What Are the Most Popular Sports to Bet On?

What Are the Most Popular Sports to Bet On?

Sport betting has been, and remains to be, one of the most popular forms of gambling globally. Since Ancient Rome when audience members would place wagers on who would win the chariot race or gladiator fight, sports betting has continued to be a huge aspect of society. So, which are the most popular sports to bet on – and why? Keep reading to find out…


By far the most popular sport to bet on worldwide is football, or soccer. With so many aspects to the game to bet on, from player statistics to the outcome of the match, a huge chunk of the billions of pounds worth of sports betting each year comes from football. 

Horse Racing

Whether you are a regular at your bookies or bet a pound on the Grand National every year, the majority of people have placed a bet on the horses in their lifetime. It is one of the most popular sports to bet on and can be one of the simplest for beginners. Whilst some background knowledge of the sport and the horses helps, many people enjoy choosing a number, name or colour and trying their luck.

American Football

American Football is also a hugely popular betting sport. Whilst it’s much more complex than your classic Mega Moolah online game, there are a lot of different aspects of this game that you can place a bet on. Although this sport is mostly popular with betting Americans, there are several countries across the globe that also make the most of this massive industry.


Boxing, and all other fighting sports, are relatively simple to bet on. One fighter wins, and the other doesn’t. Now, most bets can be much more complicated than this with rounds, moves and knockouts to contend with, but the fundamentals of the bet make it a popular one for most people that enjoy the sport.


Similar to boxing, singles tennis is a game involving two opponents, so your odds are fairly straightforward. Of course, there are many factors that sway the odds and that can be bet on to make up one outcome. Tennis is extremely popular as a live betting event historically, with bookmakers attending the events to take bets at the start of each match.

tennis betting


Basketball is an increasingly popular sport to bet on, emerging from America across the globe. Typically, basketball bets involve spread betting, which required you to predict whether a team will beat their competition by a particular margin. For example, rather than just betting team A will beat team B, you must predict by how many points team A will win.

Whether you’re taking advantage of the latest casino bonus or betting on your international team in the World Cup, sport betting and gambling show no sign of slowing in their popularity.