Profit Squirrel Review

profit squirrel review
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Profit Squirrel HAS CLOSED!

Profit Squirrel was bought by OddsMonkey but is no longer in operation.

OddsMonkey is one of the biggest and best matches betting services online.

They're our #1 rated matched betting site and offer a free trial for all new users.

Expired Review

The below content is our original review of ProfitSquirrel.

As ProfitSquirrel is no longer offering matched betting services, we recommend taking a look at our OddsMonkey review.

About Profit Squirrel

Profit Squirrel is part of Profit Squirrel Ltd and was developed in 2015 by founder Chris Haill. Like many other matched betting site founders, Chris developed Profit Squirrel after learning matched betting and becoming a keen matched bettor himself. Profit Squirrel claim to be ‘the best at teaching people how to match bet’ and so focus on their matched betting tutorials and guides.

In this review we’re going to take an in-depth look at Profit Squirrels services, features and tools to see how they stand up against some of the more well-known matched betting sites.


Profit Squirrel Pricing

Profit Squirrel PricingWhen first checking out Profit Squirrel I was suprised at their pricing plans. They currently offer two subscription choices for new customers :

  • £24.99 / month
  • £150.00 / year

I’ve tested most of the other matched betting services currently online and although I understand the value of matched betting and how much money it can make you every month, I couldn’t understand why Profit Squirrel priced their plans so much above their competition. My initial thoughts were that they must be offering something different. Something extra for the money their customers are paying. We’ll take a look at their features and tools later in the review.

Unfortunately Profit Squirrel don’t offer a free trial so to test their services out you will have to sign up for one of their monthly or annual plans. If you choose the annual subscription you will get everything included with the monthly subscription as well as a 30 minute session with a ‘Profit Squirrel Success Coach’. This is a chance to ask any questions you may have about matched betting and the Profit Squirrel website.

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First thoughts on Profit Squirrel

I signed up for the monthly subscription of £24.99 via the button on the homepage and paid via PayPal. First impressions of the site are very good. Their design is clean and professional and their branding is excellent. The bright orange theme may or may not be for you but they have definitely made an effort with the design.

When you first log into your Profit Squirrel account you will be directed to your account page. At first it is unclear of where to go from here but most of the main sections of the site are listed in sidebar on the right and the ‘Tutorials’ page is a good place to start.


Profit Squirrel account page

Profit Squirrel page after log in


I would have liked to have seen a welcome video on this page as it would be a bit confusing for inexperienced matched bettors to know where to start. Some instructions on how to navigate the site when first starting, along with guides on what each tool such as the odds matcher and the calculator do would be a welcome addition.


Profit Squirrel Offer Guides

Profit Squirrel takes a slightly different approach to guiding you through the matched betting process than other matched betting sites. Opening the ‘tutorials’ page displays 3 sections – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Their process is designed to teach you about matched betting while completing offers. Starting with the easy offers all the way through to the more advanced ones. The way their process differs is that there are general matched betting guides between the offers. So rather than providing matched betting information in one section and a list of offers to complete in another, they want you to learn in the process.

profit squirrel offers

Personally, I would prefer to read the guides on how to get started with matched betting first before attempting the offers but this is certainly a unique approach to the teaching process.

Most of the guides in the beginner section contain videos which guide you through each offer. Clicking on the first matched betting offer opens up the Betfred ‘Bet £10 Get £30’ guide which contains a video and an extensive guide. The video for this offer is 23m 54s long which is a long watch. It covers how to use some of the tools such as the odds matcher and the calculator as well as showing you an example of completing the offer. I feel this video should have been split into two or three separate videos as it is a lot of information for a beginner to take in on their first offer.

Moving on down the list you work your way through the matched betting articles and offer guides. Each video seems to get shorter which implies that the user will be getting more comfortable with the offers as they go on. The offer guides are generally well written and are broken down into steps and show you an example bet for the offer.

Unfortunately, the odds matcher and calculator tools are not embedded into the offer guides and so you will have to navigate between tabs when completing an offer.


Profit Squirrel Matched Betting Tools

There are a number of matched betting tools provided by Profit Squirrel, including the common matched betting calculators and odds matcher. Unfortunately, most of the advanced tools they offer are available as spreadsheet downloads only and not integrated into the users account which would be a great addition.


Odds Calculators

profit squirrel calculatorSimple Calculator – Profit Squirrel has two sections for their odds calculators, their ‘simple calculator’ and their ‘advanced calculators’.  The simple calculator is to be used for the majority of sign-up offers and standard free bet offers. It has an advanced function which gives the option to underlay and overlay which can come in handy when there are rollover requirements on the bonus and you would rather win at the exchange to complete the offer rather than at the bookmaker and have to meet the wagering requirements. The calculator is laid out well and is simple to understand.

One improvement to the calculators provided by Profit Squirrel would be to choose the exchange rather than having to manually put in the commission %. Commission percentages can vary depending on where you reside but it would be helpful for beginners to have a default % entered.

Advanced Calculators – There are also a number of advanced calculators available to be used for various betting offers. These are split into 4 categories: Qualifying Bets / Bonus Bets / Free Bets / Special

In total, there are 18 different calculators to use in the advanced section which will cover the majority of offer types. It would be nice to see these calculators merged into one with a drop-down menu or checkboxes for selecting the offer type. However, they have covered most bases and users shouldn’t have a problem finding a calculator for any of the offers listed on the site.


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Odds Matcher

profit squirrel odds matcher

Profit Squirrels odds matcher tool is laid out similar to most other matched betting odds matchers. Events are listed in order of match rating and displays the event time, details, bookmaker, exchange, odds and exchange availability.

