trademate sports review

If you've gambled for many years, you'll understand that it's not easy to make a profit in the long term. Whether you're good at picking winners or not, the odds you get from bookmakers are generally below the market value meaning that they have the edge and will come out on top over time. However, this isn't always the case. Not all bookmakers offer the same odds and occassionally, they over price their markets. When this happens, these are called Value Bets.

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Unlike matched betting where you can lock in a profit from free bets, value betting doesn't require any betting offers. It simply requires you to place a bet. If the odds for these bets are greater than the probability of the outcome occuring, then you will make a profit over time.

Value betting isn't risk-free as you won't make a profit with every bet you place but as they have value, you will be up over time.

Before we get into how Trademate Sports can help you with value betting, let's take a look at an example of a value bet.

value bet example

Let's say that you were betting on the toss of a coin for which there are two outcomes. 

  1. Heads
  2. Tails

There is an equal chance of both outcomes occuring. Therefore the odds for each outcome should be evens (1/1 or 2.0).

If a bookmaker was offering odds on the toss of a toin, they may offer odds of just below evens to ensure they have the edge. It's likely that they would offer punters odds of around 1.95 or so.

This means that if you were to place this bet an infinite number of times, you would lose 5% of your bank. For example, if you bet £100, on average, you'd lose £5.

However, if you came across a bookmaker which was offering odds of 2.10 on heads, these odds are greater than the actual probability of the coin landing on heads. 

This is a Value Bet

If you placed an infinite number of bets on heads at odds of 2.1, you would make 10% profit on average over time.

Of course, we're not going to be betting on heads or tails but this can also be applied to sports betting. For example, if the true odds for Man Utd to beat Liverpool were 2.0 and a bookie was offering odds of 2.1, this again is a value bet.

Ok, so now we know what value bets are, let's take a look at Trademate Sports and what they do.

what is trademate sports?

Put simply, Trademate Sports finds value bets, shows them to you and advises you how much to stake on them. The find value bets by determining the true odds of a bet and comparing those odds with the odds offering by online bookmakers. If a bookmaker is offering odds higher that the true odds, this is flagged as a value bet and added to your Tradefeed in your account.

Trademate Sports compares the true odds for tens of thousands of bets against the odds offered by almost 70 different online bookies and betting exchanges. With the Pro version, Asian bookmakers SBOBET, BET-IBC and BETISN. If you're wondering what sports Trademate Sports finds value bets for, they are:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Handball
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • ESports

Below is a short video explaining how Trademate Sports works.

the history trademate sports

Trademate Sports was initially started back in 2014 by childhood friends Jonas and Martin. At the time, Martin was at university in Norway studying Cybernetics Engineering and Jonas had been earning a living from professional sports betting and playing poker.

Martin had the original idea of automating the process for finding edges in bets and went on to develop the first version of Trademate which was initially named 'Edgebet'.

Two new members, Tobias and Marius, were recruited and added to the team and a couple years later in 2016 after some tweaks and improvements, the products oddsengine was rebuilt and a host of new features added to complete the creation of the Trademate Sports service it is today.

The service as well as the team have expanded since officially launching in 2016 with Martin, Henrik, Gudmundar and William all joining the company.

You can read more about each member of the Trademate Sports team on their 'About Us' page.

Below is a short video about Jonas, who was one on the founders of Trademate Sports. He explains how he was able to turn $10,000 into $1 million being a professional sports bettor.

how much money can you make with trademate sports?

The question everyone wants the answer to is 'How much money can you make using Trademate Sports?'. Well, this really depends on a lot of factors. 

Firstly, it depends on how many trades you make. If you place more value bets, then you are getting more value and theoretically, you will make more profit. It's important to mention again that placing value bets does not guarantee a profit. You will go through losing streaks, some of which may be very long. However, as you have the edge on your bets, over time, you should end up in profit. It's a bit like how a casino makes money. There is nothing stopping you walking into a casino, placing £100 on black and walking out with £200, leaving the casino £100 down. However, if you placed this bet an infinite number of times, the casino would be up as they have the edge and eventually, the law of averages plays out.

Another factor is the level of edge you have on your bets. These are displayed in percentage form on the tradefeed in the members area of Trademate Sports. For example, if a value bet has an edge of 5%, this means that on average, you would make £5 profit for every £100 you staked on it. Again, this is if you placed the bet an infinite number of times. Sometimes you will win, sometimes you will lose but if the edge % is correct, you will make a 5% profit over time.

The homepage of the Trademate Sports website states that the average ROI on a trade is 2.5% which is relatively good, especially if you have a large enough bank to place a good number of trades each day. When logging into our account and opening the tradefeed section, we found many trades with an 8%+ edge.

