Profit Squad Review

Profit Squad Review

About Profit Squad

Profit Squad was founded in August of 2015 by Ben Perchard and Joe Hawes and is part of the Profit Squad Ltd company. Prior to the development of Profit Squad, the duo were keen matched bettors and took it upon themselves to create a matched betting service that improved on current models out there at the time.  Their aim was to develop a matched betting service which improved on customer support, training and additional matched betting tools. Since going live in December 2015, they have established themselves as a known name in the matched betting world. Today I’ll be signing up to their service and testing the site out for the purpose of this review.


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Profit Squad Pricing

ProfitSquad PriceUnlike the majority of other matched betting sites, Profit Squad do not offer a free trial. Instead they offer full access to their services for a small £1 fee for 14 days. After this, customers accounts auto renew at a cost of £15 a month. There is also the option to manually upgrade to an annual subscription for £99 per year or if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find the option to subscribe quarterly for £35.99. This option seems to be available only once you have initially signed up as a member.

Although £1 is not much considering how much you can make in 14 days with matched betting, some users may find the process of entering their card details off-putting when they simply want to learn more about the process of matched betting and what it is all about. These users may be better off trying a matched betting site which offer a free trial. Free trial offers usually provide users with access to around 3 offers which will turn a profit of £40-£50. This is usually enough for a user to get the hang of things, test the service and see if matched betting is for them. On the other hand, if you already know a bit about matched betting and how it works, Profit Squads £1 offer may be more appealing as you have full access to all of their offers and tools and you could potentially make a lot more than £40-£50 in the 14 day period.

To see how Profit Squads pricing compares to other matched betting services check out our compare tool.

First thoughts on Profit Squad

To provide a full review of Profit Squad, I signed up for the £1 / 14 day offer. After a quick click on the homepage button, payment was made via PayPal and I had instant access to the site. PayPal is currently the only way to pay for your membership with Profit Squad, although you do not need a registered PayPal account to pay via this method.

The first page I was directed to after payment was complete was the members page. This page displays 4 steps with a welcome video embedded at the top.


ProfitSquad Welcome Page

The Profit Squad welcome page


Step 1 : Matched Betting Tutorial

This step takes you to another page where Profit Squad guide you through opening up a Betfair Exchange account and provide instructions on how to complete your first 3 bookmaker offers. This step is basically what you get with free trial accounts at other matched betting sites. The 3 beginner offers Profit Squad recommends are Coral, William Hill and Betfred. By completing these 3 offers, Profit Squad estimates you will make around £40 profit.

Step 2 : Start Making Money

Once you have completed the 3 sign up offers in step 1, you should understand the basics of matched betting. Step 2 advises you to complete the other sports betting sign up offers Profit Squad provide, as well as the casino and bingo offers. More about these later in the review.

Step 3 : Reload / Existing customer offers

Sign up offers can only be claimed once per customer and so after you have completed all of the offers, in order to make a profit with matched betting on a consistent basis, you need to take advantage of reload offers offered by betting sites to their existing customers. Profit Squad list their reload offers in a calendar form which displays reload offers for each day. Again, we’ll take a look at this a bit more closely later in the review.

Step 4 : Multi Accounting

This seems like a strange point to raise on the welcome page after signing up. The following statement is taken from the Profit Squad website :

As you can make up to £2,000/month from 1 account, you may consider operating “multiple accounts” with the help of friends/family.

To be fair, they do have a word of warning about doing multi-accounting and have a page which explains the risks and what to do to ‘stay under the radar’. However, I feel that this is not a point to put in front of users who are just starting out with matched betting as it is very risky and if you’re not careful you can see your bookmaker accounts closed before you have really got going. This is maybe something they should think about moving to the advanced section or discuss it in a forum thread.


Profit Squad Offer Guides

Profit Squad aims to make matched betting easy for beginners and so their offer guides need to be detailed but also easy to follow. All of the 3 offers Profit Squad recommend you complete first have a video walkthrough as well as text guides. The videos are constructed very well and the narrator comes across very clear and the instructions are easy to follow. Throughout the videos they complete the offer as a user would and so they are perfect for beginners who haven’t used Profit Squads oddsmatcher or calculator tools before. The text guides however could do with some improving. The text on the page is very small in parts and the free bet details could do with being moved to the top of the page before the offer instructions so that the user knows all the details before starting the betting process. I feel the layout of the offer guides let Profit Squad down a little and there is definite room for improvement in this area.

The sports offers section is split into 3 sections. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In total, there are currently 50 sports sign up offers listed on Profit Squad. 12 of which have video guides which are mainly for offers in the beginners section. Once you have completed a handful of offers you probably won’t need the assistance of videos and so I wouldn’t class this as an issue.


Click here to sign up to Profit Squad for ONLY £1 !


Profit Squad Matched Betting Tools


The calendar is where Profit Squad list their daily reload offers for existing customers. Having the offers listed as a calendar helps users work their way through the offers for the day and keeps things organised. At the top of the list of offers for each day Profit Squad list the total +EV and guaranteed profit should you complete all of the offers. Again, this is a nice touch as it gives users a clear understanding of how much they can profit each day.

Clicking on an offer takes you to the instructions on how to complete it. Users also have the option to discuss the offer on the forum. A new thread is created each day for members to discuss the daily offers and ask any questions they may have.


profitsquad calendar

Profit Squad daily offer calendar


You’ll be using the oddsmatcher for the majority of your matched betting offers to find good matches and so it is important that you use one that makes the process as simple as possible and with good results.

profitsquad oddsmatcher

Profit Squads Oddsmatcher Tool

On first glance, the Profit Squad oddsmatcher has everything you need to find a good match quickly. Events are automatically listed by rank, which is a score given by how good a match the bet is. Users can filter the events by bookmaker, exchange, min/max odds as well as the time of event, the market and if they wish to include ‘Arbs’ in the results. Arbs are matches which will provide a profit by simply backing on the bookmaker and laying on the exchange without the need for any bonus offer or free bet. Arbs are not usually recommended when matched betting as they are considered a ‘red flag’ signal to the bookies that you may be matched betting.

