Using Betting Bonuses for Matched Betting

Using Betting Bonuses for Matched Betting

Matched betting is a type of betting that involves staking on different outcomes of the same event, often on different bookmakers. It is often a continuous process and to professional gamblers who have perfected it, a dependable source of income. Matched betting is one of the most effective strategies to leverage the high number of bookies and casinos offering matched betting bonuses.

Contrary to what most beginners may think, matched betting is completely legal – even fun. No bookmaker or casino will turn away a player looking to use free betting bonuses to win a bet. Bookmakers are savvy enough to understand that players who place matched bets or look for bonus opportunities to match other bets are good at what they do. As such, they will often make a deposit when necessary to place a bet. 

There are all kinds of betting bonus types that bookmakers offer that you can take use in matched betting. If you are looking for such offers like bet £10 get £30, welcome bonuses or any other bonuses that matched bettors can use, read on to find out.

The Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the most popular of all bonus types; after all, anyone visiting or signing up at a bookmaker’s site qualifies. When you register an account at a bookmaker or casino, you should be eligible for this bonus. In most cases, you may need to make a small deposit to use the welcome bonus. If you place matched bets, the first thing you should do when you sign up for a betting account is redeem the welcome bonus.

If the welcome bonus is easy to clear, it is a perfect gift to use in matched betting. You should avoid placing too many small bets using the welcome bonus.

The No-Deposit Sign-Up Bonus

The difference between the welcome bonus above and the no-deposit sign-up bonus lies in the deposit requirement. Most bookmakers will require you to deposit funds before playing with or withdrawing winnings from a welcome bonus. With the no-deposit sign-up bonus, however, you redeem and play with the bonus just by registering. You will not need to make a deposit to play with or withdraw your winnings. The only requirement to qualify for the no-deposit sign-up bonus is registering an account.

Since nothing comes so easy, there is always a catch with a no-deposit sign-up bonus, depending on the casino. Some put a difficult-to-clear wagering requirement in place, while others may insist on you signing up for an email newsletter. However, regardless of the clearing requirements, you should be able to clear and make some money off as a matched bettor.

The Reload Bonus

Since matched bettors are often continuous players, the reload bonus is an ideal kind of bonus for them. As the name hints, this is a part of the welcome package a bookmaker offers customers on their second deposit. In many cases, the reload bonus is just as generous as the welcome bonus. Even if it is slightly lower, it sure is more than enough for a matched bettor to turn it into a lucrative win.

The best thing about the reload bonus is that it could help you recoup your initial investment if you placed a bet that went the other way. If you lose the first bet, in most cases, the reload bonus should limit your losses by offering you an opportunity to make right what went wrong with the first bet. A typical bookmaker will consider you a returning regular customer rather than a matched bettor.

Special Bonuses

There are many other exclusive bonuses that bookmakers offer that a matched bettor will find invaluable. Here are the five top bonuses that you should seek whenever you are looking for a good deal for your matched bets:

i. Cashback bonus – This is a bonus that the bookmaker may return to you for playing on the site. The cashback is often a form of consolation for players who have lost money in bad bets.

ii. Loyalty bonus – When you become a regular at a particular bookmaker, they may recognize you with VIP points awards that you can redeem for bonuses later.

iii. Refer-a-friend bonus – The refer-a-friend bonus is exactly what it sounds like. Bring a friend to the bookmaker, and in return, you get a small bonus to further your cause.

iv. Odds boost – An odds boost occurs when the odds of a bet or game are increased or ‘boosted’ on specific wagering opportunities.

If you are a matched bettor, you should have a scrapbook of all the deals, bonuses, offers, and discounts that bookmakers offer their customers. This will make you a lot of money with little monetary investment on your part. These are just a few of the most popular that you can take advantage of today. Make sure you are claiming the right kinds of bonuses, as they come with their own terms and conditions and can differ from bookie to bookie, it is about being smart and gambling responsibly.