Trustly Pay N Play

trustly pay n play

Gambling regulations seem to be getting tighter an tighter and it was only in May 2019 that gambling operators were forced to confirm specific details about all players prior to making a deposit or wagering any real money. These new regulations mean that players are being asked to provide documentation such as copies of driving licences, utility bills and passports before wagering a penny.

Although these regulations benefit the industry, they can be a pain for players as verification checks can take days to complete with some operators which isn’t ideal if you want to sign up to a new online casino and play there and then.

However, a new innovative product from Trustly names ‘Pay N Play’ is gaining attention and eliminates the need for lengthy registration forms or copies of documents.

Before we explain what Pay N Play is and how it works, it’s important to note that this option isn’t available everywhere around the world. However, in Sweden you can play casino without an account as well as many other countries.

How does Pay N Play work?

When registering at an online casino which offers Trustly’s Pay N Play, you simply visit the casino  and make a deposit. 

  • No registration forms

  • No documents

Trustly then verifies your identity from your card details and passes on important KYC data to the casino who then creates the player account automatically.

As you are not technically registering an account, you won’t have a username or password at the casino. However, if you leave the casino and come back, you can resume play by logging in through your online bank via Trustly.

Trustly’s Pay N Play makes trying out a new casino a less hassle free process. It also means that you don’t have to enter any personal details such as your name, address or email and so you won’t receive any marketing communication which, as we all know, can sometimes be an annoyance. 

Pay N Play has almost become the standard in Sweden with nearly all Swedish casinos online offering players the option. Vasilije Lekovic, Director of Gaming Accounts at Trustly, said that the company is actively rolling out the product in new markets and so we’re expecting to see a lot more of it in the near future.