Quick Rundown Of The UKGC License

Quick rundown of the UKGC license

As playing at online casinos is becoming more and more popular, players are also becoming more aware of the importance of safe betting. Therefore, it’s no wonder that the licensing system has been widely accepted around the world, even in parts of the world where there are no such regulatory bodies. In order to build up their reputation as a safe and fair house, casinos are gaining licenses from the most renowned gambling commissions.

UKGC License

Among them, the UK Gambling Commission, and the license it issues, takes a special place. So, it’s no wonder that online casinos that offer their services in other parts of the world advertise their UKGC license. Simply, this has become necessary, a matter of prestige that provides a higher place in the hierarchy of online casinos.

The reasons are quite simple. The UK is one of the first countries that has completely regulated online betting. Therefore, its legislation is also a role model for most countries that are on the way to regulate this activity. For the parts of the world where online gambling is yet to be regulated, this license is proof that a certain casino meets the highest standards of the industry, which in practice means the best possible experience for players.


The advantages of playing at websites that have a UKGC license are numerous. The first aspect that comes to mind is safety. The Commission is pretty strict and requires operators to ensure the highest possible level of security, whether it’s about personal data or finances. It’s important to mention that this protection goes much wider than a scenario that includes casinos stealing your data. An operator has to be capable of keeping personal details secure from cyber-attacks as well. 

The next thing we should mention is fairness. Of course, a casino has to provide a fair playing experience, which would mean offering realistic chances of winning. Casinos must use RNG (random number generator) and be transparent in terms of the RTP (return to player) ratio. Furthermore, online casinos can only offer games from providers that are approved by the Commission.

The next, very important thing is that this license requires operators to keep players’ funds separated. In other words, the player’s money must be separated from the operating cash. So, if an online casino goes bankrupt, the player’s funds will remain intact.

The last but not least, casino operators that have gained a UKGC license are inevitably accountable to the UKGC. So, an unhappy player can file a complaint and the commission will investigate the complaint. This ensures fair and well-mannered behaviour of casinos and guarantees customer protection. 

How to Check if Casino has the UKGC License?

Well, we are pretty sure that every casino would proudly advertise the possession of such a license. Still, if that’s not the case, or you need additional confirmation, you can always check on the UKGC’s website, where you can find a full list of online casinos that have the license. Alternately, you can check the review at Scams.info, where you can read first-hand experiences. 


From the player’s perspective, the UKGC license is a guarantee of safe gambling. Online casinos have to meet very strict demands to gain these licenses, especially in terms of security, playing experience and fairness. Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that operators with these licenses are the ones you should opt for when choosing an online casino to play at.