Online Slots Bonus Rounds

You will have heard stories or new reports of lucky individuals who have hit a big win of tens of thousands or even millions on an online slot. If you've played slots before then you'll know that these levels of wins don't come around too often and may wonder how they're possible. Although it's possible to hit a big win from a single spin on an online slot, the majority of jackpots and extremely high level wins happen through bonus rounds.  Each online slot is different with some having bonus round features and some not. The best slot games with bonus rounds tend to be very popular due to the added enjoyment of the bonus round and the possibility of big wins.


Generally, there are three ways you can trigger a bonus round when playing an online slot.

1. Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are symbols on the reels of a slot which can trigger a bonus round. Most slots require three scatter symbols to land in view to trigger the bonus but some may require the symbols to land on a pay line. Each slot is different but you will usually be shown how the bonus is triggered on the screen when loading a slot.

2. Random Bonus Rounds

Some online slots have random bonus round features. Nothing is needed to trigger these bonuses and they're awarded at random. Slots which have random bonus rounds usually have multiple types of bonuses with some being of higher value than others.

3. Buying a Bonus Round

Recently, some slots have implemented a feature to allow the player to buy a bonus round. Buying bonuses can be popular on slots which are high variance and so have the potential of huge payouts during bonus rounds. Some examples of high variance slots which you can buy bonus rounds on are White Rabbit and Extra Chilli.

Bonus round features

The majority of bonus rounds consist of a number of free spins being awarded. With some slots, the number of free spins is a set amount and with others, the player must spin a wheel or pick a box which will reveal the number of free spins they have won. Some slots also have a gamble feature where you have the chance to receive more free spins but run the risk of receiving none.

Multipliers are also common during bonus rounds. These are when wins are multiplied by a certain amount. For example, if you received 10 free spins with a x7 multiplier, any wins from playing your 10 free spins would be multiplied by 7. This is one of the reasons why huge wins are possible during bonus rounds.

Re-triggers are available on some slots. These are when you essentially trigger the bonus round within a bonus round. When a re-trigger occurs, you are awarded additional free spins which gives you more chances to win. It's possible to re-trigger the bonus multiple times which can lead to hundreds of free spins.

How to find slots with bonus rounds

All online casinos will host a number of slots which have bonus rounds. Online casino LVbet is one casino which provides players with hundreds of slots with many of them having bonus features. Some casinos have dedicated sections for bonus round slots but if not, you should be able to find out if a slot has a bonus feature by reading the description. Most casinos will give you a brief overview of each slot which describes the various features, payout percentages and how the bonus rounds work as well as how to trigger it. There are hundreds of bonus slots available to play with most players having favourites based on the enjoyment of the game play and the RTP of the slot.