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In this review, we'll be taking a look at BetBurger which is an arbitrage betting service which claims to have more than 75,000 users. 

First of all, let's take a look at what arbitrage betting actually is.


Join 75,000 other users at BetBurger and start locking in profits from pre-match and in-play arbs.

arbitrage betting

Arbitrage betting is when you cover all outcomes of an event so that you return a profit no matter what the result is. You won't be able to make a profit on every single event or market out there as bookmakers calculate their odds to avoid this from being possible. However, on occasion, favourable odds offered by various bookmakers on different outcomes in an event make this possible.

Let's take a look at an example.

In a football match, there are three possible outcomes. 

  • A win for the home team
  • A win for the away team
  • The match ending in a draw

If we were to place a bet on these three outcomes with one bookmaker, we would make a loss due to the overround. Overround involves bookmakers pricing markets in their favour so that they make a profit if all outcomes were equal.

However, most bookmakers use different odds and update them at different times. If we're able to take advantage of these opportunities, we're able to place our bets on the various outcomes at favourable odds and make a profit.


West Ham are playing Chelsea and we've used the BetBurger software to find the best odds for the home win, away win and draw across 100+ bookmakers. 

  • Bookmaker 1 are offering odds of 2.0 on Chelsea to win
  • Bookmaker 2 are offering odds of 7.0 on West Ham to win
  • Bookmaker 3 are offering odds of 3.0 on the draw

BetBurger shows us whether these set of odds can return a profit and how much to stake on each outcome in order to do so.

Chels​​​​ea Win


Ideal Stake





West Ham Win


Ideal Stake







Ideal Stake





Total Stake

Total Profit




+ £1.22

As you can see from the example above, using odds from different bookmakers for the three possible outcomes, we're able to return a £1.22 profit, using a total stake of £50, regardless of the result.


So, now that we know how arbitrage betting works, how does BetBurger help us?

BetBurger was founded in 2014 and owned by Aspra Limited who are based in Malta. According to their website, they have attracted over 75,000 users to date.

Essentially, BetBurger helps you find and place profitable arbs.

The BetBurger software features three categories;

  • Prematch arbs
  • Live arbs
  • Value bets

prematch arbs

Prematch arbs are arbing opportunities which are available before an event has started. These are popular, especially with beginners, as they generally provide more time to place your bets with the various bookmakers before the odds change. However, despite usually having more time to place your bets compared to live arbs, odds can change at any time and these opportunities generally aren't around for very long and so you still have to be quick to place them.

live arbs

Live arbs are when there are profitable arbitrage opportunities during an event. Odds can more very fast in-play due to various events taking place which can effect the odds. For example, in a football match, a goal, a red card, a penalty or a substitution can all effect the odds. Therefore, you have to be extremely quick to take advantage of these opportunities.

In-play arbs are not recommended for beginners and should only be considered by those with experience in placing arbs at a very fast pace. If the odds shift dramatically and you don't know what to do, it is possible to lose money.

As odds are moving more frequently in-play compared to prematch, you will find that there are generally more profitable opportunities available.

value bets

Value bets aren't arbs and you're not guaranteed to make a profit from them every time. However, as the name suggests, they have value.

The value comes from bookmakers overpricing certain markets which may happen when the bookmaker doesn't update their odds in-line with others.

BetBurger determines value bets by comparing the odds that bookmakers offer to the odds of the 'world line'. The 'world line' is the probability of the bet winning.

For example, if Roger Federer had an even chance of beating Rafael Nadal, his odds should be 2.0. However, if a bookmaker was offering odds of 2.1, then this would be a value bet as you are getting better odds than the probability of your bet winning.

These bets can be classed as advantage play which is a term you may have come across when matched betting. Advantage play bets will not return a profit every time but will return a profit in the long-term.

If you place value bets regularly, you will experience winning and losing streaks. However, if you track your profit over time, it will eventually be positive.

betburger interface

One good thing about BetBurger is that the website is extremely easy to use, even for beginners.

After logging into your account, you can head to the prematch, live or value bet sections via the main nav bar. Clicking on any of these sections will load and display the profitable arbing opportunities available at that time.

betburger arbitrage

Available arbs are displayed in a user-friendly way and clicking on any of the arbs displays a feature showing the ideal stakes based on your desired combined stake and the profit you will make based on those stakes and the available odds.

betburger arbs

If you are happy with the arb, clicking on the area around each bookmaker will open up a new window and direct you to the event page for the selected arb on the associated bookmaker website. You can then place your bet and repeat the process with the other bookmakers to complete your arb.

betburger arbitrage betting academy

The BetBurger Arbitrage Betting Academy is part of the Help Center and is aimed at both beginners and those who are new to the BetBurger software. 

Some topics which are covered are:

  • What is surebet and how does it arise?
  • Newbie guide: Where to start?
  • Choosing a Bookie to Work With
  • Betting Vocabulary
  • What is Game Line? Bet Types
  • The Notion of 1X2 and Moneyline
  • Handicap betting
  • Betting Totals
  • Asian Handicap
  • Asian total
  • European (3Way) handicap
  • Value bets
  • Payment system: Skrill (Moneybookers)
  • Why do arbers get limited? How to avoid it?
  • Odds formation. Bookmaker margin
  • Middle Arb
  • Betting Exchanges

If you are an experienced arber then most of what is covered in the Arbitrage Betting Academy may not be new to you. However, for beginners, these articles will help you get to grips with arbitrage betting and understand how it works and the various markets which you may not be used to using.

The BetBurger Help Center also contains a lot of useful information which is focused more on the actual BetBurger software and website. There are a number of articles available which is recommended to anyone who is new to BetBurger. A small sample of the topics include:

  • Arbs: their kinds and structure
  • Surebets: types and structure
  • Deleting Arbs from the Scanner
  • What do Multi-Coloured Surebets Stand for?
  • Changing from Arb to Comparison Service
  • Live Period Filtering
  • Middle setting
  • Multifilters Adjustment
  • Outcome filtering
  • Country filtering
  • Show / Delete the selected league
  • Bookmaker Clones and Mirrors
  • Integration with Betfair
  • Integration with Smarkets
  • Betting Exchanges: Filtering arbs by minimum value
  • Surebet calculator
  • New arb alert

betburger price

You are able to access BetBurger without a subscription plan or even registering for that matter. To do this, simply visit and click on either the Prematch, Live or Value Bets sections. However, using BetBurger as a free user limits the quality of the arbs you can access. Non-members are limited to arbs with 1% profit which have a 900 second delay on prematch arbs and a 60 second delay on live arbs. This means that you are missing out on the much more profitable arbs and there is a good chance that these arbs may be gone when you go to place them due to the delay.

The real value in BetBurger comes with a paid account. There are various options to choose from depending on the length of your subscription and which parts of the service you want access to.




6 months

 1 year







Pre-Match scanner give you access to surebets and middles on future events

Live Arbs






Get access to the InPlay arbs and middles

You can select options from both categories and the price will be the combined total. 

For example, if you wanted both the pre-match and live arbs for a day, the total cost would be €17.45 (€6.46 + €10.99).

BetBurgers price options give users good flexibility depending on what services they want.


There is lots to like about BetBurger and we haven't found many negatives. The price is relatively high but dedicated users should see a good return when taking advantage of the features.

The live arbs feature is especially useful as you will be able to find and place arbs which most arbers won't be taking advantage of. We also liked the layout and user-friendliness of BetBurger which new users should be able to get to grips with very quickly.

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