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Not long ago, we reviewed RebelBetting which is another arbitrage tool that helps users find arbing opportunities across a number of different bookmakers and sports markets. Today, we take a look at one of their competitors in the field, Betslayer, and find out how it compares and if it's worth the cost for someone looking to get into arbitrage betting.

what is Arbitrage betting?

If you've done matched betting before, it's likely you've heard about arbitrage betting, or 'arbing' as it's also known. However, matched bettors are usually advised to avoid arbs to 'stay under the radar' of the bookies which is a valid point. Nevertheless, arbing provides an additional way to make money and many generate significant profits by capitalising on arbitrage opportunities which arise. These opportunities can be found by using tools such as Betslayer and RebelBetting.

Arbitrage betting works by finding markets where the back odds are higher than the lay odds. By doing so you are able to lock in a profit by simply backing and laying the selection.It can also work without the need for betting exchanges. When arbing opportunities arise away from betting exchanges, you can lock in a profit by covering all outcomes of an event across multiple bookmakers.

Lets take a look at a couple of examples

Arbing using a betting exchange

Lets say that William Hill were offering odds of 3.0 on France to win the World Cup and Betfair Exchange had lay odds of 2.5 for the same bet.

Putting these odds into a calculator shows that, with a £100 stake, we can lock in a profit of over £16 whether France wins or not.


Arbing using only bookmakers

The method above is what you may be most familiar with if you are into matched betting. However, it's also possible to lock in profits from arbitrage betting without the need of betting exchange, using only bookmakers.

For example, if Manchester United were playing Arsenal and Ladbrokes were offering odds of 2.20 on Man Utd to win and Coral were offering odds of 2.10 on Arsenal to win or draw (double chance), then it would be arbing opportunity.

If you were to place £100 on each of these bets you would have bet a total of £200. However, if Man Utd win, you'd get back £220 from Ladbrokes and if they lose or draw you'd get back £210 from Coral. Making a profit whatever the outcome.

These are the types of arbing opportunities tools like Betslayer find.

betslayer review

So now that we know what arbitrage betting is, lets take a look at the tool that helps you to do it.

Betslayer was developed by a guy called Max. On the 'About' page on the Betslayer website, Max describes his journey from creating Betslayer to offering it as a product to the public.

Arbitrage betting was around before Max developed Betslayer and it was in 2014, after Max graduated from Cardiff University, that he was introduced to the concept of arbing and making money by covering all outcomes on sporting events.

After a couple of years of arbing himself and making a good profit, Max used the knowledge he had built up and developed 'The Betslayer'.

Max, along with a friend, soon decided they should drop the 'The' from the brand and the 'Betslayer' product was born and opened up to the public. Betslayer quickly gained interest from people wanting to lock in profits from sporting events and Max set a target to hep 100,000 people make £10,000,000 from arbitrage betting by the year 2020.

By 2017, Betslayer had developed into a community of arbitrage bettors of varying experience, ranging from complete beginners to professionals.


Try Betslayer Today for free

Visit Betslayer to get 7-days completely free. No credit card or payment details are required. Simply click on the button below to visit, enter your email and get instant access!

A look Inside betslayer

Accessing Betslayer couldn't be simpler. There is no software to download and to gain access, simply visit and log into your account.

Once logged in, you'll land on the Betslayer Dashboard. This is where you'll see all of the arbs that are currently available. Each available arb displays the sport, time & date of the event, the profit you can lock in from a £100 combined stake and the market, eg. 3-Way, Over/Under goals, Both Teams to Score etc.

Users can filter the results to show arbitrage opportunities from specific bookmakers, sports, markets and profit. This can come in extremely useful if you have bookmaker accounts which are stake restricted and therefore unusable for arbing. It's also useful when you want to filter out low-value arbs and only take advantage of arbs that will return a greater % based on your stake.

betslayer arbs

The Betslayer Dashboard

The screenshot above shows an arb opportunity for the Brentford vs Rotherham match. Using a £100 combined stake, you can make a profit of £3.33 no matter what the outcome of the game is. This example uses 3 different bookmakers to cover the home win, away win and the draw. 

£3.33 may not seem like much but with these opportunities available all day every day across a number of different bookmakers and markets, it's easy to see how your profits can stack up and return a good income.

