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Rebel Betting

Matched betting is a great way to make money. It's popularity has grown in recent years and people are becoming more aware of it as a method of generating an additional income to fund various things. It can be done in your spare time and once you know the basics, it's quick, easy and profitable.

Not many people consider matched betting as a long-term way of making money. Many give up after they have exhausted the new customer offers as they don't realise the potential of reload and advantage play offers. Some matched bettors eventually end up being 'gubbed' and are unable to participate in promotions. For these people, this poses a problem as matched betting generally involves extracting a profit from free bets, bonuses and promotions.

For this reason, a common route for matched bettors to explore is arbitrage betting.

what is arbitrage betting?

Put simply, arbitrage betting is covering all outcomes of an event so that you make a profit no matter what the outcome is. Sound familiar? Yes, arbitrage betting is similar to matched betting in that you cover all outcomes. However, there are a few differences.

1. There is no need to free bets or bonuses

2. You don't necessarily need the use of betting exchanges

how does arbitrage betting work?

Let's say that Roger Federer is playing Andy Murray at Wimbledon. William Hill may have Federer to win at odds of 2.1 and Murray to win at odds of 1.8. It's not possible to make a profit by betting on both players on William Hill. If you bet £100 on each, you'd make a £10 profit if Federer won and lose £20 if Murray won.

However, not all bookmakers have the same odds. Odds fluctuate all of the time and bookmakers have a tough time keeping up with the thousands of markets they provide odds for. Therein lies an opportunity for arbitrage bettors.

If another bookmaker, lets say Ladbrokes, were offering odds of 2.1 for Murray to win, we'd be able to make a guaranteed profit by betting on Federer to win on William Hill and Murray to win on Ladbrokes.

Arbitrage betting can be done on various events & sports. The easiest arbs to do are when there is only two outcomes, such as the winner of a tennis match or over/under goals in a football match. However, many profitable opportunities arise on events with more than two outcomes. The result of a football match, for example, has three possible outcomes. Home win, draw and away win. For these, three separate bets are required at favourable odds in order to return a guaranteed profit.

Finding arbtirage betting opportunities manually is extremely time consuming and given that these opportunities usually only last a matter of minutes before the bookmakers change their odds, it is not worth it and would be near impossible to make it a profitable use of your time.

That is where software such as Rebel Betting comes in.

rebel betting

Rebel Betting

Rebel Betting, developed by Clarobet AB, is the creation of two professional poker players, who, back in 2007, wanted to build a tool that would make them a guaranteed profit from bets no matter what the outcome. A year after coming up with the idea, a prototype of Rebel Betting was complete and the team were excited to test their creation in the real world.

In the first month of testing Rebel Betting, a 12% profit was made, proving their software worked. 11 years on, Rebel Betting has now been used by over 110,000 users in 120 different countries.

what does rebel betting do?

Rebel Betting is a piece of software which compares the odds of tens of thousands of markets on a number of different bookmakers to find arbitrage betting opportunities.

There are currently around 80 bookmakers featured in Rebel Betting which gives users a lot of choice for finding arbs. Markets for sports such as football, horse racing, tennis, American football, rugby, basketball, hockey, baseball and Aussie rules are all included.

Users can filter the results so that it only displays arbs for specific sports, bookmakers or which have a minimum/maximum return. 

The software then scans all of bookmakers and displays profitable arbitrage bets which you can take a closer look at.

When clicking on an arb, it displays information such as which bookies to use, the event & market and the % return you will make. The in-built calculator allows you to adjust your desired stake and will display your profit depending on the outcome based on those stakes. The user interface is very clean and easy to understand even for a complete beginner.

Rebel Betting

rebel betting features

As well as boasting an impressive number of bookmakers and markets in it's results, Rebel Betting has a few handy features which make profiting from arbitrage betting all the more easier.

1. Auto login & auto surf

As mentioned earlier, bookmakers can't always keep on top of the fast-changing odds for the tens of thousands of markets they offer. As such arbitrage opportunities arise. However, these opportunities don't last long and you'll often find that when you do find a profitable arb, by the time you navigate to the bookmakers, log in and finally find the correct market, the odds have changed and the arb is no longer profitable. This can be extremely frustrating and more importantly, very time consuming. Rebel Betting were aware that this is a common issue when arbitrage betting and so introduced the 'Auto Login' and 'Auto Surf' features.

When you initially set up the Rebel Betting software, you can add bookmakers which you wish to use and input your login details. Then, when you find an arb on Rebel Betting, you can click on the 'Bet' button and the software will open up the associated bookmakers within the software and automatically log you in. This feature saves precious time once you have found the arb and will increase the number of arbs you are able to place.

Along with automatically logging you in, the 'Auto Surf' feature will not just open up the required bookmaker but also display the associated market and even highlight the odds.

Every bookmaker is different and unless you are overly familiar with where specific markets are listed and what they are named as on the various bookmaker websites, this is an extremely useful feature which means you can place your arb within seconds of finding it.

Rebel Betting Auto Login Auto Surf

2. Arbitrage alerts

Arbs come and go very quickly and unless you're running a search at a specific time, they are easy to miss. However, Rebel Betting have solved this problem with Arbitrage Alerts. 

Using the 'Alerts' feature, you can enable notifications so that you never miss an arbing opportunity. You're able to set filters so that you only receive alerts when an arb returns a specific % and you're able to choose how you receive the alerts. You can choose from various sounds with or without popup desktop notifications.

