Who Are The Stars of Japanese Football To Keep An Eye On?

future stars of japanese football

Japanese football might have the same world-wide pull as some bigger league games, but if you have ever watched a match you’ll know they play with real passion. They have taken part in the World Cup and have come close to knocking out some major teams, but always beaten at the last minute. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have some world class players, they really do have some fantastically skilled players.

Japanese Football Players To Keep An Eye On

Koki Saito – Koki played for the J-League in Japan until recently after being spotted when playing for the Japanese under-17 team. He also became Yokohama’s youngest ever player when he debuted for Yokohama CD in a league match when they played FC Gifu. 

Maha Yoshida – Captain of the Japan national team, he has been playing football since he was child. His skills have led him to take part in many big games including representing Japan in the 2018 Fifa World Cup. 

Shinji Okazaki – Also plays for the Japan Nation team. He does play for international teams and is in fact the top active Japan national team goal scorer. He played for Leicester City when they won the Premier League in 2016.

With so many great Japanese football players showing their skills over recent years, it is no surprise that Japanese bookmakers are offering more and more options when it comes to betting on these games. In fact, many football fanatics throughout the world are turning to Japanese football to fill the gap when European leagues are finished and they’re missing their football match fix. 

Aerial View of Soccer Field

Playing For Other Countries

As well as Japanese football is doing well, many players aim to be noticed by bigger teams throughout the world.  There are some fantastic players that have achieved this including:

Takefusa Kubo – Real Madrid

Takumi Minamino – Liverpool

Hiroki Sakai – Marseille

Ritsu Doan – PSV

The Best Japanese Players of All Time

Great Japanese football players aren’t a new thing and they have some really great players in the history of the game. For example, Kunishige Kamamoto, who scored over 250 goals throughout his career and Kazuyoshi Miura who is the oldest current league player. Thanks to the internet and people being able to watch matches from all over the world, more and more are choosing to watch Japanese football. 

With Japanese football becoming more popular, perhaps we’ll see them doing much better in a World Cup match sometime soon? One thing for sure is that they’re capable of creating some really talented sportsmen, so there is every chance that one day we’ll see them triumph in a worldwide league.  Online betting has definitely helped to open up the world of sport, with people wanting to bet on international games during times when they’re not being played in their own country.

This has undoubtedly helped places such as Japan catch the eye of football fans, which is likely to have meant that their top players have also been spotted. Lots of really good Japanese players now play for various teams throughout Europe and the world, so that can only mean good things for Japan when they next come to enter a team into the World Cup. Let’s wait and see what happens!