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advantage play secrets

Advantage Play Secrets is a product from Mike Cruickshank who has previously released a number of matched betting products such as Bonus Bagging, Profit Maximiser, Accumulator Generator and Betting Mastermind. 

Advantage Play Secrets was released in 2017 and is designed to enable users to generate a profit from various methods using both bookmakers and betting exchanges. What makes this product slightly different to your standard matched betting product is that you don't actually need any free bets to make a profit. Profit is generated from four systems which Mike Cruickshank claims will generate low risk profits by turning the odds in your favour.

what is advantage play?

If you've done matched betting before, you may have heard the term 'Advantage Play' used. As the name of this product is 'Advantage Play Secrets', it would be a good idea to first explain what the term means.

'Advantage Play' or 'Advantage Gambling' as it's also known, is placing bets where the odds of making a profit are in your favour. It's important to note that with advantage play offers, you will not make a profit every time. However, as you have the edge, you will generate a profit over time.

A good example is to explain how bookmakers and casinos work and how they make money.

Let's use roulette as an example. The house edge on single-zero roulette is 2.7%. There are 36 numbers + zero = 37, but if you win a £1 bet on a single number, you are only paid out at 35/1. Therefore, that extra number is the house edge. As there are 37 numbers, the house edge is 1/37 = 2.7%.

You could go into a casino, place a bet on roulette and win and so the casino would be down. You could also place 10 bets and win them all. However, over time, the averages will become more accurate and you can expect to lose 2.7% of your stake. That is why casinos want you to play for as long as possible as they know that they have the edge and will ultimately come out on top with a profit on average.

With Advantage Play, you have the edge rather than the bookmaker or casino and although you may not win every time, you will return an overall profit on average over time.

advantage play secrets

Now that we know what advantage play is, how does Advantage Play Secrets help you generate a profit?

Advantage Play Secrets contains four different methods for making low-risk profits from bookmakers. The four methods allow you to turn the odds in your favour and therefore generate a profit overtime.

SYSTEM 1. The Golden Parachute Method

The Golden Parachute method uses Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) offers from bookies to generate an overall profit in the long term. 

Best Odds Guaranteed offers allow you to receive the Starting Price (SP) odds of a horse if they are greater than the odds you received when you initially placed your bet. Many bookmakers run BOG offers and using the Golden Parachute method, you're able to potentially profit £100+ per race should your horse win and only lose a minimal amount if it doesn't. The aim with this and other advantage play offers is to repeat the process multiple times in order to ensure you end up with an overall profit. You could go many races without a profit but if you stick with it, mathematically you will come out on top.

The Golden Parachute method works by dutching horse races. This means that you will be covering all outcomes of the race and so the risk is kept minimal and you hope for the 'parachute trigger', or BOG to kick in, so that you return a profit.

Mike claims that you can start with a bank as little as £100 which may make it appealing for a lot of people.

SYSTEM 2. Dutching Bounty Method

Similar to the Golden Parachute system, the Dutching Bounty Method is used on horse racing. You will use a piece of software which looks for 'pricing loopholes' in bookmakers each way odds. What is meant by 'pricing loopholes' is when the given odds are higher than their actual chance of winning.

This system is very similar to Mike Cruickshanks 'Each Way Sniper' product with the difference being that the Dutching Bounty Method does not require you to lay any bets. Instead you cover the entire field and all outcomes using only bookmakers.

This system will only work on certain races where the odds are favourable and so there may be limited opportunities throughout each day. However, on the right races, the worst case scenario would be that you'll break even, usually when the favourite wins. If an outsider wins, you'll make a profit. 

The software will show you which races are +EV and your potential profits or losses for each outcome of the race. Although this method will return less winners than the Golden Parachute method, the profits can be much higher.


This system is the most risky of all methods included in Advantage Play Secrets and it's possible you could have fairly lengthy losing streaks before ending up with an overall profit. However, Mike Cruickshank ensures that that there is value in this system, although he recommends that you place a large sample of bets to determine the overall outcome. As such, a bigger bankroll is required for this method and it is important to stay disciplined and patient with this method.

ACCA Booster uses a piece of software to find value bets in ACCAs which have been boosted by bookmakers. Generally, there are value ACCA bets to take advantage of each day but there will be many more on weekends as more major games take place.


This method is Mike Cruickshanks latest creation and involves taking advantage of the odds on the Betfair Exchange which have been manipulated by matched bettors.

Matched betting has become extremely popular over the past couple of years and an offer posted on a matched betting site such as MatchedBets or OddsMonkey may result in thousands of people taking advantage of it.

For example, William Hill currently offer 'Flash Odds' at midday every day for selected horse races which is available for just a short space of time. 15 minutes in fact. During those 15 minutes, thousands of matched bettors take William Hill up on their generous boosted odds and subsequently lay their bet. This means that there may be thousands of people at once laying a particular horse on Betfair Exchange. The opportunity comes by backing the opposite to matched bettors as the odds will have increased to greater than they should be, thus giving you increased value.

The good thing about this method is that you don't need to use any bookmakers as all bets are placed on the exchange.

Again, this is a risky method and you may go long periods without being in profit. However, there is logic behind this method and ultimately, it should return a profit over time. 

is advantage play secrets worth the money?

Now that we've explained what you get with the product, the question is how much does Advantage Play Secrets cost and is it worth the money?

The good news is that you can try the service out for 14 days for just £1. For £1 you'll get access to all the methods, training videos, software and support. If you're curious to find out more about any of the methods above then I'd strongly recommend giving the trial a go. Although 14 days isn't enough time to really dig deep into these strategies and determine how profitable they are, it should be enough time to watch some of the videos to learn more about them and test out the software to see if you think it's something you'd be interested in dedicating more time to.

After the 14 day trial period, access to Advantage Play Secrets costs £99 + VAT per year which works out at around £116.40 with 20% tax.

Is it worth £100+ a year? To the right person, probably. Advantage Play Secrets won't be for everyone as there may be periods of losses for which it will take determination and patients to get through. However, if you're dedicated and are able to ride out the bad streaks, you should be able to return profits of well above the subscription cost which would make it good value.


Try Advantage Play Secrets today for 14 days for only £1

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Learning more about these alternative money-making methods via the training videos is worth £1 alone!

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