Profit Squad – Meet Ben Perchard

ben perchard of profitsquad

Profit Squad was launched in late 2015 and is the product of founders Ben Perchard and Joe Hawes. In such a competitive industry, Profit Squad focusses on providing a tight-knit community of matched bettors who share common interests in making money from matched betting and the vast catalogue of advanced casino offers they provide to their members.

Ben and Joe are very active on their site and enjoy participating in discussions with their members about new matched betting offers and money-making loopholes. We managed to steal a few minutes of Bens time to have a quick chat about Profit Squad and what they have in the pipeline for the future.

Hi Ben! Let everyone know what Profit Squad is all about.

Launched towards the end of 2015, Profit Squad was developed to be the first high quality matched betting solution that had no interest in being another copy-cat site.
Our ambition has always been to be more than ‘just another’ matched betting service. We are always looking for new ways to make money, new features to make our members lives easier, and we have found several “mega” loopholes and strategies and kept them quiet with our members.
We have a member cap of 2,000 to ensure our group is always small enough to share these loopholes with. The problem with larger services is that no-one wants to share loopholes for fear of the masses piling in and breaking them!


How did Profit Squad first start?

At the time we created Profit Squad there was really not much else out there besides 2 almost identical services where the onus seemed to be on the customers to help each other and there was a dire lack of innovation.
We and many other people made good suggestions to these that were ignored, so we started to develop the service that we wanted to use ourselves, with the features that other matched bettors were asking for. Even 6 months before we launched the site, our beta service was getting rave reviews claiming it to be “10x better” than the alternative finished services.
In this game, being complacent just allows the bookmakers to catch up to what we’re doing. Since our launch we’ve continued down the same path, looking to move the game forward fast enough to always be 3 steps ahead.


What does Profit Squad offer that makes it stand out from other matched betting sites?

Firstly we care about our members and listen to what they want so all suggestions for improvements are encouraged – you’ll also get support directly from us, no need to have to rely on other members.
We pioneered many ‘industry firsts’, some of which are now considered normal and essential for any matched betting service:

1. Breaking down the EV and Guaranteed Profit per offer.

2. Built-in profit tracker and earnings stats.

3. Our unique Each Way Dutching strategy that profits without free bets, bonuses or extra places.

4. Our high-quality video training that is widely regarded as 2nd to none.

5. Our Advanced Casino Offer strategy and list of over 200 casino sign-up offers.

6. We present all of the different ways to make money in a very clear ‘strategies’ list and advise expected profit for each one to show you how to grow your profits.

7. An original approach to Dutching and multiple BOG strategies.

8. We don’t spam you about other products and tools.

While some of these are no longer unique to our service, we like to think of ourselves as a breeding ground for innovation and experimentation. We even have an ‘experimental strategies’ section where we’re trialling new exciting ways to make money.

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You’ve recently developed a few new matched betting tools. Can you tell us a bit about them?

Yes for one we’re currently in the process of removing the need for spreadsheets by turning everything into apps. Many people don’t like spreadsheets or use different software, which creates problems.

We have made the “Acca App” which allows you to enter your accas and save them to check later, log your profit into the profit tracker, shows you stats and probabilities of profit etc. but best of all, you can add selections directly from the oddsmatcher. There are no additional fees for this or any other tool, they’re all available to all annual members.

We’ve added a very simple but effective wagering tool – great for casino offers for keeping track of your wagering when the casino doesn’t do it for you.

Then we have the Each Way Dutching software. This is like nothing else out there, it’s not really for beginners but you can make money without needing free bets or bonuses, so great if you have been gubbed. This one is still in beta at the moment, we’re adding more bookies soon but it’s proven to be a very profitable bit of kit.

We also have added a regular Dutching Matcher, great for finding good matches without needing an exchange, or for doing multiple Mug bets at once. Our approach to this is far simpler than anything else out there, I think most people that tried it would agree instantly.


What can matched bettors expect to see from Profit Squad in the future?

Well, as our ambition is to stay innovative and always be looking ahead finding new ways to make money, you can trust that we have some very exciting things in the works already. I can’t reveal any information on the new strategies and features we’re developing as we want to keep them quiet for as long as possible.
But one thing I can say is we’re currently wrapping up plans for a full site & service rebuild from top to bottom. So we’re planning to launch 2018 with a brand new website with a range of new tools and features.

A big thank you for Ben for talking to us at New customers can try out their matched betting service for 14 days for only £1 by using the link above.