The Pros and Cons Of Matched Betting Via Mobile Devices

A look at special bookmaker offers

As we know, matched betting can be extremely profitable for anyone and everyone, over both the short and long term. One aspect of matched betting that rarely gets discussed though is the device you use to do it. When you think of online betting, the natural reaction is to think of a person sat behind a computer screen, on either a desktop or a laptop.

However, as we are very much in the midst of the digital age, many people choose to do matched betting on a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet instead. The reasons for this vary, but the changes are very much evident. Almost all bookmaker advertisements seen on TV now have images of people betting via a mobile phone. So, as so many now attempt matched betting on a mobile, lets look at the pros and cons…


Profit on the Move

It goes without saying that using a mobile phone gives you a lot more freedom than a desktop computer. Whether you’re out in town for the day or down at the pub for a few drinks, if you have a mobile phone then you’ll be able to complete matched betting offers.

It is also extremely handy for offers that require you to place bets at certain times. For example, the Unibet Free Bet Club offer requires all bets to be placed in-play. If you are out when big matches are on, your mobile phone is the best option.

Plenty of Mobile Only Offers

Lets face it, if you’re not currently matched betting on a mobile then you’re missing out! There are a good number of promotions that you can only qualify for by placing a mobile bet. An example includes the Netbet mobile bonus, which can be turned into around £6 profit.

Some weekly reload offers are also mobile only, such as Sportingbet’s Weekly Mobile Special, so by simply placing a few mobile bets, you can add quite a lot of value to your matched betting profits.


Pages Not Fully Optimised

There are some cases where matched betting on mobile is less than ideal. For example, some tools such as Profit Maximiser’s odds matcher are not fully optimised for mobile devices, meaning it can be difficult to use on the move. More information on this can be found in our Profit Maximiser review.

Some bookmaker sites have the same issue, with the Sportsbook becoming essentially unusable on your smartphone or tablet. Though rare, in these cases it’s best to stick to desktop matched betting.

Lack of Apps Available

Though many bookmakers do list mobile apps, there are still quite a few that do not. This is not a big setback though as many of the mobile browser websites are still fully optimised.

Plus we are likely to see more apps made available on Android, as Google Play have recently relaxed a ban on gambling products on their store, meaning bookmaker and exchange apps can be freely listed for download now.

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