New Customer Offer Guides

This page contains a selection of new customer offers from a variety of online bookmakers. Click on the 'view guide' button to open the step-by-step guide for each offer which will walk you through how to make a profit from the offer using matched betting. 

The estimated profit is displayed next to each offer. Please note that this is not a guarantee of how much profit you will make as it will depend on a number of variables such as back & lay odds, exchange commission and your deposit amount.

The twenty new customer offers listed below are worth an estimated £365 when matched betting. Please check back regularly for new and updated new customer offers.

You will need an account with at least one betting exchange before starting any of the offers so be sure to sign up to Betfair Exchange first.


New Customer Offer

Estimated Profit

Offer Guide

betfair exchange

£20 Cashback



Bet £5 Get £20



Bet £5 Get £20


william hill

Bet £10 Get £30



£10 Refund



Bet £5 Get £20



Bet £10 Get £30



Bet £10 Get £30



Bet £100 Get £100



Bet £10 Get £10



Bet £10 Get £10



Bet £30 Get £30



Bet £25 Get £25



Bet £20 Get £20



Bet £20 Get £10



Bet £5 Get £30



Bet £10 Get £10



Bet £25 Get £25


Completed all of the New Customer Offers?

Once you have worked your way through the new customer offers, you will be ready to start on the reload offers. These are offers available to existing customers and are how you are able to profit from matched betting continuously.

You can visit our reload offer section via the button below and find guides on how to profit from each offer.

Why do bookmakers give away free bets?

Many people are skeptical of matched betting as it all seems a bit too good to be true. After all, why would bookmakers give you free bets when you can lock in a profit from them using matched betting?

Well, free bets aren't aimed at matched bettors. They're aimed at punters. People who bet on football, horse racing or anything else either for a bit of fun or because they're trying to 'win' money. Matched betting isn't for punters as we eliminate the risk and our only aim to to lock in a profit regardless of the result.

There are hundreds of bookmakers online these days and the number is ever increasing. Each of these bookmakers need punters to make a profit and cover their costs of running the service, advertising, staff and everything else that goes into running a business. As there are so many bookmakers online and a limited number of customers, they all need a way to attract new customers. Offering free bets and other incentives has proved to be one of the most effective ways.

In the majority of cases, offering free bets to customers means the bookmakers take a hit. However, they have gained a new member and are hoping that they will continue to use their site over their competitors and in the long-term, lose money.

So, for as long as there is competition between bookmakers, there will be free bet offers and other promotions available. This of course is great news for us matched bettors as it gives us an endless stream of offers to profit from.