Sports betting in Japan: How to do it

sports betting in japan

Doing bets is very simple and so is playing at an online casino, which is something that Japanese people really love to do. Nowadays, it’s possible to do these things online, which gives you more comfort and it’s even better in many ways. Of course, you should only play at an online casino recommended. You should learn how to distinguish illegal casinos from legal ones, which is essential. 

Which are the sports where it’s possible to bet

There are several sports to bet on at online casinos, which is completely normal. Some are more popular than others but still, all of these games are loved by Japanese citizens. 

Horse racing

A lot of Japanese people really like horse racing and love to bet on it. This is a sport that is considered classy in other countries such as in the United Kingdom or in the United States of America. However, this it’s not the case in Japan, where horse racing, when it’s live, it’s for social gatherings. When it’s online then it’s just for gambling. And this is the first game everyone thinks about when they think about betting in Japan. 


In Japan there are three forms of loto (like it’s named there): Loto 6, Loto 7 and Mini Loto. Each one has its own rules, but they’re very simple. It’s incredibly easy to play and there are great prizes for those who are the winners. Even for those who aren’t the first winners, there’s the opportunity to win a huge prizes, so these are games with a great chance of getting some money. 

Besides of the excitement of playing and knowing if you won or not, there’s also the excitement of knowing that you actually won some prize. The rules are simple so, therefore, it’s not a problem to actually play any of these games. If you want to have an opportunity at one of the prizes available, then you just have to play at your online casino. 


This is the most known game in Japan since it has the perfect features for Japanese people. It has been highly popular for a century in Japan, since the first Pachinko machines were actually made in 1920. Nowadays, it’s possible to play this game through your online casino or to register at any just to play Pachinko, which it’s definitely worth it. However, you can’t really call it gambling.

Pachinko is a mixture of a pinball machine and a slot, which makes it very colorful and a great game to play. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun. 

Toto or J-League 

Football in Japan is getting more popular every day, which is completely natural since there are many people who like to watch the games. There are many who like to bet on the Japanese professional soccer that’s known as Toto. This is another legal way of betting in Japan, so there’s not a problem. Besides, sportsbooks online have this sport available so it’s not a problem. 

You should have knowledge about this sport and about the team, since that’s essential to make an informed bet. That can change everything.