Bonus Accumulator Review

bonus accumulator review

Matched betting isn't just about locking in a profit from free bet offers. It's about taking value from all betting promotions and having the edge over the bookmaker or casino. Free bet offers are great as they often allow you to return a profit regardless of whether your bets win or lose. Free bets and other sports offers should always be part of your matched betting income but as you gain experience in matched betting, you'll begin to realise that there are other methods of generating a profit.

One of these methods is through casino offers. The main difference with extracting vale from casino offers compared to sports offers is that you're not guaranteed to make a profit every time. Sometimes you will make a profit and other times you will make a loss. However, so long as there is value in the offer, you will make an overall profit in the long run.

For example, a casino doesn't make a profit on every player who bets at the tables. There's nothing to say you can't walk into a casino and walk out with more money than you went in with. However, the casino has the edge on every casino game they provide and so they know that over time, they will be up.

So how do you make money from casino offers if the casino has the edge?

Well. The beauty about some casino offers is that they give you the edge over the casino! When you receive free spins, bonuses and other promotions, you are given value and can have the edge. It is from these offers from which it's possible to return a profit.

That is where Bonus Accumulator comes in.

They not only find the casino offers for you but they also show you how to stand the best chance of generating a profit from them in step-by-step guides along with providing you with a number of tools to make the process as easy as it can be.

What Is Bonus Accumulator?

Bonus Accumulator was developed by Profit Accumulator which is one of the most popular matched betting services online. Where Profit Accumulator focusses mainly on generating a profit from sports offers, Bonus Accumulator is aimed at extracting a profit from casino offers.

Is Bonus Accumulator A Scam?

If you're new to matched betting and casino offers, a site showing you how to generate a profit from playing casino games might sound like a scam. However, whether or not the player has the edge over the casino is simple maths and if they do have the edge with an offer, that offer has value. Bonus Accumulator brings these offers to you along with guides on how to extract the maximum profit from them and so the service, and the money-making method behind it, is certainly not a scam.

How Much Does Bonus Accumulator Cost?

Bonus Accumulator offers two membership plans as shown below.


Cancel Anytime


  • Unlock £1,000's of Casino EV
  • 100+ Casino Bonuses
  • Video Tutorials
  • New Offers Daily
  • Enhanced Profit Tracker
  • Advanced Casino Simulator
  • Cancel Anytime


Cancel Anytime


  • Unlock £1,000's of Casino EV
  • 100+ Casino Bonuses
  • Video Tutorials
  • New Offers Daily
  • Enhanced Profit Tracker
  • Advanced Casino Simulator
  • Cancel Anytime

There's no additional features available with an annual membership but it does result in savings of £89.88 per year which is excellent value.

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Getting Started with Bonus Accumulator

After signing up to Bonus Accumulator, you'll land on the dashboard. The dashboard contains links to all of the main sections of the site as will as providing data such as the number of offers you have completed, how much profit you have made and more.

The first thing you should do after registering is read the guides. There are a number of guides covering various subjects.

bonus accumulator dashboard

Bonus Accumulator Guides

If you're new to casino offers then you'll definitely want to read through the guides which will help you understand how casino offers work, the types of casino offers and how to extract maximum EV from them. 

Bonus Accumulator covers the following subjects in their guides.

  • Who Should You Do Casino Offers?
  • Types Of Casino Offers
  • How To Play Roulette
  • How To Play Blackjack
  • How To Play Slots
  • What Is Wagering?

The guides are well-written and contain both text as well as a video which is a nice addition and will no-doubt help a lot of people get to grips with casino offers faster.

Bonus Accumulator Offers

After reading the guides, you can get started with the offers to start generating a profit. The offers on Bonus Accumulator are split into two categories.

  • Sign Up Offers
  • Reload Offers

Bonus Accumulator Sign Up Offers

The sign up offers can be claimed by new customers if you don't already have an account with that bookmaker or casino. If you have been matched betting a while, you will already have some accounts and so will not be able to claim all of the offers. However, at the time of writing, there were a total of 156 Sign Up Offers listed on Bonus Accumulator. These offers are split into groups.

  • Risk-Free
  • Low-Risk
  • Medium-Risk
  • High-Risk

Each section is also categorised by offer type such as casino, bingo or poker.

Information is provided for each offer such as:

  • The Estimated Value of the offer (EV)
  • EV per hour
  • An estimate of how much money is needed to complete the offer

Clicking on an offer opens the offer guide which includes easy to follow steps on how to extract maximum value from the offer.

Bonus Accumulator Reload Offers

Reload offers are added to the site on a daily basis and can be claimed by members who have accounts with the associated bookie or casino. It is from reload offers that you will be able to make a continuous profit using Bonus Accumulator.

The value of the Reload Offers will vary depending on the offer and how many offers are available on each day. Usually, there is around £50-£100 of EV available to be claimed each day from the Reload Offers.

