Sports betting and matched betting set to explode this summer

Ever since betting became possible online, the size and value of the industry has grown exponentially. What was once the province of hardened gamblers who regularly placed bets on the outcome of horse races in High Street bookies, has now become a leisure activity that lots and lots of young people enjoy. It has gained socially acceptable status.

There are two types of betting that have grown enormously in recent months. They are matched betting and sports betting.

the basics of matched betting explained

Matched betting is not yet that well known about by many of the gambling fraternity. However, it is a sure-fire way of turning a profit through betting, and it is growing fast in popularity.

Basically, matched betting (sometimes also referred to as back bet matching, double betting, or lay bet matching) is a way of making a guaranteed profit using the free bets, bonuses and promotions that all bookmakers offer from time to time.

In essence, you place two bets, a “back” bet and a “lay” bet. You place a back bet with a regular bookmaker, and you offset this by placing a lay bet with a betting exchange.

Most bookmakers and betting exchanges provide customers with offers of some description. These offers normally require you to place a bet of a specific value and at predetermined odds, after which you will be given a free or bonus bet.

It is these bonus bets that are used to generate guaranteed profits. You can find out more about the basic from

sports betting and the FIFA World cup

Sports betting requires little by way of explanation. In its simplest form, you can place a bet on any sporting event that the website you are using covers. The most popular sport here in the UK for betting on is football

According to the Gambling Commission, sports betting online (excluding bets put on at conventional High Street bookmakers) netted a turnover of £19.7 billion in the year October 2016 to September 2017. It works out at an incredible £626 being wagered on sport each and every second – yes, every second!

The annual total amount bet on football alone was a staggering £7.9 billion, which accounts for 40% of all online bets.

With the biggest football competition in the world, the FIFA World Cup, about to get underway in Russia this month, the amount to be thrown at sports betting is likely to explode. You'll be able to place bets on a wide variety of categories, including:

  • The outright winner
  • Group winners
  • The top goal scorer
  • The total number of goals scored
  • Final match scores

The are many other categories besides. In all, 32 nations are participating with teams like Brazil, France, Germany and Spain being strongly fancied. But there are always upsets and who can discount teams like Argentina, Belgium< England and Portugal from exceeding expectations? That, of course, is the beauty of sports betting.

Nothing is guaranteed regarding winning bets, unless of course, you are willing to do some hard graft and find betting websites and betting exchanges where you can practice your skill at matched betting.