Win at Sports Betting with Data: Public Bets vs. Sharp Bets

Win at Sports Betting with Data Public Bets vs. Sharp Bets

Trying to multiply the sum that you currently have in your wallet or bank account is something that we all are trying to do. Gambling and betting on sports competitions are a fast way to wager and win, in case you know how to do it right. You need a few things under your belt before proceeding with wagering your money: you need the data to be on your side, you need a fair place to gamble/bet and you need to be responsible in what you do. For online gambling, a hobby that more and more people are picking up, it’s easier to proceed: take the promotions at and go with the flow! Lady Luck will be on your side. 

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Sports betting is multifaceted and it’s not a surprise. So many aspects will affect a match/fight or competition: the team configuration, the team’s short-term history, the health and states of the athletes, the weather, the places where the competitions are held are just a few important aspects worth mentioning, but the list definitely does not stop there. One handy tip that all players need to have, especially if they are rookies, is to search the most popular and safest competitions to bet on. Using such a list, they will be able to start using a verified environment for their betting. Another pro-tip is to look for and decide what data you want to get guided by: public or sharp. In the following paragraphs, you will see what these data are, why are they worth mentioned and what you should be careful of in each case. 

Public bets

This type of wagering is pretty intuitive to define: a player places his/her bets based on popularity. To give an example, if two teams are having a match tomorrow, you, as a gambler, will bet that the most popular and the best-situated team will win, probably with a significant score. The way players will pick the potential winner is by popularity, a feature that is directly related to the fame and odds brought about by public opinion. 

The advantage of a public choice is that most often than not, in competitions like Champions League or Bundesliga, one can predict the winner of the matches, and eventually the future cup-holder, by the stats of previous games and the up-to-date statuses of players. This is greatly advantageous for newbies that can rely on data available online, as well as the on the expertise of other bettors

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Be wary that the popular vote may not always manifest into a real score, however.  Many competitions host moments when the underdog team or individual athlete takes the lead and eventually wins, leaving everyone with their jaw dropped. There are so many variables in sports betting that leaning exclusively on the mathematical stats and usual outcomes might prove itself to be disadvantageous at times. 

Sharp bets

Sharp betting is when you diverge your wagering from the popular vote, and you make decisions based on a combination of factors. First, you need to be very knowledgeable in the field that you intend to bet on. This needs to be coupled with a vast and detailed knowledge of the odds and the general situation of the betting you are trying to perform. And last, but not least, be very sly and quiet. Sharp betters do not tell anyone what they intend to do, especially if they know a big sum of money is coming their way.

The positive traits of sharp betting are mostly related to their unicity. Sure, it may take time to become a ghostly-know-it-all in your preferred sport, but once you get a hold of it, you can amp up your winnings with just one or two strategic bets a month. Choosing against-the-majority odds also means that you can earn a lot for a small sum entered in the bet.

However, you need some time of practice to be at that great level of a constant sharp bet enthusiast. And you need a high dose of experience and discipline. People of this category always stick to their guns, are always very prepared, never overdo it and they stay focused on accumulating win after win, rather than on the joy of competition. Fortunately, there are pages that will give you some starting points, if this is what you intend to become. 

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You have a lot of choices when it comes to strategies in betting. You can go with the flow and the popular way of thinking. Alternatively, you can create your own path through time and hard work. Or, you can have the best of both worlds: sometimes you can choose to wager your money on easy bets and other times you can make a small, well-calculated bet. Take the lead and be the best!