Partner-Friendly Bookmakers

partner friendly bookmakers

Some bookmakers only allow bonuses and promotions to be claimed by one person from the same household. This can be frustrating when you share a house with another matched bettor or even a casual bettor. Especially when matched betting is something that you want to tell friends and family about and encourage them to do it. However, there are some bookmakers who are ‘partner-friendly’ and allow more than one person from a household to participate in the same promotions. Below is a list of partner-friendly bookmakers :

Partner-Friendly Bookmakers










Although bookmakers may state that only one person in a household may participate in a promotion, you will find that if you contact them and ask politely, there will be some bookmakers which will allow it.

It is always best to check with the support team if you are eligible to participate in promotions if you are unsure, even if they are listed above as T&C's can change at any time.

If the bookmaker has stated that multiple accounts at the same address cannot participate in promotions then you will still be allowed to have an account but just not claim the bonuses.

Note : More than one person having a bookmaker account at the same address is not the same as one person having multiple accounts. Having more than one account at a bookmaker under the same name is not allowed and you will be banned if it is discovered.

Although the majority of bookmakers make of point of stating that only one account at the same household or IP address is able to participate in promotions, the rule is not always set in stone. If you are looking to register at a bookmaker and know that someone in your household holds an existing account with them and may be participating in the same offer, open up the live chat and ask the support team if you are able to both claim the promotion. Sometimes they will say no but you may be surprised at how many allow it. They don't want customers abusing promotions but they do want you to be a customer of theirs. Always be polite to the support team and if they say no then you've lost nothing.