Clicking on the title of an event opens a new window and takes you to the event page on the associated betting exchange. This is a good feature which saves time searching for the event manually and could be improved further if there was a button to take you to the event on the bookmaker site also.

Unfortunately the oddmatcher doesn’t auto-refresh, meaning users have to manually click the refresh button in order to check the odds haven’t changed at the bookmaker or on the exchange. It’s not a huge problem but it can be frustrating and time consuming if odds are changing quickly and you are taking your time choosing a match. With other matched betting services, such as MatchedBets, providing auto-updating odds in their feed, it is something Profit Squad could improve on.

I’d also like to see more matches displayed on one page. Currently the oddsmatcher only displays 12 matches and the user has to click onto the next page to see the results after these. Refreshing the odds takes you back to page one and so it isn’t ideal when you choose a match not on the first page and the odds are changing frequently.



There are two ways to access Profit Squads calculator. The first is to click on ‘Tools’ in the nav bar and then select ‘Calculators’ in the drop down menu which opens the calculator in a new window. The other way is to view the calculator embedded into the oddsmatcher. This is a nice touch as it saves time and eliminates the need to have multiple tabs open in your browser.
ProfitSquad calculator

Profit Squads Calculator


Although the calculator does it’s job for the majority of bet offers you are likely to take advantage of when a beginner at matched betting, it unfortunately lacks features for slightly more advanced betting offers. The only options available on the calculator are ‘Stake Returned’ and ‘Stake Not Returned’. These options are used when placing either your qualifying bet where your stake is returned or your free bet where it is not. As mentioned, this will be perfectly fine for most sign up offers but some profitable reload offers have terms which require calculations which Profit Squads calculator is not capable of. An example of this is Bet365’s ‘Channel 4/1 offer’. There are various strategies to make a profit from this offer and using a matched betting calculator with additional built-in features makes the process a lot easier.


Profit Tracker

Profit Squad provides a tool for users to track profits and completed offers. When an offer is completed you can click the button to mark it as ‘complete’. This then takes you to the profit tracking page where you manually enter your profit for that offer. The results are then shown in graph form for each month. The graph is a nice way to monitor your matched betting process although it only tracks profit from reload offers and not sign up offers. However, your total profit, including profit made from sign up offers, is displayed above the graph.

Profit tracking is something all matched betting sites should have as the days of keeping spreadsheets to track profits is, or should be, long gone. Although Profit Squad do provide profit tracking, I feel some other matched betting sites do it better. With Profit Squad you can edit your profits if you enter the wrong amount. However, it doesn’t track bet details such as the event or whether you won on the bookmaker or the exchange. I do like the addition of the ‘potential profits’ in the graph which shows how much you could make if you completed all of the offers listed in the daily calendar. This feature will give users proof that a consistent profit can be made from matched betting every month even when all sign up offers have been completed.


profitsquad profit tracking

Profit Squads profit tracking tool



Profit Squad Support

Profit Squad currently offer support to their members via email ([email protected]), on-site forum and their private Facebook group. Unfortunately Profit Squad don’t offer live support at this time. I sent an email to their support team and it was replied to after 20 minutes with a polite and informative reply from Joe, so no complaints there. The forum is laid out simply but effectively with 3 main sections  for support, offers and off-topic discussions. Post counts seem relatively frequent with members sharing offers that aren’t posted on the site, offering support and discussing current offers. The private Facebook group was mentioned in the welcome video although there seems to be no reference to it throughout the site and on further inspection it seems they have disabled the group and moved the community to their on-site forum.

  • Live Chat
  • Telephone
  • Facebook


Profit Squad Affiliate Program

For those looking to make a little extra on top of their matched betting profits, there is the option of joining the Profit Squad affiliate program. Their affiliate program works by giving you commission for referring customers to Profit Squad. For each premium customer you refer you will receive 40% of their subscription fee (after VAT). Comparing this to other matched betting affiliate programs, 40% is slightly on the low side. Profit Squad state that most customers opt for the £1 subscription for 14 days and that 50% of these renew. They also claim that 30% of their customers are on £99 annual plans which would equate to around £33 in commission for each referred annual member. From an affiliates point of view, Profit Squad may convert well initially as they ask for payment before giving any access to the site. However, there are matched betting sites that do offer higher commission percentages which should see a better return such as MatchedBets or OddsMonkey who both offer 50% commission.

You can sign up to the Profit Squad Affiliate Program by clicking here.



Profit Squad certainly doesn’t fail as a matched betting site. They offer a range of features and tools and offer very fair subscription fees for their 14 day, monthly, quarterly and annual packages. Their active forum is great for users to ask questions and feel part of the Profit Squad community and we have no complaints about their email support. However, there are improvements that could be made throughout the site. A little more attention to detail on the design and offer guides along with some tweaks to their tools would go a long way. I feel that currently there are matched betting sites that offer that little bit more than Profit Squad for a similar price. However, if you wish to give them a go, click on the button below to take advantage of their £1 / 14 day full access offer.


Click here to sign up to Profit Squad for ONLY £1 !


Profit Squad Ratings

16.5out of 5
Features & Tools
15out of 5
14out of 5
Customer Support
16.5out of 5


No free trial offered but a good introductory price of only £1 for full site access. Some improvements could be made to the design and the offer guides.


3.93 out of 5

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