oddstorm review

OddStorm is sports arbitrage software which allows users to quickly find profitable arbitrage opportunities across a range of football markets by comparing the odds from no less than 64 online bookmakers and betting exchanges.

OddStorm is owned by OddStorm Ltd and has been operating since 2006.  They provide users with a number of services such as:

  • Real-time bookmaker odds
  • Odds comparison
  • SureBets service (pre-match & in-play)
  • Middles service
  • Polish middles service

In this OddStorm review, we'll be taking a look at what the arbing service has to offer and how it compares to other related services in the industry such as RebelBetting and BetSlayer.

What is oddstorm?

As mentioned above, OddStorm is arbitrage software which helps users find arbing opportunities quickly and easily. Finding these opportunities manually would be almost impossible but their software is able to find hundreds of them with the click of a button.

Arbitrage betting is when you cover all outcome of an event and providing the odds are favourable, you will make a profit regardless of the result. Usually this wouldn't be possible but by backing the different outcomes with different bookmakers who are offering the highest odds for each outcome, you're able to create an arb.


Let's take a look at an arbing example using a football match.

Match: Man Utd v Arsenal

First, let's take a look at the possible returns if we were to cover all outcomes using just one single bookmaker.

Bookmaker A is offering the following odds on the match result market:

  • Home win: 2.0
  • Away win: 4.0
  • Draw: 3.3
oddstorm calculator

If we use these odds from a single bookmaker and cover all outcomes, we would, as expected, make a loss. In this case, we would make a 5% loss, or a £10.60 loss from a total stake of £210.60.

However, other bookmakers may be offering better odds on each of the outcomes. OddStorm automatically finds which bookmakers are offering the best odds and determines whether or not there is an opportunity to make a profit.

Now let's say that OddStorm has found a second bookmaker which is offering better odds than Bookmaker A for the away win and a third bookmaker who is offering better odds for the draw.

  • Home win: 2.0 (Bookmaker A)
  • Away win: 4.85 (Bookmaker B)
  • Draw: 3.8 (Bookmaker C)
oddstorm arbitrage calculator

By backing each possible outcome across various bookmakers who are offering the best odds, we're able to lock in a 3.17% profit regardless of the result of the match result.


Register for free at OddStorm to start making money from prematch & in-play football arbs.

the oddstorm website

Users of OddStorm can either access the service via a web browser or by downloading the web app. By using the web app, which can be ran from your desktop, you're able to customise the display with multiple windows showing different markets and/or events.

The video below shows a demonstration of using the OddStorm app.

Once logged into your OddStorm account, you can navigate to the main areas of the site which are:

  • Pre-match arbs
  • In-play arbs
  • Arbitrage calculator

prematch arbs

The pre-match section will display results for profitable arbing opportunities for events which haven't started yet.

Within the pre-match section, you can navigate to:

  • Surebets
  • Middles
  • Polish Middles
  • Odds Comparison
  • Asian Lines


Surebets are what the majority of OddStorm users will use the service for and are arbing opportunities where you're able to lock in a profit regardless of the outcome. They're return a guaranteed profit and are an easy way to make money.

 oddstorm surebets

Loading the Surebets displays a list of profitable arbs for football matches which have yet to kick off.

It's important to note that OddStorm currently only display odds for football markets and we were testing the service in May when the majority of the major football league seasons had finished. Despite the lack of major-league football taking place, we were pleasantly surprised with the number of profitable arbs displayed.

The image above shows the top arbs which will return a profit of between 11.85% - 13.16% based on total stake. There were 20+ arbs which would return a profit in excess of 10% and a total of 22,547 arbs found by the software.

Clicking on any arb will open up the calculator alongside the list which will display the ideal stakes in order to return a profit. Users can edit the stakes for a selection which will in turn, update the stakes for the other selections.

oddstorm arb calculator

The calculator is easy to use and the above shows us that we will make a 11.02% (£33.77) profit based on our overall stake of £288.23.

surebet filters

oddstorm filters

Users can filter the results returned by the software by factors such as min/max profit, time of event, max odds and bookmaker.

We would like to see some additional filters such as the ability to exclude certain markets which may not be of interest.


Middles are a little more complicated than Surebets but provide an additional way to make a profit. They won't return a profit every time but the OddStorm software shows which ones have value and will return a profit on average over time.

Middle bets work by placing two bets which may be Asian Handicap markets or over/under markets.

