Responsible Gambling: Why Occasional Use Is Generally Safe

responsible gambling

Responsible gaming is a very broad concept that constitutes several requirements and policies that affect all the players in the industry. Stakeholders are required to ensure that they offer only the highest quality of services to players as well as ensuring that they protect players from the negative effects of online casino gaming and sports betting. On the other hand, players themselves are advised to use all the tools that are provided by the operators to ensure that they don’t fall victims of negative consequences of gaming.

Generally, online gambling should be treated as the fun pastime and not as a way of earning some income. While most of the people involved in gambling know how to manage it, mostly by treating it as a recreation and spending only what they can afford to lose, some find it very difficult. That is why there are principles of responsible gambling have been devised.

Both software suppliers and ideal online casinos are bound to the principles of responsible gaming. Furthermore, all the software developers are also required by the law to comply with all the rules set up. Overall, there are seven different types of responsible gambling that include:

  1. Online casino and sports betting payment protection
  2. A safe and secure online casino environment
  3. Responsible and ethical marketing
  4. Protection of minors from gambling
  5. Safety and security measures from criminal activities
  6. Information privacy
  7. Prevention of vulnerable gamblers

The Importance of Responsible Gambling to Players

As much as there are laws that require the operators and software providers to ensure that they promote responsible gambling, it’s your sole role as the player to ensure that you adhere and use all the tools and services in place. This is in a bid to avoid problematic gambling, which can have adverse effects on the individual and their loved ones. And you can achieve this by using any one of the following tools, readily offered at the online gambling platforms.

Setting Limits on How Much You Play

Settle down on the amount that you can only afford when betting at online casinos. This is usually the first and most important step toward responsible gambling. In order to set your limits, there are different options that you can settle down for. They include the following:

  • Deposit Limit – This is a feature that lets you limit the amount of money that you can only deposit during a certain period of time. This ranges from as low as €20 over a period of one year or €10,000 over the same period. The figure could be higher or lower, but once you reach the sum, you cannot make a deposit until the casino resets the limit.
  • Loss Limit – Even from the name itself, one should know what the loss limit entails. Basically, the loss limit lets you set the net losses that you’ll incur at the casino. The value is usually calculated based on the bet won minus bets lost during a certain duration. Once you reach this limit, you also have to contact the casino to reset it.
  • Wager Limit – This is also known as Bet Limits at some online casinos. Basically, the limit lets you set the amount of money you’d like to bet during a certain period. As always, you’ll need the casino to reset the value too, once you’ve reached it.

Self-Excluding Yourself from the Online Casino

If you think limits won’t work well with you, you can opt to self-exclude yourself from the online casinos. Responsible gaming is all about knowing to quit. And this option is usually recommended to all the players who think or believe that their gambling has become a problem.

By using this tool, you are basically opting to close your account – temporarily or forever. Usually, the majority of online casinos recommend that you take a minimum break of six months. Once you activate this option, you won’t be able to log into your account, and neither will the casino send you any promotional emails or texts.

Take a Short Break from Online Casino Gaming

Do you feel that you need to take a short break from online casino gaming? Perhaps you are worried that your gambling and gaming behaviour is getting out of hand? Or you just need to channel the money to other important things in life? A short break won’t harm you, and the online casinos are willing to help you in this quest. Most of the sites will have a minimum timeout of 24 hours and a maximum of eight weeks. Once the time you select is over, your account will automatically be reactivated.

This Is How to Play Responsibly at Online Casinos

We’d like to share some quick tips on how you can easily and effortlessly embrace responsible gambling right from the word go. By observing this, your online casino experience will be fun and thrilling from the word go:

  • Set up your online casino account at any one of the reputable and licensed casinos.
  • Visit the responsible gambling page by clicking on the ‘Responsible Gambling’ button. This should be the first step even before you can start playing.
  • Choose the method that you’d like to use to ensure that you play responsibly.
  • You are all set after the previous step. Make your deposit and start playing right away!  

How Do You Know if You Need Help?

In their quest to offer responsible gaming services, online casinos usually have a list of questions which will help you understand if you need help or someone that you know might be having a problem. The best way to know this is by visiting the casino’s Play Okay section, where all the questions are listed. You can self assess yourself or look up questions for your mate.

Whatever You Do, Gamble Responsibly

Whoever you are and whatever you do, there’s only one simple message for you. Any time you are playing at an online casino or betting at a sportsbook, it should be all fun. You should never make it about the money. However, if you find yourself being carried away, then, ensure that you’ve reached out to the experts. They are always there to give you a helping hand!