Profit Squad Discount Code

profit squad discount code

The 2019/2020 football season is almost here and we're seeing a number of matched betting sites offering discounts on memberships to get people who may have taken a summer break back into matched betting. Although football is not the only sport for which there are profitable betting offers for, bookmakers do run regular promotions during the season and they're usually quite simple 'Bet & Get' offers from which it's relatively simple to make a profit from.

One matched betting site which we've been able to obtain a great discount for is Profit Squad.

1 month access

ONLY £4.99!

Promo code: MBSITES

Why Profit Squad?

Profit Squad are one of our most recommended matched betting sites for a number of reasons. We're not going to do a full review of their service in this post as you can read that here. However, here are the main reasons why we rate Profit Squad so highly.

1. Casino Offers

Casino offers may not be your thing but they can be extremely profitable. Unfortunately, many matched betting sites tend to neglect a lot of casino offers and only choose to list a small number of them which are available. There are a huge number of casino offers available each day which have a positive expected value (+EV) and we've found that Profit Squad finds more of these than any other matched betting site. 

Thankfully, sports offers are not neglected either and you'll find all of the best offers which you'll find on other matched betting sites, each with their own step-by-step guides.

2. The community & live chat room feature

In 2018, Profit Squad added a chat room feature to their site for their members. It's handled by Discord software and allows members to chat in real-time about various subjects in the different channels. There are channels for sports offers, casino offers, dutching, extra places, price boosts, accas, newbie questions, big wins and many many more. There are also private channels specifically for annual members who get access to additional sections of the site such as advanced casino training and offers. This feature has proved to be a big success with members online 24/7. Members of Profit Squad seem to love being able to chat to other members, discuss strategies, new offers and more. You can also turn notifications on so that you are alerted when new offers are added to the calendar or when there are close matches for offers such as 2 UP.

3. Matched Betting Tools

One thing we love about Profit Squad is that they're always developing new tools for members. Most recently, they launched an Each Way Matcher which is a great addition to the site and allows users to quickly find value in each way bets which can either be used for arbing or along with extra places. There are a number of other tools available to members such as a range of calculators, horse racing matcher, each way dutcher, an ACCA tool and many more.

4. Advanced Strategies

Profit Squad are the leaders in advanced strategies. As well as catering for complete beginners by providing training and support, they also have a large number of extremely experienced members who have been around for a long time. One of the reasons these members have stuck with Profit Squad is because of the advanced strategies and methods they provide. Along with advanced dutching strategies developed by the team, there is also a range of advanced casino strategies and offers. These are available to annual members who tend to have more experience in understanding matched betting and expected value. 

Profit Squads advanced casino section is one of the main attractions to the service and is an area that not many other matched betting sites touch. Along with first class training on how to take full advantage of high-risk casino offers, they also provide what we consider to be the most advanced casino calculator available. Expected value cannot be determined using a simple EV formula for all casino offers and instead you must run hundreds of thousands of simulations to get a near-accurate EV. Profit Squads casino calculator does exactly this but also has a huge number of features to cater for almost every casino offer available whether they have winning caps, deposit/withdrawal fees, wagering requirements and anything else.

If your into casino offers or are considering giving them a go, you want to be at Profit Squad.

5. Customer Support

Whether you're a complete beginner or seasoned pro at matched betting, the Profit Squad team are available 7 days a week to help with anything matched betting related. Customer service is exceptional at Profit Squad and the team can be contacted either via email or by tagging a moderator on Discord (their live chat feature). As well as being great to chat to other members, Discord is very useful for contacting the support team as instead of waiting for replies to emails or forum posts, you're able to have a chat with a member of the Profit Squad team in real-time. This allows you to get answers to your questions a lot faster when needed.

1 month access

ONLY £4.99!

Promo code: MBSITES

Overall, we couldn't recommend Profit Squad enough and if you'd like to see what they have to offer, you can either sign up for their '£1 for 14 days' offer or enter the promo code 'MBSITES' which will give you 1 months access for just £4.99. That's a 72% discount compared to a regular monthly subscription.

How to use the Profit Squad Discount Code

Step 1: Visit Profit Squad and click on the 'Start My £1 Trial Now' button.

Step 2: Click on the 'Click here to change your discount code' link. 

Step 3: Enter the discount code MBSITES and click the 'Apply' button. The price will be updated. 

Step 4: Complete the remainder of the registration form and make payment for £4.99.

You will then have 1 months access to Profit Squad for just £4.99.

This will give you enough time to take advantage of the huge number of free bets and betting offers which will be available throughout the first month of the new football season.