Betting Mastermind Review

betting mastermind review


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Being a previous customer of various Mike Cruickshank products such as ‘Bonus Bagging’ and ‘Profit Maximiser’, I received an email from the man himself offering me his ultimate product – ‘Betting Mastermind’. You may have seen this product being mentioned around the internet or within the communities of Mikes other products such as Profit Maximiser.

So what is Betting Mastermind and is it any good?

More importantly, is it worth the £688 + VAT price tag that Mike has boldly put on his latest product?

Even for someone who is not short of a few pounds, £688 is quite a hefty amount to dish out on a matched betting service when there are monthly subscriptions available on MatchedBets & OddsMonkey for sub-£15 a month.

So what do you get for all this money and will you make more purchasing Mikes Betting Mastermind than being a monthly subscriber of one of the top matched betting sites? Let’s take a look…


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What is Betting Mastermind?

Betting Mastermind isn’t a new product by Mike Cruickshank. It is a lifetime subscription to ALL his products in one bundle.
Mike has been developing matched betting products since he launched Bonus Bagging back in 2010 and has had a number of successful tools that have helped him gain a large and loyal following.


What is included in Betting Mastermind?


1. Bonus Bagging

Mikes original matched betting product. Bonus Bagging was first launched in 2010 and was a big success. Some may find Bonus Bagging slightly dated now compared to other matched betting sites but don’t worry if you do as there is a lot more included. Also, if you are considering purchasing Betting Mastermind then it is likely you have done some matched betting before and so Bonus Bagging may not provide a lot of benefit to you. That being said, Bonus Bagging DOES WORK and you should be able to return a very good profit of around £1,000 if you haven’t done matched betting before.


2. Profit Maximiser

Bonus Baggings big brother. Profit Maximiser is Mikes most successful product and one that thousands of matched bettors have profited from since its launch in 2013. Profit Maximiser helps you make a profit matched betting by displaying the latest profitable offers and promotions from bookmakers. There’s also an excellent community of matched bettors in Profit Maximisers private Facebook group that are a great help when you have a question. Mike claims that Profit Maximiser customers are also the first to come across loopholes in betting offers that have seen his customers earn very high profits from exploiting over the years.


3. Odds Matching Software

You get a standard odds matcher with any matched betting product but Mike offers an enhanced version which usually costs an additional £98.97 + VAT per year. For this, you get an odds matcher which updates in real-time and so users see the latest odds without having to click the refresh button. A great feature but quite pricey in my opinion since MatchedBets offer this feature as standard to their customers in all their subscription packages. Even their free trial! However, the enhanced odds matcher is included in the Betting Mastermind package and is a great addition to any matched bettors toolset.


4. Each Way Sniper

This tool displays value each way bets on horse racing and allows you to lock in a profit regardless of the result. Does it work? Yes! The number of each way snipes the software finds each day varies but this tool can certainly add to your daily profits.


5. Accumulator Generator

I reviewed Mikes ACCA tool ‘Accumulator Generator‘ a couple of months back and scored it very highly. I liked its simplicity and how easy it was to find and create profitable accumulators. There are numerous bookies which offer accumulator refunds if one leg lets you down and by using Accumulator Generator you can make a guaranteed profit on every single one. Accumulator refunds are very profitable in matched betting and this tool makes making a profit from them a breeze.


6. EV Maximiser

Usually costing a one-time payment of £49.99 + VAT, EV Maximiser is an advanced calculator for working out the EV (Expected Value) of casino bonuses. Mike has added quite a few advanced features into this calculator to determine the ‘true EV’ of any casino bonus and it basically throws the usually EV calculation of :

Estimated value = Bonus Amount – ((Required Wagering Amount ÷ 100) x House Edge)

out of the window. Casino bonuses can see huge returns but they’re not without risk. What EV Maximiser does is give you a more accurate estimated value of each casino bonus offer so that you can make a more informed choice on which offers to participate in.

For example, instead of just factoring in the values of the house edge, bonus amount and wagering requirement as in the equation above, it also takes in to account bet size, the variance of the slot and the bust rate.