Users have the option of filtering matched by sport, bookmaker, market and exchange, as well as the rating, min/max odds, exchange availability and the event time.

Initially, it seemed impressive that there are 87 bookmakers listed in Profit Squirrels odds matcher. However, not all of these bookies are licensed in the UK, which raises questions to the security of the punters’ details & transactions and the integrity of the bookmaker. We would always recommend only registering at UK-licensed bookmakers. A lot of the bookmakers listed do not have welcome offers or on-going reload offers which is another reason to place your bets elsewhere. Ideally, it would be best if Profit Squirrel automatically filtered non-UK-licensed bookmakers out of the odds matcher and gave users the option of including these should they wish to.

There are a good selection of sports included in the odds matcher. Seven in total, which include Football, Horse Racing, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket and Basketball.

Unfortunately, the odds matcher doesn’t update in real time and so the refresh button must be clicked regularly to check if the odds have changed on the bookmaker or the exchange. This is not a huge issue but with other matched betting sites such as MatchedBets having integrated this feature it would be useful if other sites could do the same.


Profit Tracking

profit squirrel profit trackerI mentioned Profit Squirrels profit tracking tool earlier in the review but we’ll take a closer look at it. In order to track your bets and profits in your Profit Squirrel account you have to enter your days profit manually. This is done in the ‘My Stats’ section and clicking on the ‘Add Entry’ button. The results are then shown in graph form for either profit to date, month, week or year. The way profit stats are displayed is very nice and users have the ability to view each entry they’ve made and edit them if necessary. However, with some other matched betting sites keeping track of your bets and profit automatically, it is a bit of a let down to have to add up your days earnings and manually add them.

To keep track of each individual bet you have made and which bookmaker/exchange accounts your funds are in, Profit Squirrel provide two spreadsheets which can be downloaded from the ‘Tools’ section. Again, users must manually input each bet into the spreadsheet and update the second spreadsheet as to where their funds are. In total there are two spreadsheets and one section on the site you must enter details into daily to keep track of everything. This can be very time consuming, especially if you are completing multiple offers each day and we would like to see this system integrated into the site as an automatic procedure.

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profit squirrel profit tracker spreadsheet

Bet Tracking Spreadsheet

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Other Matched Betting Tools

Users also have access to a number of other matched betting tools in spreadsheet form, including :

ACCA Calculator – Allowing users to calculate back and lay odds for accumulators.

Bet365 ITV Horse Racing – A spreadsheet which calculates the odds and stakes specifically for the Bet365 ITV Horse Racing offer which is a very popular matched betting offer which can be completed multiple times a week.

Casino RTP %’s – A list of almost 2000 online slots showing the house edge % and rating them with a score of 1-10. A useful tool when completing casino bonus offers with large wagering requirements.

Multiple Horse Racing Offers Calculator – A calculator to be used for horse racing refund offers.

Spread Betting – A spread betting calculator.

Rule 4 Deductions – Horse Racing – A useful calculator which helps when one or more horses are withdrawn from a race you have already bet on.


Profit Squirrel Customer Support

Users can contact the Profit Squirrel support team via email, live chat, telephone and via the Profit Squirrel forum. At the time of writing this review, we asked a question via email 24 hours ago and we haven’t received a reply yet. However, it does say that emails will be replied to within 48 hours. The live chat assistant I spoke to connected after around 1 minute and was helpful and polite. The fact that they offer phone support is great and will no doubt help beginners get a grasp of matched betting quicker and help their members rectify issues which may require a bit more of an explanation. The on-site forum is laid out simply with 7 categories where members can discuss daily offers and gain help with tutorials. There are a number of posts on the forum although it doesn’t seem overly active with around 4-5 posts being made daily.

[item icon=”fa-check” style=”color:red”]Email ([email protected])[/item]
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[item icon=”fa-check” ]Live Chat[/item]
[item icon=”fa-check” ]Telephone (020 8050 1451 (Mon-Fri 10am-6pm))[/item]

You can also contact Profit Squirrel via post at : Profit Squirrel Ltd, 50 Broadway, Westminster, London, SW1H 0RG


Profit Squirrel Affiliate Program

Profit Squirrel has recently launched their affiliate program which allows affiliates to refer customers to the monthly and annual plans and receive a commission for doing so. Currently, Profit Squirrel offer affiliates £15 per referred customer who sign up to their monthly plan and £40 for referrals to their annual plan. Unfortunately, at this time there is no rev-share option.  offer a refer-a-friend scheme which will earn you cash every time a person you refer joins Profit Squirrel through your link. You will find a unique referral link in ‘My Account > Refer a Friend’. You can post this link on your website or email it to friends and family and if they click on the link and sign up as a member of Profit Squirrel, you will receive £10 cash.

For the members who wish to recommend Profit Squirrel to friends and family, there is also a refer-a-friend scheme which will earn you cash every time a person you refer joins Profit Squirrel through your link. You will find a unique referral link in ‘My Account > Refer a Friend’. You can post this link on your website, social profiles or email it to friends and family and if they click on the link and sign up as a member of Profit Squirrel, you will receive £10 cash.



Profit Squirrel has some positives over some of their competitors, such as offering phone support, which is something not many other matched betting sites offer and may appeal to a lot of beginners. Their tutorials and offer guides are detailed and videos are clear, despite being a bit too long at times. Although Profit Squirrel do offer a lot of tools, they are in the form of spreadsheets and considering their subscription fees are higher than most other matched betting sites, we would like to see these tools integrated into the site and users’ accounts.

Overall, Profit Squirrel is a solid matched betting site. However, there are currently better options out there which are also cheaper in price and provide a more integrated system of matched betting tools.

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