arbing (arbitrage betting)

Arbing, or 'arbitrage betting', is when you place bets on all outcomes of an event to guarantee a profit.

Profitable arbing opportunities usually arise when there are discrepancies between odds. For example, when the back odds at a bookmaker are greater than the lay odds on a betting exchange.

When the odds on all outcomes are favourable and the correct stakes are used, it's possible to lock in a profit whatever the result.


Roger federer

andy murray


bet365 odds




ladbrokes odds




As you can see, there is no value in the odds from each individual bookmakers. However, if we take the highest odds for each player to win across both bookmakers, we're able to create an arb.

Roger federer

andy murray


best odds




By doing this, we have a 5.53% profit margin which means we can make £5.53 for every £100 staked.

Betting £66 on Federer to win with Ladbrokes returns £105.60

Betting £34 on Murray to win with Bet365 returns £105.40

Our total stakes are £100 and so we will make around £5.50 profit regardless of the outcom.

arbing software

Finding profitable arbs can be extremely difficult if done manually. Opportunities usually come and go very quickly and so it's vital that you're aware of them as soon as they become available and know what the correct stakes should be as well as the profit you will make.

Thankfully, there is a lot of good arbing software available which does all of the hard work for you and can help you generate a profit on a daily basis.

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