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Profit Accumulator have recently announced that they have introduced Betfair Exchange integration for their members. Members will now be able to place their lay bets from within their Profit Accumulator account rather than having to visit the Betfair Exchange website.

OddsMonkey were the first matched betting service to offer Betfair integration to their members at the back end of July this year. If you’d like to learn more about the OddsMonkey / Betfair integration, you can read our OddsMonkey review 2019 edition. Striving not to fall behind, Profit Accumulator have integrated a similar system to help members save time when matched betting.

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Currently, users will only be able to take advantage of this feature via the odds matcher tool. However, Profit Accumulator staff have promised that other tools will soon have the feature and that they are working on integrating a simmilar feature for other betting exchanges such as Smarkets and Matchbook.

Members viewing the odds matcher will be shown an icon next to the Betfair Exchange logo. To place a lay bet, users simply click on the icon, click the pink ‘lay your bet’ button and voilà, your lay bet has been placed.

The main advantage of this feature is that is saves matched bettors time in that they don’t have to visit Betfair Exchange in order to place their lay bets. However, opinions of Profit Accumulator members are split as to whether or not they are fond of the feature. Some members are concerned about the potential to be gubbed by either Betfair Sportsbook or by Paddy Power, who merged with Betfair back in February of 2016.  Linking one’s Profit Accumulator account to a betting exchange that is linked with two popular bookmakers is enough of a red flag for some members to stay clear of using the feature. Profit Accumulator have stated that Betfair have assured them that there will be no implications of members linking their PA accounts to Betfair as those sections of the company are completely separate and as such, do not share any information between them.

Other members have concerns regarding the security of using the feature. When OddsMonkey released Betfair integration, they applied a two-factor authentication which requires users to enter a code, which is sent to the registered email address on file, when logging into their OddsMonkey account.  However, there is currently no two-factor authentication with Profit Accumulator which has unnerved some members. Technically, if someone had access to your Profit Accumulator password, they could have access to your Betfair Exchange balance. Again, Profit Accumulator have assured users that this feature will be applied soon and are welcoming feedback from members on how to improve their service.

Overall, it’s good to see matched betting sites continue to develop ways to improve the experience of matched betting. Should Profit Accumulator address the security issues, I’m sure their members will take to using the feature in time.

You can read our full Profit Accumulator review here or click the button below to head straight to their website.

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