Reload Offers

reload offers

Reload offers play a huge part in matched betting and are where the majority of your profit will come from over time. We all like an easy sign up bonus, but unfortunately they can only be claimed once and what do you do when you’ve worked your way through them all? The answer is reload offers.

The profit you make when completing the sign up offers will set you up nicely for a large enough bank to take advantage of multiple reload offers daily. Try to resist withdrawing all of your funds from your exchange and bookmaker accounts once you have completed the sign up offers as you will need some in order to complete the reload offers and also for some ‘mug betting’.


What are reload offers?

Reload offers are offers, bonuses or free bets given by bookmakers to existing customers. As signup bonuses are to attract customers to the bookmaker, reload bonuses are to retain them and keep them betting on that site. Signup bonuses work great for both bookmakers and punters as the bookmaker gains a customer and the punter gets a bonus. The same goes for reload offers. The bookmaker keeps the customer using their site and hopes they keep placing bets and losing and the punter gets regular free bets and bonuses.

Reload offers will be the backbone of your matched betting long term profit. There are often multiple daily offers by the majority of bookmakers to take advantage of and so a consistent guaranteed profit is very much achievable with them.


Types of reload offers

Reload offers come in various forms and can have varying terms and conditions, even if two look the same. Below are some of the most common types of reload offers given by bookmakers to existing customers.

1.Free Bets

Free? That’s right. Free bets are often credited to customers’ accounts by bookmakers. They may not happen every week but they are common. Free bets which don’t require a qualifying deposit are usually small and don’t see the stake returned on winnings, but they’re free so don’t complain! These types of reload offers are perfect for matched betting as you simply place a back bet with your free bet and a lay bet on the exchange and you’ve got a instant guaranteed profit!

2. Matched or partially matched free bets

Similar to above, you will receive a free bet, but with these offers, first you are required to place a qualifying bet. An example of this would be ‘Place a £20 bet this weekend and you’ll receive a £20 free bet’ or ‘Place a £10 pre-match bet on the Man Utd v Arsenal game and receive a free £5 bet to use in-play’. When matched betting with these offers they work similar to sign up bonuses where you would place your qualifying bet, lay it and then receive your free bet. Again, these are great for matched betting, they come around almost every week and will net you a guaranteed profit every time.

3. Price Boosts

Price boosts are when a bookmaker enhances the odds of a specific bet. These can be great for matched betting depending on the size of the boost and the odds at the exchange. If you can get lower odds at the exchange than the price boost is offering then you will make a guaranteed profit simply by laying the price boost bet. There is usually a maximum bet on price boosts but they’re often still worth doing when there is value in them.

4. ACCA insurance

ACCA insurance offers usually give you your stake back up to a maximum amount should one leg of your accumulator let you down. ACCA insurance offers have become very popular and there are now multiple bookmakers offering this promotion to existing customers on a weekly and even daily basis. As the popularity of matched betting has grown, so have the tools provided by matched betting services and now there are multiple matched betting sites offering tools specifically for ACCA insurance offers. An example of one of these tools is MatchedBets’ ‘AccaBackers’. Accabackers automatically generates accumulators for you based on value making it a much faster process to find value bets to include.

ACCA insurance offers are an easy way to add an extra £2-£3k a year on to your matched betting profits.

5. Horse racing reload offers

Horse racing probably offers the most opportunities for reload offers. A lot of bookmakers have multiple horse racing reload offers that can be completed on a daily basis. With a little bit of maths, the majority of these offers can be made to give a guaranteed profit every time.

Some of the more popular horse racing reload offers are :

  • Money back if your horse finishes 2nd
  • Money back if your horse loses by a length or less
  • Money back if your horse falls
  • Free bet if you pick a winner at odds of X or higher

It may not be initially clear on how you can guarantee a profit from some of these offers but the matched betting sites which list them have step-by-step guides on how to this and once you have done the offers a few times you will quickly get the hang of them.


Casino reload offers

Just like with bookmakers, online casinos hand out bonuses and offers to existing customers on a regular basis. Again, these come in different forms and have varying values. The most common types of casino reload offers are :

1.Free Spins

Free spins are often given to existing customers. Usually when a new online slot is released or added to the casino. Free spins usually require no deposit and are a chance for you to hit a big win for no cost. Wagering requirements vary depending on the offer but there is always a chance you will walk away with a profit.

2. Deposit bonuses

Regular deposit bonuses are offered at online casinos and they’re offered a lot more than at bookmakers. An example of a casino reload deposit bonus would be ‘Deposit £100 and receive £200 free’. These offers sound great but they usually come with a large wagering requirement. To work out if a casino bonus is worth participating in you have to do a little maths to see if there’s a ‘positive expected value’. If there is then you will expect to return a profit on average with these offers.


Bingo Reload Bonuses

Bingo bonuses are another common type of reload bonuses with many online bingo sites offering reload bonuses on every deposit. Wagering requirements on bingo bonuses are usually less than that with casino bonuses and are typically around 2x the deposit + bonus amount. Although bingo bonuses don’t feature as much in matched betting as bookmaker bonuses, they can still provide a +EV. Whether or not they give a positive expected value depends on the specifics of the bonus and you should always read the T&C’s for each bonus to determine the EV before participating in the promotion.



Gubbing is a term used in online betting and refers to when a user has their account restricted in relation to bonuses and promotions. If your account has been ‘gubbed’ you may find you cannot participate in promotions or you will only be allowed to stake a reduced amount. There are various reasons why your account could be gubbed and multiple ways you can reduce the chances of being gubbed. To read more on ‘gubbing’ you can read our ‘What is gubbing?’ article.