Profit Squad Membership Prices Change

profit squad price

Matched betting site Profit Squad have recently announced that as of Wednesday 1st July, their membership prices will be changing.

The new membership prices can be found below.
















is profit squad worth it?

Profit Squad are one of our highest-rated matched betting sites for a number of reasons. You'll find that many of the members at Profit Squad are extremely experienced as it is a destination for matched bettors who are seeking additional strategies, money-making methods and loopholes which you won't find at other matched betting sites.

Here are a few reasons how Profit Squad stands out from their compeition:

1. advanced Casino offers & strategy

If you're interested in making money from casino offers then there really isn't a better place to be than Profit Squad. They cater for absolute beginners and for experienced matched bettors who take on the more riskier offers which have a lot of value.

At Profit Squad, you'll get access to a huge number of casino offers on a daily basis. Unlike other matched betting sites which charge an additional fee for some casino offers and advanced casino calculator tools, these are all included in a standard Profit Squad membership. Even the £1 trial!

You'll get access to daily casino offers posted on the calendar, full training and the use of their advanced casino calculator which can determine the EV (Estimated Value) of almost any casino offer. 

For the more experienced members on annual plans, they have access to advanced casino offers. These are generally large casino welcome bonuses which although come with a higher risk compared to the offers which you'll find on the calendar daily, generally have a much higher estimated value. These Advanced Casino Offers alone have a combined EV of over £10,000! That's not something you'll find at most matched betting sites.

These offers are aimed at beginners but for those wishing to try them, full training is provided to help you extract maximum value from every offer.

2. discord community

Another feature at Profit Squad which sets them above the competition is their Discord community. Whereas most matched betting sites have forums where members can interact, Profit Squad has a private live chat application using Discord.

Members simply have to click a button on their dashboard once logged into their account and they will be connected to hundreds of other members who are online throughout the day and night. 

There are various channels depending on what topic you wish to discuss such as casino strategy, sports offers, horse racing strategies, beginner questions, trading, Acca offers and many many more. Members are generally more than happy to help others and there is a wealth of experience and knowledge in the group. Members can also tag moderators if they have a questions which can't be answered by other members. 

There are also 'Alert' channels which are not for discussion but instead post notifications of things like 2UP matches, extra place matches, daily price boosts, dutching alerts and when new offers have been added to the site. Members can turn on alerts so that they are notified when the BOT posts in these channels so that they can quickly get on close matches and never miss a new offer.

Discord is one of the main selling points at Profit Squad and in our opinion is far more productive and useful for members than a forum.

3. Sports offers

Although many of the members at Profit Squad focus on casino offers, those who earn their profit from sports offers are not left out. There are dozens of sports offers available of the calendar each day as well as 60+ new customer offers.

As well as the offers, members get access to full matched betting training along with various tools which have all been built in house. A selection of the tools include:

  • Odds Matcher
  • Matched Betting Calculator
  • Horse Racing Matcher
  • Each Way Dutcher
  • Each Way Matcher
  • Advanced Casino Calculator
  • Rule 4 Calculator
  • Each Way Calculator
  • Ducthing Calculator
  • Acca Tool (AccaBackers)
  • Dozens of price boosts daily 
  • Each Way Arbs list
  • Various matched betting spreadsheets


Overall, Profit Squad is worth the membership fee and more. Unlike some matched betting sites, they haven't gone down the route of charging more for additional features and tools and continue to add value to their service as they release new products.

Whether you're a matched betting beginner or have been matched betting for years, Profit Squad is an excellent choice.

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