An Interview with Profit Maximiser founder Mike Cruickshank

Mike Cruickshank

Mike Cruickshank is the founder of various successful matched betting products and was one of pioneers in providing a platform for the general public to take advantage of bookmakers offers and promotions and turning them in to a guaranteed profit.

Launching his first product, Bonus Bagging, back in 2010, he has attracted a large loyal following of keen matched bettors.

Today we got to ask Mike a few questions about his products, his members and how they have developed over the years.


Hi Mike! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us.

In a nutshell, could you tell us a little bit about your product, Profit Maximiser?

“Profit Maximiser is a membership site covering matched betting & advantage play opportunities. I show the users how to exploit bookmaker, casino & bingo offers with detailed videos & written instructions. I’ll then find all the opportunities for the user to take advantage of, list them in the site with clear and easy instructions.”

“We have a large Facebook group were I & other users post the latest offers and discuss new strategies. It’s a wealth of knowledge and has hundreds of users who do this for a full time living.”

“There are various calculators and software systems provided to speed and simplify the process as much as possible.”


How did Profit Maximiser first start?

“I was running a product called Bonus Bagging, which was about exploiting new account offers. I realised there was no other website showing users how to exploit the on going bonuses so I created Profit Maximiser. It was started in June 2013 and was a huge hit. It’s still popular today in 2017, we have experienced a growing client base ever since we first launched.”

“It was very basic when it started only covering very low risk opportunities but has grown in to something far more organised covering a lot of high value strategies.”


What is it that you do with Profit Maximiser that makes you stand out from other matched betting sites?

“We are always the first to discover any new strategies. A good example of this is every other matched betting website calculates casino bonus EV incorrectly so they are missing out on hundreds of awesome value offers.”

“This gives my client’s a HUGE advantage. They get to hammer the strategies well before the other sites catch up.”

“Every other Matched Betting website is based on Profit Maximiser, in fact the owner of Profit Accumulator, Profit Squad & several of Odds Monkey staff members were members of my site BEFORE they started theirs.”

“If you want original content first, Profit Maximiser is the place to go!


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What feature of Profit Maximiser do you feel benefits your customers the most?

Loopholes. We have discovered every major loophole over the last 4 years and hundreds of smaller ones.”

“These include the Sky Bet Roulette Heist were my clients took an estimated £1 million exploiting a generous roulette offer were Sky offered unlimited £10 bonuses.”

“William Hill Deal or No deal loophole – they were doing a bet £200 get £100 free buy in, you could bet the full amount on Deal Or No Deal Blackjack to avoid the x30 wagering requirements. It was over a bank holiday weekend and could be repeated Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday. They got hit very hard.”

“Castlebuilder loophole – We found a way of avoiding the wagering by storing funds in a progressive bonus round. Once your balance hit zero, the wagering requirements would be marked as completed. Then you could cash out the bonus round with a good profit.”

“Super Monopoly Loophole – same as the Castle Builder Loophole.”

“There are hundreds of other smaller ones we’ve found, almost always involving casino offers.”


You have quite a few other products. Could you tell us a little bit about them?

“I have been publishing full time since 2010 and currently have 13 products.”

  • Matched Betting Software – Real time software for finding both pre match & in play matched betting opportunities.
  • Each Way Sniper – Exploiting the Each Way markets were bookies pay more for the place than the win-odds imply they should.
  • Ev Maximiser – Simulator that calculates the value of casino bonuses.
  • Bookie Blowout – Exploiting errors in the bookmakers early horse racing prices.
  • Bonus Bagging – Showing users how to take advantage of bookie new account offers. (Bonus Bagging Review)
  • Betfair Sniper – Horse racing trading system on Betfair.
  • Betfair Renegade – Value football system for Betfair.
  • 1% System – Low risk trading system targeting 1% bank growth per bet.
  • Project Prosperity – Training system showing users how to build a £20,000 bank and then withdraw £3500 per month in profit.
  • Affluence System – Training systems showing users how to build a £500 bank and then withdraw £840 a month in profit.
  • Betting Mastermind – All of the above for a one off fee.


What does the future hold for Profit Maximiser?

“I’ll be adding several new strategies over the coming months that aren’t being exploited by any of the other sites.”

“I’m also am planning on making some new systems separately to Profit Maximiser. Unfortunately there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get these made quickly, but it will be worth the wait!”

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A big thank you for Mike for taking the time to talk to us. You can read our full review of Profit Maximiser or visit his site directly at


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