What To Do When You Get Gubbed

What To Do When You Get Gubbed

When you first start matched betting, it’s an amazing feeling. You’re making easy money with all of the welcome offers and free bets are flooding in. However, if you’ve spoken to experienced matched bettors or read many of the matched betting guides, you will have heard about the possibility of being ‘gubbed’.

What Is Gubbing?

Bookies like the ones on bookmaker-ratings.com hand out free bets and other betting offers to customers to encourage them to keep betting at their site. However, they don’t like you abusing their offers. If they suspect that you’re only placing bets in order to receive free bets and refunds, they’ll simply limit your account by not giving you any more which is bad news for matched bettors!

There are ways to avoid gubbings, which we have talked about in other articles, but it’s almost inevitable that you will experience it on at least some of your bookmaker accounts.

So, what do you do once your account has been gubbed?

Here are a few options…

Learn From Your Gubbing

The most important thing to do is to try to find out why you were gubbed and how you can prevent it from happening to your other bookmaker accounts.

Unfortunately, you won’t have much luck if you simply ask the bookmaker for the reason why your account has been restricted but it may be possible to get a good idea of by looking at your betting history.

Have you been taking advantage of a certain offer on a regular basis? If it is a horse racing offer, have you been placing mug bets on horse racing for your account to look more natural? Do you only place bets when there is an incentive to do so?

Take the time to try and work out why your account has been gubbed and make sure you don’t do the same with other bookies.

Learn New Strategies

If you’ve lost a profitable account, you may be thinking that your bank is going to take a bit of a hit. However, there are several matched betting strategies that can make you money other than just free bets, some of which include Extra Places and Dutching.

If you’re a member of a matched betting site, they should provide detailed guides for these strategies.

Casino Offers

You may already do casino offers but if not, they may be worth venturing into if you have been gubbed and the sports offers are drying up. There are often dozens of casino offers available every day and although they do not guarantee a profit, so long as you only do offers with a positive expected value, you will make a profit in the long-term.

If you’re thinking of getting started with casino offers, we recommend that you begin with low-risk offers. These are generally offers where you risk up to £20 for a bonus or free spins.


Arbing is generally not recommended when matched betting as it can increase your chances of being gubbed. However, if you’re already gubbed, then it can be a way to profit from an otherwise useless account.

Arbing is when the back odds offered by a bookmaker are greater than the lay odds on the exchange. When using the correct stakes, you’re able to back and lay the bet and lock in a profit without any free bets or betting offers involved.

The profit from each bet when arbing is generally quite small but there are usually several arbing opportunities daily if you’re quick enough to get on them. Any good Odds Matcher will return countless arbs throughout the day with several bookies.