator Generator does is find the offers for you. 27 of them in fact, which add up to over £500 in potential free bets PER DAY! That’s not to say you will receive £500 in free bets each day as acca refund offers work slightly different to standard ‘bet & get’ offers. However, it is possible to extract a profit of around £10 per accumulator which adds up to a significant profit should you have the means to complete multiple offers a day.

accumulator generator offers

Accumulator Generator acca insurance offers

The offers are listed in the ‘offers’ section when you log in to your Accumulator Generator account and include details of each refund offer including information such as Max Refund, Minimum Odds, Minimum legs and other promotion specifics.


Compiling your accumulators

The main use of Accumulator Generator is it’s ‘AccaMatcher’ tool. The AccaMatcher displays the most profitable accumulators for each acca refund offer.

The AccaMatcher tool compiles accumulators based around the T&C’s of each bookmaker accumulator offer. For example the BetVictor accumulator offer requires cumulative odds of 5.0 or above to qualify for the refund and so the AccaMatcher tool will only display accumulators with cumulative odds of 5.0+.
accumulator generator accamatcher

Accumulator Generator AccaMatcher

It will also take into account the lay odds of each match and display games with good matches which will increase the expected value (EV) of the accumulator.

The AccaMatcher displays various information about each accumulator it generates shown in the image below :
accumulator generator accamatcher
You are able to filter the results in the AccaMatcher  to only display accas for specific bookmaker offers as well as minimum EV, min/max cumulative odds and the date range of the games in the acca.


Accumulator Generator Calculator

Once you’ve found an acca in the AccaMatcher you can click on the icon to open up the calculator which will display the required lay stakes for each leg.
accumulator generator calculator


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Accumulator Generator Calculator

There are a few different methods you can use when extracting a profit from acca insurance offers but the method to use to guarantee a profit is the ‘Lock in’ method. This method will return a profit no matter how many of your legs lose in the accumulator.

When you open up the calculator you are required to enter your initial back stake, bet type and multiple type. The calculator will then update and display the required lay stakes for each leg of your accumulator in order to lock in a guaranteed profit.

After you have placed the lay bet on the first leg and the match has finished, you can mark the leg as won or lost in the final column. If the first leg lost then you are done with the offer and you will have made an overall profit on the exchange. If the first leg won the calculator will update the lay stakes for the 2nd game. You continue this process until either one of the legs in your accumulator loses or the acca is complete. Either way you will make a profit.

The calculator is simply but it does the job very well. It also displays the profit you will make depending on the results before any of the games have even started.


Bet Finder

Included in Accumulator Generator is an additional tool called ‘Bet Finder’. Bet Finder isn’t intended to work with accumulator refund offers and is a tool designed for additional accumulators you may want to place that will result in a very low qualifying loss.

The Bet Finder tool has a couple of useful purposes. One is for placing mug bets. Bookmakers love customers placing accumulators as they have a relatively low chance of winning and so they make a profit the majority of the time. This makes accumulators perfect for mug betting. Mug betting is an essential part of matched betting as it makes you look more like a regular punter rather than a matched bettor who only uses the bookmaker to participate in offers and promotions. Using the Bet Finder tool you can place the occasional accumulator mug bet and only lose a very small amount but to the bookmaker it looks as though you are losing a lot more.

Another use of Bet Finder is to qualify for free bets. Sometimes bookmakers run promotions where you have to place an accumulator to get a free bet or you may receive a free accumulator free bet as part of another promotion. Using Bet Finder you can find accumulators to use by filtering the results specific to your needs.

For example, you may be offered a free £10 bet by William Hill if you place a £10 treble. Using Bet Finder you can filter the results to only show compiled accumulators for William Hill with 3 legs.

There are various other filter options you can use such as bet type (qualifier, free bet SNR, Risk Free Bet), min/max odds per bet, time scale of the accumulator, bookmaker, sport, specific leagues and which exchange to use.

This is a handy tool that will come in useful for the occasional offer that isn’t included in the main AccaMatcher software or when you wish to place a natural looking mug bet.



Another useful feature in Accumulator Generator is the bet reminder which displays the next leg of each of your active accumulators. This allows you to keep orgainsed with your acca bets and minimise the risk of forgetting to lay a game.
accumulator generator reminders

Accumulator Generator reminder feature

On the image above you can see that we have 3 active accumulators and the bet reminder has displayed the next game in each of the 3 accas. Once you have placed your lay bet on these games you can check the box next to the leg and click the ‘Mark bet as placed’ button. The reminder page will then update and display the next leg of your accumulator.

This is a good feature although it would be great if there was an email sent out as a reminder rather than having to log in and check the reminder section to see when the next leg of your accumulator is. One of Mike Cruickshanks other matched betting products ‘Bonus Bagging’ automatically sends emails out with matches and so it would be a welcome addition to see a similar system integrated with the Accumulator Generator reminder feature.


Accumulator Generator Guides & Videos

There are a number of videos and guides to help you get to grips with the Accumulator Generator software, how it works and how to make a profit from using it. Mike Cruickshank himself hosts the videos and goes through each feature of the product one by one in a very clear way. There are three main sections on the training page, starting from the basics of explaining what accumulators are and how to lay them, up to how to how to use the various features of the software and finally on to the various methods of laying accumulators in order to make a profit.

Mike hosts the videos very well and the instructions are clear and to the point. If videos aren’t your thing then he also provides a text version below each video which explains the main points in a much shorter time.


Does Accumulator Generator work?

Absolutely. Accumulator refund offers can be extremely profitable and with multiple bookmakers offering this type of promotion, the potential to make large profits each month is excellent. We found Accumulator Generator to be very simple to use and well laid out which makes it suitable for both experienced matched bettors and beginners.


How much does Accumulator Generator cost?

The cost of this software is £99 + VAT for 12 months access. However, using the link below, you can gain full access to Accumulator Generator for only £1 for 14 days! You can cancel at any time within the 14 day period and not be charged a penny after that.


Is it worth the cost?

Considering how much you can make from accumulator refund offers using Accumulator generator, £99 a year isn’t much at all. Each accumulator offer is estimated to be worth around £5-£10 each and with 27 bookmakers offers listed (some which you can complete multiple times a day), you should be able to recoup the cost of your subscription within a week.

Matched betting services such as MatchedBets, OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator all have similar accumulator tools available in their monthly and annual subscription packages. There are a few additional features available in Accumulator Generator such as the Bet Finder tool and the reminder feature which can come in handy. We recommend testing the product out for yourself with the £1 trial for 14 days to get to grips with it.


Click here to get Accumulator Generator for only £1!


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