Roulette Strategy

roulette strategy

Roulette is one of the most popular table games, both at online casinos and the more traditional bricks and mortar style casinos. Since the development of live dealer roulette at casinos such as popularity online has grown even more. With a live stream bringing you a croupier in real time to host the game the result is an immersive, true to life experience that punters cannot get enough of. So how should you approach the roulette table to win?

The Basics of the Game

There are two main variations of the game of roulette, the American version and the European version. In terms of betting the principles are very similar with inside bets and outside bets, and for more experienced players announced bets. The difference lays in the wheel itself which is made up of 36 alternating black and red segments, which have the numbers randomly allocated. On an American table, you will find that there are also two green sections, one labelled 0 and the other 00, giving 38 sections overall. On a European wheel, you will see that there is just one single green space marked as 0, with 37 sections overall. The number of sections does change the betting odds, with the American roulette table being further in the house favour due to the extra space. So the first thing to consider is playing at a European or French table where there are fewer spaces.

Inside Bets

In fairness, this is where the money is, however, this is because these are the higher odds bets, so you are less likely to win them. The most straightforward inside bet is a single number to win bet, where you place your wager on one single space. Of course, the chances of being correct are stacked against you, but the payout is 36-1 should you prove to be correct. Other inside bets involved conditions such as a line (three numbers appearing next to each other on a betting mat), a corner bet where four touching numbers can be selected, and several others.

Outside Bets

These are considered easier for beginners, and of course, give a higher chance of winning, so you do not get too disheartened. These bets involve conditions such as will the ball rest on an odd or even number, or a red or black number. Often referred to as 50/50 or coin toss bets, you will almost certainly win from time to time if you make these bets. However, the odds are not 50/50 they are slightly stacked to a house advantage due to the single or double green space. The return is 2-1, so you will not get rich quick betting this way.


Seasoned pros will be watching the game statistics that most casinos display at each table. They will show a running history of the winning number, and an analysis of which numbers are considered hot or cold, leaving you free to make your own judgment based on more knowledge of the table and winning statistics. Remember, however, that it is a game of chance, and no single strategy has ever been proven to be the winning one.