Finding arbs and knowing how to place them in order to make a profit is made very simple with Betslayer. After clicking on an available arb, the bet stake for each individual bet is displayed based on your total stake, which you can edit. There are links to the bookmaker markets next to each bet, making it simple to navigate to the markets and it's a simple case of placing the bets at the stakes BetSlayer displays in order to make a profit.

A nice feature BetSlayer provides is the option to add a bet to your betslip. This allows users to click on a bet in an available arb and it will navigate to the associated bookmaker and automatically add that selection to your betslip. As many arbs are short-lived as odds change fast, this is a useful feature to help you place arbs quicker and therefore take advantage of more arbitrage opportunities to increase your profits.

Betslayer Profit Tracking

All your profits can be tracked via the in-built profit tracking feature. After finding an arb and placing the required bets, simply click on the 'Add to Profit Tracker' button and Betslayer will save the arb to your account. Once the event has ended, you can mark the result of the bet and Betslayer will update your profit total. This is a great way to keep track of how much you are making using the tool and should provide confidence and motivation in the long run.

Betslayer advantages

There are plenty of advantages of using arbitrage betting software such as Betslayer compared to other services or finding arbs manually.

  • The number of arbs - There are numerous profitable arbs found by Betslayer consistently. Log in at any point of the day and you'll find money-making opportunities. The Gold package should be sufficient for most with displaying 95% of available arbs whereas the Platinum package displays all arbs for a slightly higher cost.
  • Easy to use - Betslayer is only of the easier arbitrage tools to use which can be extremely helpful for users just getting into arbitrage betting. The site is easy to navigate and Betslayer makes it easy to place arbs at the correct stakes and keep track of your profits as you do so.
  • Free Trial - Not all arbitrage tools provide free trials and so this is a nice feature to see what Betslayer has to offer before commuting to a paid plan. We would however like to see more features available in the free trial which would no-doubt encourage more users to sign up.
  • Profit Tracking - The profit tracking feature on Betslayer is a nice addition. A lot of arbing opportunities don't return huge profits but being able to view your profit over days/weeks/months allows you to see the long-term potential of arbing and gives motivation to keep going.
  • No Download - There is no software to download with Betslayer and everything is available by simply logging into the Betslayer website. This means that you can access your account and arbs at any time, from any device from anywhere.
  • Value - Betslayer is slightly cheaper than some competitors and provides a very good service. Betslayer provides a good option for people looking to get into arbitrage betting but are put off by the high subscription costs of some services.

Betslayer cost

There are a few different subscription options for Betslayer members which vary in price. Choosing which subscription to purchase really depends on how you will using the tool and what your current bank is for arbing.

Free Trial - All users can get a 7-day free trial to Betslayer. No credit card or payment details are required. Just enter your email and you'll get instant access for 7 days. There are limited features as you would expect and you won't be able to view the full range of arbs. However, the free trial will give you a look into how Betslayer works and help you get to grips with navigating around the site before you purchase one of the paid-for packages.

Platinum (£29) - This is the premium package and aimed at users who wish to take full advantage of what Betslayer offer. You'll get arbs up to 20% profit, you can filter via bookie accounts, one-click add to selections to bet slip, access to the Betslayer forum and the profit tracker and experience the odds updating in real time.

Annual (£149/yr) - If you want to commit to Betslayer than the annual membership gives you everything that the Platinum package does except you will save £199 per year. That's a generous 67% discount!

14-day Money Back Guarantee

Betslayer have recently introduced a 14-day money back guarantee which will give new members the chance to experience the platinum package without commitment.


We were impressed by Betslayer as a tool to help you lock in a profit from arbitrage opportunities. The site is extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate so beginners should have no trouble finding their way around. There are a very good number of arbs for Gold & Platinum users but the silver package doesn't provide much benefit in our opinion. If you are considering purchasing Betslayer, we'd advise you to go with one of the higher options and the additional cost is minimal compared to the potential additional profit you can make from the extra features and arbs.

Overall, Betslayer is great value and is a tool that can help you increase your profits from arbitrage betting. If you'd like to ead more about Betslayer or try their 7-day free trial, click on the button below.


Try Betslayer Today for free

Visit Betslayer to get 7-days completely free. No credit card or payment details are required. Simply click on the button below to visit, enter your email and get instant access!

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