Top 5 innovations in mobile casino gaming

Top 5 innovations in mobile casino gaming

In the past few years, the online gaming industry has progressed massively. The total estimated worth of the global gaming market by 2023 is $70 billion.

The reason for this estimate is the continuous increase in the availability of gaming apps in countries like Italy, China, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Online gambling is witnessing huge improvements through a number of innovations in technology, and this attracts big numbers.

As most of the users now prefer to play games on their mobile, the mobile gaming sector keeps improving. Innovations apply to payment methods too as casinos where you can pay by phone become increasingly popular. Now we have succeeded in mapping out the five biggest technological trends that will completely change the face of the mobile gaming sector for good and deliver an improved user experience.

Cloud Gaming Technology

Cloud gaming has been here for some time now, and online casino gaming has been able to garner a greater audience through it. It is no longer compulsory for players to download mobile casino apps if they intend to get the best quality from their mobile gaming experience. Cloud services allow players to enjoy more games even when they don’t download any extra app on their mobile. The entire data is now stored on the web, defeating the need to occupy space on the gamer’s mobile phone. Other benefits of cloud gaming includes faster speeds and smoother gameplay. But you have to spend a lot of data while gaming, and that is the downside to this.

Virtual Reality Gaming

In the next few years, the VR system is expected to make huge progress. The level of immersion and interaction in online games is already being improved through this system. At the moment, the VR headset and software are still a bit costly, but mobile users can latch on some of the affordable gears for gaming. As many casinos out there integrate VR gaming into their offerings, players can get involved in the exciting virtual 3V slots and card games.

Virtual Reality Gaming

Cryptocurrency Casinos

One of the most current trends in online casinos is that many of them have started accepting cryptocurrency payments. In most of the best online casinos in the UK and other countries, players can now use Ethereum, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to play games. This is a revelation in the level of flexibility that the casino has embraced, and players that are looking for increased privacy will always prefer that. Blockchain technology which controls Bitcoin payments records all transactions made with each currency. These transactions are stored in a decentralized system and protected with cryptography, and this reduces the possibility of fraud. Players that do not want to share their banking details can take advantage of this.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We already have AI as part of our lives here. This system is used by search engines, including Google to deliver ads that are personalized for each user. Netflix, the streaming giant also adopts it to recommend movies to users. Many more could be accomplished with the AI system. Most of the gaming sites employ mobile virtual assistants and AI chatbots to perform customer service duties for them, because they respond faster to customers’ questions.

With the increase in need for customer service and the fact that most gambling firms are looking to cut costs, the best bet becomes AI. In the coming years, the use of AI in mobile gaming will definitely improve.

Live Play Mobile Casino Tech

If you desire to enjoy the buzz and vibes obtainable in land based casinos, and you can’t get to any around you, the online live casino is your online means of enjoying this. This is offered on top notch live dealer rooms, where you can enjoy a similar environment to what is found in brick and mortar games through simulation. Here, the live dealers offer the games to give you an experience that is similar to what you enjoy at the physical casinos. With the latest mobile technology out there, mobile users can now enjoy these live dealer games.