If you’re an avid casino bonus hunter then this tool will be useful to you and could increase your profits over time. If not, then it may only come in handy for the odd offer which may catch your eye.


7. Betfair Sniper

This is a betting method to be used on Betfair that Mike has developed from months of studying patterns in horse racing odds on Betfair. We haven’t tested this product yet but we’ll update this review when we do in the coming weeks. However, reviews from users have been very positive so far.


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8. Betfair Renegade

Similar to Betfair Sniper, Betfair Renegade works solely on Betfair and doesn’t require you to have accounts at bookmakers. This may make this product more appealing to people who have gubbed accounts and are looking for ways to profit from betting exchanges.

Betfair Renegade works by finding value bets that the software thinks are overpriced on Betfair. Again, we haven’t tested this product out but do understand the logic behind it. The Bookie Blowout product below is a safer version of Betfair Renegade. Basically, the software finds differences in prices on Betfair and what it thinks the ‘true odds’ should be. How it determines the ‘true odds’, we’re not too sure of at this point, but when we test the system, we’ll find out.

There’s no laying involved with Betfair Renegade. You simply place bets on events the software believes to be overpriced. Over time, if the odds are overpriced, then you should make a profit.


9. Bookie Blowout

As a Bookie Blowout customer, you’ll receive up to 5 emails each day with horse racing picks. These are picked by Mike which he believes the bookies have overpriced. You then lay these picks later in the day when the odds have hopefully shortened. Therefore making a guaranteed profit.

Similar to some of the products above, you are putting faith in Mike Cruickshank to deliver on these products but we have seen great success with similar products in the past and if Mike Cruickshank’s reputation is anything to go by, I’m sure this product will pay off for users.


10. Betfair 1% Club

The idea behind the Betfair 1% Club is to make a profit trading on football matches before they have kicked off. You’ll need a good-sized bankroll to make the ‘up to £40 profit per game’ that is advised and again it’s not guaranteed. However, if you have some experience with pre-game trading or are interested in starting, it may be worth taking a look at. We’ll be testing Betfair 1% in the coming weeks.


11. Project Prosperity Training System

This is a training guide which helps you get organised and profit from the 10 products above on a regular basis.
Mike says that this system will show users how to bank £20,000 profit and then use that profit to withdraw an additional £3,500 every month using his products and systems.

Being organised is an essential part of generating this much profit. You need to know where your profit is coming from and which systems are bringing in the most money. Mike understands this and it’s the reason he included the training system.


Is Betting Mastermind worth the cost?

If you want access to all of Mike Cruickshank’s products it comes at a cost of £97 + VAT followed by 3 payments of £197 + VAT. However, if you were to purchase all of his products separately it would set you back £1,127. Giving you a bulk saving of £203.86 by purchasing Betting Mastermind.

It’s also important to remember that the cost of Betting Mastermind is for a LIFETIME subscription and so you don’t have the cost of £600+ each year in renewal fees should you purchase the products individually.

It may seem like a lot of money to part with in one go. It is! But Mike Cruickshank has earned his reputation in this industry by developing products that work. He has many happy customers who do make thousands of pounds every month using his services and they certainly don’t have a problem with his prices.

If you’ve tried any of Mike Cruickshanks earlier products and liked them then you may want to consider this package. It’s certainly one for the slightly more advanced matched bettor but nothing that someone with a regular amount of bookmaker & exchange experience couldn’t get their head around.

If you’re serious about matched betting and are considering purchasing the full Betting Mastermind package from Mike Cruickshank you can visit his page using the button below.

With these tools and some dedication, you could be bringing in an additional £3,500 a month, tax-free!


Click here to get Betting Mastermind today!


Already purchased Betting Mastermind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


We've been able to secure a HUGE 74% discount to Betting Mastermind if you click on the button below.

Get FULL access to Betting Mastermind today for 1 year for only £180 + VAT!

Hurry, this offer is due to expire soon!

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