Ranking The Best NBA Scoring Guards This Season

Ranking The Best NBA Scoring Guards This Season

It’s without a doubt that the NBA All-Time superstars have consisted of amazing scoring guards, may they be a shooting or a point guard. These guards have always been a key position in a team. 

Popular names like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Dwayne Wade, and the late Kobe Bryant are all scoring guards who have left distinctive marks in the NBA court. They have led their respective teams to win many championships, held many MVP trophies, and be declared the best basketball players in history. 

Today, once again, the NBA is filled with many scoring guards that hold great playing potential. There are already a few names making a great buzz in the sports industry as they continue to create history. While there’s a ton of them, there are players that stood out most. Hence, we ranked them according to their latest statistics, experts’ comments, and playing style to determine who the best is. 

James Harden (SG)

Of course, James Harden will be on the list as one of the best shooting guards in NBA history, spending his good old nine years as a shooting guard for the Houston Rockets from 2012 to 2021. Recently, he was traded by the Rockets to Brooklyn Nets. Even with all the greatness and basketball skills Harden has, he never led the Rockets to the finals. 

However, in terms of scoring statistics, James Harden stands out among his peers. He played eight games this season with the Nets and recorded an average point of 25.2, with total rebounds of 5.1 and 10.4 assists. His 3-point field percentage is still at his average score of 34.7, while the field-goal percentage stays at 44.4. 

Harden has been a steady candidate for the NBA MVP roster. The question is, will his mega-trade to Nets increase his MVP odds? That’s something fans are looking forward to. 

Donovan Mitchell (SG)

Donovan Mitchell started his NBA playing career at a young age, and before joining Utah Jazz, he was first drafted by the Denver Nuggets. During his three years in Jazz, Mitchell has shown improvements each day, and during his fourth year playing career for Utah, many experts saw how Mitchell has evolved. 

According to John Hollinger of The Athletics, Mitchell has gotten a lot better than before. He improved his one-steps and even refined his Euro steps and finishing drives. Even with his height at 6’3” and being the guy playing on the perimeter, the team was both adamant and concerned. But his overall athletic ability is something the people underestimate and forget.

Mitchell is averaging at 24.0 points-per-game with a 36.6% 3-point field percentage. Because of this, the Utah Jazz is sitting comfortably in fourth place in the Western Conference, with a 7-4 standing. 

Ben Simmons (PG) 

Let’s give some credit to Ben Simmons after all the stress and talk about the trade of 76ers to Rockets’ James Harden. It was tough, but many believed that Ben Simmons had served the Sixers a good playing career. 

The young player nagged the Rookie of the Year against tough candidates such as Donovan Mitchell and Jayson Tatum. With this, Simmons rose to stardom. Not only that, but his time in the court is the cause of the buzz around his name. 

Simmons just recorded a triple-double during the Sixers and Heat match in Philadelphia after the stressful trade talks. He spent 34 minutes on the court, where he recorded 10 points, ten rebounds, and 14 assists. 

Luka Doncic (PG) 

Luka Doncic is a once in a lifetime player that deserves more recognition among the basketball community. Doncic doesn’t only dominate the court but all corners of sports and entertainment news. He now topped the list in the NBA MVP hopefuls, and it’s all because Doncic is a history in the making. 

He can play four different positions with his size, but it’s his playmaking that makes him stand out. Who would forget how he scored a triple-double with a drilling buzzer-beater shot during the Mavs and Clippers’ match? That’s just pure greatness in there, according to the gushing Mavericks’ coach, Rick Carlisle. 

Luka Doncic’s recent season scoring average is 27.4 points per game, 9.6 total rebounds, 8.3 assists, and 46.5% field percentage. Even though Doncic has a tight MVP potential, he still needs to do the hard work to ensure that the Mavs outrank the Lakers in the Western Conference. 


The National Basketball Association (NBA) has consistently entertained us by giving us quality and exciting matches. But none of it will exist without these players and their playing potential. Thanks to these outstanding athletes who continue to set the floor on fire in every match, it’s exciting to see how well the entire season will roll out and how these generation basketball superstars will carry their team and career to success.