Bonus Accumulator Tools

Members of Bonus Accumulator get access to a range of casino tools which will help them extract maximum value from each casino offer. The tools also allow you to save time and effort when completing the offers.


The Bonus Accumulator Simulator is an advanced piece of kit, yet very easy to use. It is used to determine the Estimated Value of a casino offer which is essential to making a profit as you only want to be claiming offers which have a positive EV.

The simulator has a number of fields which you must enter data into before it determines the EV. These are:

  • The casino game you are using for the offer
  • The RTP of the game
  • Deposit Amount
  • Bonus Amount
  • Wagering Amount
  • Stake Size
  • target Profit
  • Max Winnings For The Offer
bonus accumulator simulator

The simulator will then run tens of thousands of simulations to give an accurate EV of the offer.

The reason a simulator is needed is that a standard EV formula is inaccurate when a bonus needs to be wagered multiple times. The only way to accurately determine the EV of these types of bonuses is to simulate play a large number of times which would be virtually impossible to do without the use of a tool such as this.

EV Calculator

For simpler offers which do not require multiple wagering, the EV Calculator will suffice. This is based on a standard EV formula and will determine the EV of casino offers which do not require multiple wagering. eg. free spin offers where winnings are credited as cash.

Slots Database

The Bonus Accumulator Slots Database is a useful tool which provides information about various online slot games. Each slot has a different RTP and when completing casino offers, the higher the RTP of the slot which you are using, the greater the EV. With hundreds of slots available at many online casinos, inexperienced players will not know which ones have the highest RTP. However, using the Slots Database, you can get information such as the RTP and the variance of any slot by simply entering the name of the slot.

You can also order the results by RTP and variance to quickly find the slot with the highest RTP.

Blackjack Calculator

Blackjack is a game which is often used by players when completing casino offers due to it's high RTP (usually around 99.95%). However, you're only able to obtain this high RTP is you use perfect blackjack strategy. A blackjack strategy chart can be used but the Bonus Accumulator Blackjack Calculator makes things easy by telling you what the correct action is.

You simply need to tell the calculator which cards you have and which card the dealer is showing and it will tell you whether the correct move is to Hit, Stand, Split or Double.

Profit Tracker

If you fully get into Bonus Accumulator and extracting EV from casino offers, it's likely that you'll be completing multiple offers per day. If you do, it can be difficult to manually keep track of your profits when there is so much data. The Bonus Accumulator Profit Tracker does all this work for you and will show you how much profit you have made over time as well as your monthly progress via your profit chart.

Keeping track of your profits can increase motivation by showing you how much profit you have made over an extended period such as 6 months or a year.

Bonus Accumulator Forum

The Bonus Accumulator forum is a great place to discuss casino offers as well as ask questions and learn from others. There are categories for Sign Up Offers, Reload Offers, Training and general chat with multiple threads posted by members throughout day.

Bonus Accumulator Facebook Group

As well as a thriving on-site forum, Bonus Accumulator also has a private Facebook group. Members can use the Facebook group for support, to chat with other members and to find out about new offers and strategies to generate more profit.

Bonus Accumulator Support

If you have a question or would like to get in touch with the Bonus Accumulator team, you can contact them via the forum or Facebook group. However, they also provide email support ([email protected]) and support via Facebook Messenger (

Bonus Accumulator Alternatives

The team at Bonus Accumulator didn't invent anything new as people have been extracting value from casino offers for several years. Therefore, there are other sites which provide a similar service. The two services which stand out are:

1. CasinoMoney

2. Profit Squad

CasinoMonkey is by the matched betting site Odds Monkey and provides a very similar service to Bonus Accumulator. At a monthly cost of £14,99, it is quite a lot cheaper than Bonus Accumulator but CasinoMonkey doesn't currently have an annual subscription option. Bonus Accumulator's annual subscription equates to £12.50 a month and so if you are planning on making money from casino offers in the long-term, this is something you may want to take into consideration.

Profit Squad is a slightly different service as it is a matched betting site similar to OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator. However, they have bundled their casino services all into one package instead of making it a separate product and so members get access to all sports offers as well as all casino offers along with a range of matched betting and advanced casino tools. If you are planning on continuing to take advantage of sports offers whilst extracting value from casino offers then Profit Squad may be the perfect service for you. They offer a 14 day trial for just £1 and also offer monthly memberships for £19.99 and annual memberships for £169 which is excellent value considering you're essentially getting two services (sports & casino) in one.

Bonus Accumulator Conclusion

Bonus Accumulator does exactly what it was designed to do. Provide the tools, offers and guides to help members extract maximum value from casino offers. 

The website is easy to use and is suitable for both beginners and pros and the tools work great and do what they're intended for well.

There are alternatives to Bonus Accumulator as mentioned above and so the decision will come down to personal preference. 

If you would like to try out Bonus Accumulator, remember to go through the link in the button below and you'll get 50% off your first months membership and pay just £9.99.

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