william hill flash odds

Odds boosts are nothing new and they have become a popular marketing method for a lot of bookies over the past year or so. Skybet are one of the most popular bookmakers which offer boosts each weekend, usually on top-tier football accumulators. Odds boosts provide an easy opportunity for matched bettors to make a quick profit as they are usually easy to lay and take very little time.

William Hill have been providing flash odds boost for a while now and the great thing about their boosts is that they're offered daily. William Hill call them 'Flash Odds' because they're only available for a very short amount of time. 15 minutes to be exact. So you have to be quick to put them on but if you download the William Hill app, you'll get a notification on your phone when a flash boost is available. The William Hill Flash Boosts are only available via mobile devices and cannot be placed on a desktop computer and so downloading the William Hill app is a good idea.

Flash Boosts are selections chosen by William Hill, usually a horse in a race on the given day, which have enhanced odds compared to what William Hill usually offer. I've been receiving the Odds Boosts every day since William Hill started this promotion and there hasn't been a day where it hasn't produced a nice arb which can lock in a profit with just a minutes work.

when are william hill flash odds available?

William Hill opens the flash odds at 12pm, midday, every day and you have 15 minutes to place your bet at the boosted price should you want to.

how to make a profit from william hill flash odds

Locking in a profit from William Hill Flash Odds is pretty easy and consists of a simple back and lay bet. Once William Hill has announced the flash odds for the day, look up the same selection on a betting exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets and see what the lay odds are. As William Hills back odds have been boosted, the lay odds on the betting exchange should be lower, therefore, you should be able to make a profit whatever the outcome by simply laying the selection.

Let's take a look at an example from today's Flash odds from William Hill.

William Hill Flash Odds

Today's Flash Odds from William Hill is Mercury Rising to win the 2:30pm at Lingfield.

The odds for Mercury Rising to win have been boosted from 4/1 (5.0) to 6/1 (7.0) which is quite a big boost and so we should be able to make a profit by laying the horse on a betting exchange so long as the lay odds are below 7.0.

Before placing your bet at the boosted price, it is important to check the odds on the betting exchange.

Let's take a look on Smarkets to see what the lay odds are...

We can see that the lay odds for Mercury Rising to win the race are 6.4 which is below 7.0 and so we will be able to lock in a profit on this bet whether the horse wins or not.

The William Hill account used for the screenshots is limited to placing £10 on this bet but some William Hill customer may be able to bet more on it, therefore, increasing profits further.

William Hill Flash Odds

Now that we know that we can make a profit from this boost, we need to work out our lay stakes. To do so, use a matched betting calculator on a site such as MatchedBets.com or OddsMonkey.com.

Flash Odds Calculator

When placing your lay bet, you have two options.

1. Place a standard lay bet and make a profit whatever the outcome

2. Underlay your bet and make a greater profit if the horse wins and break even if it doesn't.

Unless you can get a large stake on the William Hill boost, the profit you will make is generally quite low. In the example above, we would make a profit of £0.76. Profit is still profit and it's worth doing but some people chose to underlay their bet. This way they stand to made a much greater profit if their horse wins and break even if it doesn't.

Whichever method you decide, simply place your back bet on William Hill with the boosted odds and lay the amount shown in the calculator on the betting exchange.

William Hill Flash Boosts are available daily and although the profit is generally small, they can add up to a worthwhile amount by the end of the month.

T&C's: 18+. Existing customers. stake limits apply. singles only. do not qualify for 4 means more or bet boost. further T&C's apply. begambleaware.org