For example:

Bet 1: £515 bet for Home Team (-3) at odds of 1.9

Bet 2: £435 bet for Away team (+4) at odds of 2.25

  • If the home team wins by 4 or more goals, 'Bet 1' wins
  • Profit: £28.50
  • If the home team draws, loses or wins by less than three goals, 'Bet 2' wins
  • Profit: £28.75
  • If the home team wins by exactly 3 goals, 'Bet 1' wins + your stake for 'Bet 2' will be refunded
  • Profit: £543.75
  • If the home team wins by exactly 4 goals, 'Bet 2' wins + your stake for 'Bet 1' will be refunded
  • Profit: £463.50

OddStorm finds these opportunities for you and shows you how much to stake along with what your returns will be based of the various outcomes.

in-play arbs

As well as pre-match arbs, OddStorm provide live odds for in-play events. This give users more opportunities to make a profit as the odds fluctuate in-play.

Upon testing, we were able to find some good arbs for in-play events considering there wasn't many football matches taking place at the time.

Be aware that odds can fluctuate very fast during play and so in-play arbitrage betting should only be attempted by experienced users.

If you use the OddStorm web app, it has a feature which allows you to click through to the event page on the associated bookmaker site which can save time and allow you to get your bets on quicker while the opportunities are still available.

One nice feature the in-play section has is the ability to filter the results to display only events which are at half-time. During half-time, the odds should be more stable which means that it's easier to place your bets at the displayed odds.

Oddstorm markets

As mentioned, OddStorm currently only provide odds for football matches. However, they cover a wide range of markets for this sport which are listed below.

  • 1X2 Win
  • 1X2 Corners
  • Double Chance
  • Over/Under
  • Over/Under Home
  • Over/Under Away
  • Over/Under Corners
  • Over/Under Home Corners
  • Over/Under Away Corners
  • GG (Both teams to score at least one goal)
  • NG (Both teams to score at least one goal)
  • Odd/Even
  • Odd/Even Corners
  • Odd/Even Home
  • Odd/Even Away
  • Correct Score (as Under Goals)
  • AH (Asian Handicap)
  • AH Corners

Oddstorm odds comparison

As OddStorm compare odds between dozens of bookmakers, it makes sense that they provide an odds comparison service.

This feature is available for both pre-match and in-play events making it a very useful tool if you are having a punt, especially in-play where there may be more difference between each bookmakers odds.

Clicking on the odds section brings up a list of football matches, ordered by country and league, and when a match is selected, the bookmaker offering the greatest odds is displayed alongside each market.

Oddstorm price

Like many othersports arbitrage services, OddStorm offers a number of different subscription plans based on what features of the site you want access to and for how long.

Along with the standard VIP subscription plan, there is also a VIP PLUS subscription which has additional benefits. 

VIP Subscription Plans


1 day

1 week

1 month

1 month rec

6 months

1 year








1 day

1 week

1 month

1 month rec

6 months

1 year







prematch + INPLAY

1 day

1 week

1 month

1 month rec

6 months

1 year







VIP Plus Subscription Plans


1 month

1 month rec

6 months

1 year






1 month

1 month rec

6 months

1 year





prematch + INPLAY

1 month

1 month rec

6 months

1 year





VIP Plus Benefits

  • Access to OddStorm Navigation
  • Navigation on different real or virtual machines
  • Navigation with different bookmaker accounts on every machine
  • Auto navigate each supported bookmaker on every machine to the arbitrage event and arm the outcome into betslip
  • Instant arming bookmaker betslips with arbitrage outcomes
  • No more manual searching for an Event and Outcome before placing the bet
  • Catch 30%+ more arbs and on better odd price and arbitrage percent before odds drops
  • Less arbing time frame, reducing the risk of goal scored during placing bets
  • Direct Skype support on request with OddStorm staff, including OddStorm CEO
  • Recognizable green nickname on Chat posts
  • conclusion

    As sports arbitrage software, OddStorm does exactly as it describes and does it well. The speed at which the odds update is on par with the best if not faster and the number of profitable arbs the software finds will keep users more than busy.

    The subscription plans are quite pricey, especially if you want the VIP Plus package which includes one-click navigation to betting markets on the bookmaker websites which should really be as standard.

    We were also a little disappointed that only football markets were included, although it is reported that OddStorm has plans to introduce additional sports in the future.

    Despite the few flaws, there is no doubt that OddStorm will make you money and it shouldn't be too difficult to bring in far more than your subscription fee on a monthly basis with a few hours dedicated here and there.

    If you'd like to try out OddStorm's software, you can register for free. You will be limited to low-value arbs but it will give you a chance to get a feel for how the software works and whether or not you wish to upgrade to a paid subscription.


    Get OddStorm TODAY!

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