Rebel Betting Arb Alerts

Rebel Betting

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Visit Rebel Betting to get access to their on-board e-course, the free version of the Rebel Betting software and exclusive tips and tricks to help you succeed in Arbitrage Betting.

rebel betting matched betting

Rebel Betting Matched Betting

Rebel Betting also provide a matched betting module which enables users to profit from bookmaker promotions. This makes sense as a lot of people getting into arbitrage betting have dabbled with matched betting previously and so by offering a matched betting module, users will either start with matched betting and move onto their arbitrage software or have already done matched betting and may use it for the odd new bookmaker promotion to increase their profits.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a method of extracting a profit from the free bets and bonuses given out by bookmakers. 

Bookmakers generally offer new customers a free bet or bonus when they sign up and place their first bet. In order to ensure you don't lose your stake on your initial bet, you lay it on a betting exchange such as Betfair Exchange or Smarkets. As a result, you won't win anything from this bet but you also won't lose anything. However, by doing so, you will receive a free bet from the bookmaker. You then repeat the process of backing and laying a selection, this time using your free bet and are able to generate an overall profit no matter what the result is. 

You can generally expect to extract around 80% profit as cash from a free bet. So, if a bookmaker was offering a £100 free bet, you could extract to make around £80 profit from it by using matched betting.

You can read more about matched betting throughout

Advantages over matched betting sites

There are many matched betting sites which provide a service to help users make money profit matched betting. They have been around for many years and do a very good job in providing tools such as odds matchers, advanced calculators and step-by-step guides on how to profit from specific offers.

The Rebel Betting Matched Betting module differs to matched betting services currently out there by including some of it's features from their arbitrage software.

Using the Rebel Betting software, you're able to use arbs between bookies to use when matched betting with your free bets. As a result, you are generally able to extract a higher profit than when laying your bet on a betting exchange.

You can also use other Rebel Betting features such as Arbitrage Alerts and Auto Login/Surf to return a better profit and to make the process quicker and easier.

Rebel Betting Matched Betting

There are a number of bookmaker offers listed on Rebel Betting which are updated regularly. 

The matched betting module of Rebel Betting is a nice additional feature although we feel a beginner may benefit from using a dedicated matched betting service such as, OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator. However, if you are experienced in matched betting already and use Rebel Betting's Arbitrage software, this is a good way to increase profits using bookmaker free bets and bonuses.

rebel betting price

Rebel Betting provides some great features and will no-doubt increase the profits of those which use it. There are a few different subscription options available depending on what you want to get out of it.

  • Lite: €59 per month - This is the lowest-priced subscription and gives you access to a limited amount of arbs. The arbs which are displayed in the Lite version have existed for 30 minutes or more, meaning that a lot of the higher-value arbs will have come and gone. You will get access to the Auto Login & Auto Surf features.
  • Pro: €129 per month - With the Pro version, you get access to all arbs in real-time when the software finds them providing many more arbitrage opportunities. Along with use of Auto Login & Auto Surf, you will also get access to horse racing arbs, which are exclusive to Pro users,  access to betting exchanges such as Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook & Betdaq, Cross-Market combinations and more.
  • Enterprise: from €499 per month - this option is not for the average user and is for those who wish to develop custom software based on Rebel Betting. For more information, contact the team via their contact page.

Is Rebel Betting Worth it?

There is no doubt that rebel Betting is a great piece of software that will increase your profits through arbitrage betting. The Lite version is the cheapest option but as it is limited to arbs which are at least 30 minutes old, the Pro version is the much better option. 

If you're looking to increase your profits using arbitrage betting then the Pro version will help you do so. The amount you can make from using Rebel Betting really depends on how much you use it and how many arbs you place. The value of arbs vary depending on your stake and the odds and so it's not possible to say how many arbs you would have to make in a given month to cover your subscription fee. Arbs with profits of around £5 can be found regularly throughout the day using stakes of around £100 and so making a profit on top of your subscription fee shouldn't be difficult for the average user. If you have a higher bankroll then you should have no problem at all generating a good profit each month.

advantages of rebel betting

  • Access to numerous arbs - Rebel Betting gives you access to a number of arbitrage opportunities which you would be unaware of without the use of the software. As a result, you are able to increase your profits on a daily basis.
  • Auto Login / Auto Surf - Even if you were to find arbs without the use of Rebel Betting, it's a tough task to navigate to the betting sites and the markets before the arb has gone. The Auto Login & Surf features assist greatly with this problem and allow you to place more profitable arbs.
  • User-Friendly - Despite being a powerful piece of software, Rebel Betting is easy to use and understand. New users should be able to get started and placing arbs within minutes. 
  • An additional way to profit - Rebel Betting opens the door to an additional way to generate a profit in your spare time. Arbitrage betting can be done alongside matched betting, trading and other related profitable methods.
  • Matched Betting Feature - Matched betting is different to arbitrage betting and provides an additional income stream. Although the Rebel Betting Matched Betting software may not be as comprehensive as dedicated matched betting sites, it is a good tool for those that use the main Rebel Betting Arbitrage software.
  • An established company - Rebel Betting has been around for over 11 years which shows that it works. Over 110,000 people have used it in 120 different countries and it is one of the most well-known and respected arbitrage tools out there.
Rebel Betting

Try Rebel Betting Today for free

Visit Rebel Betting to get access to their on-board e-course, the free version of the Rebel Betting software and exclusive tips and tricks to help you succeed in Arbitrage Betting.


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