refund if 2nd to sp favourite

Refund if 2nd to SP favourite is an offer which is run by many bookmakers on a regular basis. 

In order to make a profit from this offer we need two things to happen.

  1. The SP favourite needs to win
  2. The horse we back needs to finish 2nd

'SP' stands for 'Starting Price' and so the SP favourite is the horse with the shortest odds when the race starts. ie. the favourite to win the race.

As we need both the favourite to win the race and our horse to finish 2nd, we won't make a profit on this offer very often. However, if we can keep our qualifying losses to a minimum, it does have value.

TIP - Do not back the favourite as it would be impossible to trigger the refund if you do as you need the favourite to win and your horse to finish 2nd. 


There is no way to lock in a profit from money back if 2nd offers and so we treat them as advantage play.

The strategy is simple and involves backing and laying a horse in an eligible race and hoping that the favourite wins and our horse comes 2nd.

Although profiting from this offer relies a lot on luck, you can increase your chances of triggering the refund by choosing favourable races and horses.

Races where there is a heavy favourite are good as we need the favourite to win which is one of the two requirements. Even better is when there are two horses which are set apart from the rest. This means that there is a good chance that those two horses will finish first and second and so you should back the 2nd favourite and hope that it all works out.

Once you have found a suitable horse in a suitable race, simple back the horse at the bookmaker and lay your bet on the exchange.

horse racing matcher

Using a tool such as a Horse Racing Matcher like the one found on MatchedBets can help you find good matches for horses in eligible races. You can use a standard odds matcher but the horse racing matcher only displays matches for races which the Refund to SP Favourite offer applies to, making it easier and quicker.

As you will not make a profit from this offer very often, you need to keep your qualifying losses low. Around £0.50 per race is advisable but you may accept a loss of up to £1 if there are two clear favourites and stand a better chance of triggering the refund.