Tottenham has one of the 21 Best world players in Europe & Predictions

Tottenham has one of the 21 Best world players in Europe & Predictions

Tottenham has one of the 21 Best world players in Europe in its ranks according to the prestigious newspaper L’Equipe from France. Davinson Sanchez was acquired in the latest transfer market from Ajax for a record sum of 40 million euros.

Sanchez is a player that has more than impressed with his incredible skills and adaption to Europe’s top leagues. It hasn´t been more than 2 years ago that Sanchez moved from the youngster’s team division of Atletico Nacional, a Colombian Club, to play alongside the starting team. In that short 6 month period before being purchased by Ajax of Netherlands, Davinson Sanchez won the local league and the top international tournament in South America, the America Cup.

Being a defense Centre-back, the fact the Sanchez has scored a great deal of goals with Ajax and performed all over the field, gained him the award of best rookie player of the season during the first half of 2017. During his short stay in Ajax, Sanchez was part of one of the club’s most successful international participations with a 2nd on the Europa League after not being able to win against Manchester United.

In 2 years Davinson went from an unknown kid living in the poor slumps of Colombia to becoming a millionaire player in the top league of Europe. From his initial transfer of 5 million euros to Ajax, he has now moved to 40 million.

During one of his first games against West Ham, Davinson impressed with his defence tackles and skills. It was a hard match that ended 3-2 with two late goals from the Spurs side to win the game, but the fans applauded the player and wished him good fortune to remain with the Spurs for long seasons to come.

Tottenham Predictions 2017/18

You can bet on the Premier League matches at William Hill online, with Davinson Sanchez onboard Tottenham has one of the most solid defenses in the Premier League. They are escorts of the top clubs like Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea and will probably try to take the lead late on the season, although unlikely to win the league altogether.  

It is probable they will qualify to the Europa League, a tournament were they are rightly fitted to at least get into the top 8.

Regarding to the player predictions, Sanchez will not score as that many goals as he did with Ajax, his role on the Premier has been more clearly defined on the defense where he is strongly needed. But do not discard a surprise goals in matches where Tottenham is a clear favorite, Sanchez is goal hungry and will most likely try to snatch a few this season when he gains the fan and coach’s confidence. During his stay in Ajax he was one of the team’s top scorers on the local league (not so much during the international appearances).

Taking into account Tottenham has one of most solid defences in the Premier League right now, keep the club’s Under Score betting below two, especially when playing at home.

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