The Best Ongoing Football Offers for Matched Betting


On the top matched betting sites such as Profit Accumulator and Matched Bets, you will be able to find full information on all of the best bookmaker offers that are available. You could potentially make a profit from these promotions using the proven technique known as matched betting. This involves placing a back bet on a certain selection to win in an event and then placing a corresponding lay bet with a betting exchange such as Betfair or Smarkets on that very same selection not to win.

This process then essentially means that the two bets cancel each other out, meaning that you can qualify for a free bet or a refund for very little or no cost. It is once you have a free bet or a bonus that you can repeat the same back and lay strategy using the free bet stake in order to make an expected profit. Through matched betting, you will be presented with quite a few money making opportunities thanks to offers from the full list of bookmakers.

Amongst these promotions are some ongoing football offers, that are listed on a consistent basis and thus can be completed a number of times. These are not the traditional bet and get offers that will bring an expected profit, but by attempting these ongoing football offers you could potentially make a profit. You will not win every time, but by keeping the qualifying losses to a minimum you are very likely to make a decent amount of profit over time.

Paddy Power 2 Up You Win

Paddy Power are an Irish bookmaker that are extremely popular with punters online, due to their comedic approach to betting and sport in general. They have pulled off a number of marketing stunts over the years that have helped raise the profile of the company.

Another way to bring new customers in, as well as keep existing customers active, is to offer special promotions. One such promotion is their ‘2 Up You Win’ offer. To attempt this, you can back a team to win in any Premier League, Champions League Group Stage or La Liga football match. If the team you have backed then goes two goals up in the match, Paddy Power will pay you out as a winner.

By placing a back bet with PP and a lay bet on an exchange, you will then hope to see your team go two goals up. If your team does go two goals up and fails to win, you will win both your back bet and lay bet. This could mean you end up with a great profit.

William Hill 4 Means More

William Hill are one of the most popular bookmakers for punters in the UK, and are known for their competitive odds and generous offers that can be profitable through matched betting. One of their main offers is a 15% boost on winnings on televised Premier League matches if there are four or more goals during the match. For this offer, the 15% boost is credited as a free bet up to the total of £50.

The strategy for this offer is to back and lay a selection, making sure to find close odds between those on the William Hill website and those on a chosen betting exchange. This is important, as it keeps qualifying losses low and maximises any eventual profits. Some of the eligible markets for this offer include Match Betting, Both Teams To Score and Both Teams To Score and Match Result.

If there does end up being four or more goals scored in the match, then you will be credited with the 15% winnings boost as a free bet, which you can then use to turn into an expected profit.

BetMclean Leading At Half Time Refund

BetMclean look to offer special promotions in order to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive market. One of their main offers is money back as a free bet if your losing Match Odds selection was leading at half time.

In order to complete this offer, the strategy is to place a back bet and a lay bet on a selection to win in one of the eligible matches and then hope that your bookmaker selection does not win the match, but did lead at half time. The maximum bet for this offer is £25, and if you receive a free bet worth the full amount, it could be turned into around £20 in expected profit.

Betfred/Totesport Double Delight and Hattrick Heaven

Betfred and Totesport both offer the Double Delight and Hattrick Heaven promotions. This offer is a little bit different to the previous, as the bookmaker will double the odds if your first goalscorer bet scores first and then scores again in the match, while they will give you treble the odds if he then goes on to score a third goal too.

This is available on a number of matches, a full list of which can be found on the Betfred and Totesport promotions page. There is no free bet involved here, as the bonus is paid in cash. This offer is particularly useful for a likely goalscorer, such as Harry Kane for Tottenham, Lionel Messi for Barcelona or Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid.

By keeping qualifying losses as low as possible, this is an offer that could pay big if things go your way.

Boylesports Crossbar Double Winnings

This is an offer that is usually listed for big matches. For example, this week’s eligible match is Liverpool vs Manchester City in the Premier League. The way the offer works is to place a bet of up to £20 on the eligible football match and if your selection wins and the ball hits the crossbar in the match, you will receive double the winnings as a free bet.

The terms of the offer state that the ball must hit the crossbar and bounce back into play to be valid, so if it hits the bar and goes straight out of play it will not be a winner. The back and lay strategy can be used again here, hoping that your back bet wins and the ball hits the crossbar during the match.

If you do manage to hit the double winnings as a free bet, the free bet stake can be used to make an expected profit from this offer. Anyone interested in top quality football tips can access many different free online Tipping sites such as

There are plenty more ongoing football offers available from various bookmakers too, including:

  • Vernons Score Draw Refund
  • Mintbet Red Card Money Back
  • Fun88 88th Minute Free Bet
  • NetBet First Goalscorer Refund
  • TLCBet 75th Minute Free Bet
  • 21Bet Score Draw Refund
  • Bore Draw Refund
  • Dafabet Bore Draw Refund
  • Dafabet Second Goal Scorer Refund
  • Sun Bets Promise
  • Bet365 Bore Draw Refund

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