In one of their blog posts on their website, they claim to have made a 95% ROI in 9 months. They also provide a formula to calculate 'Expected Theoretical Earnings Based On Your Edge'.

They say, to calculate your theoretical earning, you can use the following formula:

( Starting Bankroll * Avg. ROI per trade ^ number of times the bankroll is turned over)

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a look inside trademate sports

When logging into your Trademate Sports account, you are presented with the dashboard. The interface is attractive well laid out and relatively user-friendly.

trademate sports members

The main area where you will want to visit is the 'Trades Feed' which can be accessed by clicking on the Heart icon.

trademate sports value bets

The Trades Feed displays all of the value bets which Trademate Sports has found. The feed displays the event, the bookmaker, the recommended stake, the edge (%) and liquidity.

You're able to filter the results of the value bets feed and exclude certain bookmakers, exclude certain sports, set the min & max odds for the recommended value bets and much more.

Other sections in the members area include:

My Trades: You can view past trades and whether they won or lost.

Game Center: A list of current and upcoming sporting events with live scores. Clicking on an event also displays additional stats such as shots on target, number of corners, cards etc.

Analytics/Data Tools: There are various analytical tools and statistics to analyse your trades and performace such as comparing your actual profit to the value of the bets which you have placed.

trademate sports cost & membership plans

Trademate Sports offers three different membership plans depending on the level of service and features you require.

Trademate Core

This is the entry-level membership and aimed at those who wish to generate a secondary income through sports trading.

With Trademate Core, members get:

  • Odds from 75+ bookmakers
  • A Tool for Bankroll Building
  • Customer Support

PRICE: €120 / MONTH OR €300 / 3 MONTHS


Trademate pro

Trademate Pro is aimed at professional sports bettors for those wishing to achieve that status.

With Trademate Pro, members get:

  • Odds from 75+ bookmakers + Asian Bookmakers & Betting Exchanges. The benefit of using Asian bookmakers is that you are less likely to get stake limited as is what can happen with UK bookmakers.
  • Constructive Analytics Tool
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access to the community

PRICE: €400 / MONTH OR €1000 / 3 MONTHS

Recommended starting bankroll: €20,000

Trademate nordics

Trademate Nordics is aimed at beginners who only want to use Scandinavian national bookmakers.

With Trademate Nordics, members get:

  • Odds from 3 Scandinavian bookmakers: Svenska Spel, Danske Spill & Norsk Tipping
  • A Tool for Bankroll Building
  • Customer Support

PRICE: €30 / MONTH OR €75 / 3 MONTHS

Recommended starting bankroll: €1,000

Trademate FREE TRIAL
If you'd prefer to try Trademate Sports before commiting to a paid membership, there is a 7-day free trial available. This is a great chance to test the service and determine how much money you can realistically make based on your bankroll and preferences. 

If you do not wish to continue your membership after the 7 days, you must cancel before your membership renews onto a paid plan.


IS trademate sports WORTH IT?

So, is Trademate Sports really worth the money?

It can be if you are willing to put the time in. As mentioned earlier, the amount of profit you will make in the long term will depend on the number of trades you make. The more vale bets you place, the more value you are getting on your bets which will be reflected in your overall profit in time.

As a service, Trademate Sports does what it sets out to do. It provides users with Value Bets. If this is what you are looking for then we fully recommend taking them up on the 7 day free trial offer to test their service out.

are there any downsides to trademate sports?

The main disadvantage of using Trademate Sports, and any other value betting service for that matter, is that you are likely to eventually have your bookmaker accounts restricted. Trademate Sports state that there is a chance of this and advise you to use the Asian bookies which do not limit customers. However, these bookmakers are only available on the Pro plan which comes at an additional cost compared to the Core plan.

One option is to only place the value bets which Trademate Sports finds with bookmaker accounts which aren't much use to you. If you use a bookie for regular betting offers etc then it wouldn'be be wise to place value bets with them.

Eventually, the bookmaker will notice that you are placing a number of value bets and when you reguarly take enough value away from the bookie, they will restrict your account. This usually results in you only being able to place bets at very low stakes which makes profiting from value betting almost improssible.


As a value betting service, Trademate Sports does what it has set out to. There is a good number of value bets available throughout any day and the edge on these bets is impressive.

The cost of the service is relatively high but if you do commit to making money from the service then you should be able to make a lot more than the membership fee over time.

The downside is that you may get stake restricted on some of your UK accounts and so using selected Asian bookies is then an option with Trademate Pro.

Overall, we recommend Trademate Sports for anyone looking for a quality value betting service and advise anyone who is considering getting into value betting to sign up for the 7 day free trial on offer.

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